The Truth About Guest Posting

Many bloggers start out by reading as much information as they can before writing on their blog. I launched my site way back in August 2008, (3 years is 21 in internet years!), and I was mainly concentrating on learning and also commenting on websites to link back to my site.

After a while I got tired with reading from lots of websites so I started to build a short list of websites to avoid information overload. Five sites that I would maintain a good relationship with and read all the content that they offer.

Then in 2010 I made the switch from commenting to guest posting. Writing a guest post will take you between 1 and 2 hours as there is usually a bit of tweaking and editing after the post has been sent.

The results can be great!:

  • You get a strong page rank link
  • Lots of retweets
  • Comments and opportunities to network
  • Attention for one day
  • Another star on your on-line CV!

Also, once you get your first guest post published you can use that as proof and leverage your current status to get the attention of other top bloggers to gain access to more platforms.

To get your first one live, here are a few tips that I used:

  • Provide useful comments on your chosen websites to guest post, you’ll be surprised how much the website editor will appreciate a useful comment rather than a “Great Post” comment.
  • Write your full name and domain name in the subject of your email. I find that this is a great way to show that your email is not spam as you’re willing to provide information on who you are straight away.
  • Think of a problem you had with working on-line that you solved yourself. This maybe a solution that nobody else has thought of and worth sharing.
  • After your first guest post is live, take the time to thank the person that gave you the opportunity. There maybe future opportunities!

There is a but though! People chase after on-line guest posting like its going to change their lives in one afternoon. The truth is that if you are looking for a quick way to make it you will be disheartened. Be professional throughout the exchange of emails and as helpful as possible, it’s your responsibility to send a post that reads correctly and the spellings are all in order. I find it easiest to draft it and spell check my posts directly into gmail, it’s really up to you. The connection you make with the blog owner is just as important as the connection you make with the readers for your successful future on-line.

The way I look at it is, guest posting is all part of the on-line marketing mix. It’s not a gamble but more of a small investment of your time which can add up!

David Edwards is the founder of and is currently the SEO Director at Webfactore Ltd.

97 thoughts on “The Truth About Guest Posting”

  1. Mark J says:

    Great advice Motto, I’m currently in the planning stages of the blog I’m going to create. Any chance of a guest post/ interview from you?
    Thanks =)

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree, what a wonderful guest post. This is very helpful. I spend a lot of time commentating, perhaps I should re-focus some of my energies on guest posting. 🙂

      1. Yes David provided very simple points but effect of these tips are quite vital.

        Like we provide confirmation and expected date of delivery to our clients whenever we receive orders from them. This work like as safety to them and help us to build the relation.

        1. Thanks for the comment, keep in touch guys…

          1. Kevin Kimes says:

            This might be one of the most useful posts I’ve read on JC. I don’t remember if I’d become a regular here when this was posted last month, but I’m glad it showed up high in the Google search results.

            Almost exactly what I need to know, as I am looking to branch out by guest posting. Exact would have been detailed instructions on how to get a post on, heheh. 🙂

      2. Mathew Day says:

        Same thing I’ve been thinking.

      3. So true, great post. I think I also need to focus more on this.

      4. Aim for 5 guest posts over the space of a year, Google likes regular kicks to your site… ;]

    2. Techabouts says:

      Really effective points from David

    3. Hi Mark, should be cool, drop me a line…

    4. d3so says:

      Guest posting is a great way to market yourself and your blog. I’m kind of selfish when it comes to writing content, though.

      1. Your best content will do well on the biggest blogs, you’ll have feedback and traffic forever from a good collection of guest posts…

  2. Michael says:

    Nice guest post! I like it. I was thinking of doing some guest posts myself but haven’t got around to it yet.

    1. Better you should start now … I added few guest post and believe me response was simply awesome.

      1. You wrote them or put them on your blog?

        1. Published in other blogs …

    2. Hit me up, you should post on my site.

      1. Let me know what kind of post… ;]

  3. Patrick says:

    David, have you found that guest posting has dramatically increased traffic on your own site?

    1. I am sure he got great traffic … and also get exposure to the new visitors and readers.

      This will open the new gates for you now its your turn to keep providing the great contents and your new readers will keep coming.

