The Top Commentators List Is Back

I had to disable the Top Commentators Plugin last week because it was having problems with the WordPress database. The plugin was slowing down the loading of the blog to the point where it was timing out. After a week of tweaking, I’m happy to report that the problem seems to be fixed.

The Top Commentators list the top 10 readers who posted the most comments to this blog over the past seven days. It’s a running seven day total. If a reader stops commenting, he will disappear off the list within a week.

Show Top Commentator rewards your top blog commentators by exposing their blogs to your readership. The links do not have a nofollow tag so the top commentators get some Google juice as well. I know the plugin really works to increase comments because there was a decrease in comments when the plugin was turned off. Now that it’s back, I expect comments to return to normal levels.

If you’re looking to generate some comments on your blog, rewarding your blog commentators with the Show Top Commentators plugin is a great way to do that. Check out this blog’s current top 10 commentators.

  1. ZK @ Web Marketing Blog
  2. EarningStep
  3. hospitalera
  4. fas
  5. Michael Mindes
  6. Erika Marie
  7. Shanker Bakshi
  8. Benjamin Cip
  9. Cam Birch
  10. Igor Helps You Succeed

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62 thoughts on “The Top Commentators List Is Back”

  1. Glad you managed to solve the problem John.

    I wonder how much traffic people are receiving by commenting so much?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s not just the traffic. The link helps them rank in Google and other search engines.

      1. Do you think the top commenter app is useful even for sites that aren’t high ranked on Google?
        I can see how being a top commenter on a site like yours can benefit a website’s Google rank, but do you think it leads to a negative community impression (spamming/uninteresting/boring content)?

        1. EarningStep says:

          with or without this plugin , i will always comment on your blog. because i think it is easy to give some comment whey you have visit and read the post

      2. What did you say John? Being a top commenter help the commenters rank in Google?

        Just curious, how is that possible when you are adding the no-follow tag??

        1. I take it back. It is dofollow. I was looking at the links in the post. They are no-follow

      3. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        John, I’m always curious about a question. Says the top commenters gain tons of backlinks in every pages of your blog. One day they’re kicked off from the top commentators list, then all their backlinks will be gone. Is this a good way to generate backlinks to rank higher since it’s not the permanent link building strategy?


    2. Not much traffic, like 5-10 hits per day probably. It’s more the Goog juice people are interested in.

  2. browie says:

    Sweet, I can’t wait to spam the crap out of this place.

  3. kiran says:

    i think top commentator will huge amount from your site.
    gd to see u posting commentators list

  4. Sometime, I would love to know how you tweaked it exactly.

    1. John Chow says:

      You’ll have to ask my admin. He did all the work. 🙂

  5. Well I would love to come here and get the latest and good information and knowledge.

    But however if we will get in return as link juice than this is always welcome.

  6. Luke says:

    Maybe your admin could upload the plugin with the tweaks so we can put it on our blogs? 😀

  7. Actually I didn’t stop commenting when the plugin was down, but I forgot to change my name from “hospitalera” to “niche marketing”, what a pity that you don’t use keyword luv, that would be great 😉 SY

  8. fas says:

    Nice to be on that list 🙂

  9. Phil Hogan says:

    Looks like I’ll have to spend some time commenting. Thanks John.


    1. james M. says:

      From the looks on that box there, it does look like we’re gonna have to spend a lot more time commenting. Me? I don’t even think of it because I am sure I can’t make it to those levels, because I can’t comment on any post where I have no clue what it’s talking about. And I hate to just write in: “Nice post John.” 🙂

  10. Greg Ellison says:

    I am glade it is back up. Nice work Admin. Greg Ellison

  11. aansa says:

    So it was your top commentators plugin which was making your site slow. I had to sometime close the site because it just could not load. Good to see that you are able to resolve the issue.

  12. Yep, I’ve had the same problem with the plugin. It’s one of a handful of plugins that didn’t play nice with my theme. Glad you found a workaround.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the RT on Twitter!


  13. Excellent! Send me some link juice. Hopefully I don’t get crowded out by spammers, since I like to leave pertinent comments.

    Now I just need to get some guest blogging spots…. 😉

  14. Gary Arndt says:

    I’m going to check out this plug-in on my site.

  15. Dana says:

    I hope that I am in the list in the future. 🙂

  16. I am glad to see you brought it back. I think it has so many applications… not the least of which is your ability to use it as a tool to teach others to use social proof and positive reinforcement to get and keep traffic.