    2. You get bursts of traffic when the post is live. I’m currently redesigning my site at the moment and what I’ll do is link these guest posts to show authority to brand new visitors, (great for sales conversions ;] )

      Thanks Patrick

      1. Mathew Day says:

        That’s smart. I never thought of it like that before, but it would be a good way to show authority on your own site. 😉

        1. Traffic is good but there is nothing better than refferals!… Thanks Mathew. :]

  4. Kirk Taylor says:

    Interesting view points on the guest post, you got me to click to see your site, once.

    So what you’re doing is building page rank by making a decent post on a site that has no relevance to your site? Hopefully Google will figure out how to remove page rank value by doing such a thing.

    While I think you guys are talented and obviously have an audience, I found going to your site to be a total waste of my time. Nothing personal, but it has no relevance to this site or what I’m interested in.

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      I thought I would make myself a little bit more clear, didn’t want to seem like I was dogging you too much. I enjoyed this post, I just don’t get the relevance to what you’re offering on your site.

      1. exsuit says:

        Was about to post the exact same thing before catching your comment.

        I think guest posting makes sense when you find niche related blogs. It does have the benefit of getting a backlink, but I think the bigger benefit is getting your name out infront of readers that would be interested in reading your blog as well.

        In this case, it’s blatantly just using for a backlink.

        1. And he got his backlink. Remember he did list ‘You get a strong page rank link’ as his very first goal. And I do believe JohnChow knows this and thus tolerates it.

          1. Thanks James, it’s in the early stages of a re-brand. All will be revealed soon, ;]

  5. Abhik says:

    Well written.. Will surely help people who want to write their first guest post.

    1. So Abhik when you are going to provide your first guest post.

  6. David,

    Guest posting is a good way to bring exposure to yourself and your blog. I have become familiar with several blogs because they have done a guest post on a popular blog.

    1. Once you have 5 under your belt, it can grow your audience pretty fast!…

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. I think Guest posting is something powerful. I know someone who did 300 guest posts and he is know a well known blogger himself, this is how its done if you want exposure as a blogger.

    1. If he added 300 guest posts than I am sure he will be known face in our community.

      Fazal can we have his name or his blog URL ?

      1. He must have had someone else write some of them for him.

        1. How do you know ?

          Onibalusi Bamidele is one common name who is doing lots and lots of Guest posting … and I like his writing style as well.

          His blog –

          1. Sounds like the right guy. Came out of no where and became something.

          2. He’s done well with the guest posting strategy. ;]

    2. That’s some serious guest posting.

      1. Even if you aim for 5 guest posts over the space of a year, it can help with traffic and also you can leverage the use of the blogs readership. ;]

  8. Techabouts says:

    Nice guest post!

    1. You should read 7th para … let me write for you here –

      Provide useful comments on your chosen websites to guest post, you’ll be surprised how much the website editor will appreciate a useful comment rather than a “Great Post” comment.

      1. You mean sort of like all yours?

  9. This is Nice Post. It will encourage guest bloggers who want to write their first post in other blogs.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I very much agree – I bet this post will help motivate some really great guest posts on both John Chow and other blogs too!

      1. But, there is one problem, the problem is that, there are many people who do guest posting with spam. So, we have to check each and every post by the guest bloggers.

  10. guru says:

    The most concise article I read today, I will apply the four tactics and attempt to get published in lots of blogs.

    1. Thanks very much!. Glad I could help…

  11. Healthy Cafe says:

    I will try this tips on JC site

  12. Zach Crawley says:

    Fantastic information David,

    I’ve just started a blog myself on my journey to IM success and have been looking into guest posting as a traffic option. I never thought it would be a life changer thing, but knew it could drive some good traffic.

    and .. thanks for the tip about commenting on the blog you want to guest post on. I could see the owner noticing you more and be more willing to let you guest post.


  13. The guest blogger that created this guest post is for sure a great guest blogger and knows a lot about guest posting.This really motivated me to wright some other guest posts.

    Thanks Guest Blogger For Keeping Us Up To Date With Guest Posting,
    Bradley Nordstrom

    1. Yep Bradley, David article give me a motivation to write some other guest post.

    2. Thanks Bradley, really appreciate the comment. ;]

  14. Mathew Day says:

    Guest posting is probably the best way nowadays to get backlinks and free exposure. This is something I am going to be putting more time and effort into. Appreciate your insight on guest posting, learned a few things.

    1. yep and build a relation ship with the blog owner. Get more quality backlink and build a relationship

  15. David would love to know those blogs which you read on regular basis.

    1. I would love to know this as well!

  16. Hi David I really love guest posting topic. I’ve study a lot of guest posting strategy. I’ve found something new here. Thank David!

    1. No worries, keep going!…

  17. Murray says:

    Guest posting isn’t the end all, be all of connecting with an audience but it should certainly be used as part of an overall strategy to gain exposure. Leaving a comment that takes 2 or 3 minutes (then doing so in masse each day) will never amount to the impact from time spent creating content could create.

    1. Nice Point Murray!. Thanks for sharing…

  18. I didn’t know that guest posting is as effective as this. I would definitely try it.

    1. Plan which sites you would like to be featured on and go for it!… ;]

  19. guest posting are always been the best to improve our site , but the article should be the quality one and unique.

  20. fas says:

    So many guest posts around that you really need to stand out from the lot.

  21. Another reason why you should do Guest Posting.

  22. I have been trying to do this one but I keep on forgetting it and I end up posting in my blog instead..hehe

    1. It’s hard to keep both up if you are posting everyday!

  23. Mate Hegedus says:

    Can i write a guest post here?

  24. Rhinoplastic says:

    It should also be mentioned to put the guest blog post directly in the email and not in the attachement for an easy read. Every second you save for the recipient is appriciated.

  25. Yes, there are lots of benefits to guest posting.

  26. Good information! My blog is relatively “young”, and I’m thinking about doing a few guest posts myself. I’ve been getting lots of praise for my blog and as a ghostwriter, affiliate marketer, writer of information products and blogger, I feel I could provide some useful thoughts and opinions, especially to those newbie and intermediate marketers.

    Thanks for giving me a little extra “push” to start guest posting!

    1. No worries!, thanks for the nice comment. ;]

  27. ary says:

    Gues posting a great way to improve your writing skills, and your name will boost also.It’s better than using that software BL that don’t work, and getting only discount from

    1. Work online says:

      Yes i am completely agree with you ary…well say.

  28. paul says:

    I’m also thinking of a Guest post and tried it once but unfortunately,the two site’s i’ve ask for a guest post declined it.matbe it’s not good enough but i really wanna experience it and the result it could make.I also have a site which is very young.What could be more effective,manually doing the marketing or having a software/bot to do it?

    1. You gotta have some decent writing to get a guest slot.

  29. DA says:

    That’s a really good idea…

  30. Work online says:

    I always prefer to John Ideas,that is really good post,there are lots of benefits to guest posting.

  31. Kavya Hari says:

    Guest posting is one of the accurate directions to get high ranking to the web sites -it’s my view.

    1. Would love a guest post on some of my sites!

      1. Send me an email. ;]

  32. Dean Crosby says:

    It is refreshing to see someone take a perosnla touch when blogging – re your comment to thank the person – great idea. Thanks for the insite into Guest posting, i’ve never read anything on this topic


    1. No worries Dean. Thanks for your comment. :]

  33. Work online says:

    I read your entire post it is too good and I like this most your information about Guest Posting is too useful for me,Thanks.

    1. Thanks very much, really appreciate all the comments!…

  34. I am very much enjoyed to read out this post and it will be boosting all the newbies and beginners like me. Thank john.

    1. Thanks very much!, it’s been great to get involved… ;]

  35. Rohit says:

    Remember he did list ‘You get a strong page rank link’ as his very first goal. And I do believe JohnChow knows this and thus tolerates it

  36. yes i also added one page on my blog for guest posting.

  37. Really helpful post. I have a fitness website that ive done alot of guest posting for and its helped my rankings considerably. However, if the niche is even remotely competitive its pretty hard to get guest posts (With the exception of the make money online niche). Thanks for the post.

    1. You could share what you know about making money online with your fitness website… It’s worth it just for the link juice ;]

  38. guest posting always has a great value

    1. Thanks for all the comments!… :]

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