  17. WAMWAN says:

    John, did comments slow down, significantly, at the absence of the Top Commentators?

    1. Was it just comments that slowed down or were page views down as well? Obviously, if there aren’t as many people viewing there would be less comments. On the other hand, if people are checking back for replies to their comments, there might not be as many hits…

  18. Nice changes, John. I will try to spam on your blog ^_^

  19. glad to see the problem was fixed. was this a problem specific to your blog or will everyone have the same problem?

  20. Andy says:

    Top commenter plugin often leads to more comments, but it’s the nofollow tag is often there. Interesting strategy John.

    Probably leads to tons of comments in the near future and then go back to the normal high again. It’s good to see that there’s actually come conversation and discussion going on, and not just spam what you would expect.

    1. Gyanguru says:

      Yes this definitely leads to more comments and its good as it ignites good and fruitful discussions.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Ya, but it also leads to a bunch of more spam.

  21. The Top Commentator WordPress plugin is very popular. Bloggers use it to reward their loyal readers and encourage visitors to comment. But there are additional benefits as well. Blogs which use this plugin, for example, have increased subscribers, page views, and overall traffic.

    But there are some negative things that bloggers have also noticed, which makes me, at least, ask the question: “Is The Top Commentator Plugin Worth It?”.

    1. Other than load speed which John already addressed, what are some of the negatives? It seems like everyone else is the top commenter plugin good reviews.

  22. I had no idea I am one of the top commentors. LOL!

    Thanks John.

  23. zeeshan says:

    this top comment list is helpful.I surf these guys blog to see what their blog is about .I think other too.Giving them decent traffic

  24. Mike says:

    It’s a great idea to get people commenting on your blog. Shame I’ve yet to get a single comment haha!

  25. Hey, I encountered the same problem on my blog .. return Top Commentator plugin is great news!

  26. I’m also thinking of implementing top 10 commentors widgets on my blog

    1. Just make it do follow and keep your both eyes after implementing, so that genuine commentator should get top position.

  27. This is Gr8 News John 🙂 I hope i will be able to come to that list in order to achieve some good rankings in Google. You rock Man ..

  28. Luckily i did notice that that ‘top Commentator” widget is not there, i keep on commenting as usual and see i am there in your TC list.

    -Shanker Bakshi

  29. fas says:

    Yes the plugin is worth it. It gives readers incentive to comment.

  30. PPC Coach says:

    Does using this plugin lead to more spam comments that you have to filter through? Or do you get the same amount of spam regardless?

    1. Spammers can not run after top commentator because for that they have to come again and again with same name.

      Where as Spammer believe in one policy … HIT and RUN …

      1. That is a lot of spam that they would have to sling at a high traffic blog. Which is where they would want to be.

  31. Sam says:

    Thanks for giving the opportunity John 🙂

    A great blogger is the one that helps its readers by any means necessery.

  32. Glad to see that it’s fixed

  33. videostar says:

    Nice to see the commentors on their places.Without the TClist Johnchow looked strange.

  34. myskin says:

    good news, useful to visitors get rewards in the form of links and visitors for free

  35. Great news, John 🙂

  36. Affiliit says:

    Great news john!

  37. Thanks john for bringing back top commentator feature at your blog. I hope to see my name in this list next time.

  38. the top comments plugin is great. in my oppinion. it helps give people an incentive to be active in your blog and allows them to help themselves out as well as yourself since they get links back to their site. im a believer

  39. Dean Saliba says:

    I’m am thinking of adding this kind of thing to my blog. It rewards people for commenting regularly.

    The only thing that stops me is the loading problem you have experienced and I’d have to edit my theme again. 😀

  40. Since the top commentator list has been back on the front page, I noticed my search traffic has significantly increased.

    Granted it went from about 5 visits per day up to about 30 visits per day, but improvement is improvement any way you slice the monkey!

  41. With or without this plugin , i will always comment on your blog. because i think it is easy to give some comment …

  42. Dan Gabriel says:

    Great tool – make the search for comments faster and efficient. Thank you for all your comments.

    Dan Gabriel

  43. Teen money says:

    It is a great application. To become a top commentator is a great thing. But even this application allows no follow tags so google juice is not always there. It is a mutual beneficial thing. Great move to add it.

  44. Dang John, I still remember when you gave links and shoutouts to people 1-2 times per month..


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