The Truth About How To Make Money Online

Despite what you may believe, want, or even hope, making money online will be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do.

Friends who mean well will tell you to quit. Your work colleagues will laugh at you, and some haters may even try to actively stop you from succeeding. And that’s not the worst of it.

Your Own Mind Will Even Plot Against You

When you’re on the cusp of making a $5k sale, mastering a new traffic source, or creating a new business connection, your fears, hang-ups, and destructive self-beliefs will whisper, “You can’t do this.”

Of course that’s untrue. Your mind is a liar. A very convincing liar, but a liar nonetheless. And that’s why when anyone asks me what they need to do to start a six-figure income online I tell them the same thing.

Start with Your Mindset

It may seem esoteric or weird, but the fact is, without the belief that you can improve your life and financial situation, you never will. However, when you ‘turn the corner’ and start believing in your ability to make five, six, or even seven-figures online, the sky’s the limit.

You may be thinking, that sounds great – in theory – but I tend to get down on myself, how can I make a practical change in my mindset? I totally understand. I wasn’t always a positive person and I didn’t always make a great living online. So today I’d like to share with you three simple tips you can use today to unlock your ‘millionaire’ mind.

#1: Spend Time with Positive People

Positivity is infectious. So, read more positive books, watch more positive shows, and most importantly, surround yourself with positive people. This is why I attend a lot of masterminds and networking events. Birds of a feather flock together.

Jim Rohn famously said you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So, if you want to earn six or seven figures a year in your online business, spend time with people who are also successful in business.

#2: Keep A Journal of Negative Thoughts

Reducing negative self-talk starts with awareness. Think about it. How can you stop the negative thoughts that limit your success if you’re not even aware you’re thinking them? So, start writing them down. It seems counterintuitive, but by noting your negative self-talk you’ll actually reduce it over time.

#3 Commit To a Path

You’ll never be successful if you’re constantly changing the goals posts. You can’t have the goal of making money online one day and then wake up the next excited about the idea of opening a waffle shop. Switching goals doesn’t make any sense and you’ll just end up spinning your wheels.

One of the biggest reasons I am successful today is I stuck to my path and never deviated from it. If you want a free life where you’re making thousands a day and living the Dot Com Lifestyle, then you need to commit to it. Find a system that works and put your all into it.

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About How To Make Money Online”

  1. Jen says:

    These are excellent tips, and just what I needed today. Perfect for anyone who wants to change their life and reach their goals, even if they aren’t to be a dot com millionaire.

  2. Chiro says:

    Hi John,
    Nice and fabulous post indeed.Thanks for sharing with us, please keep writing.

  3. frankie says:

    I need your mentorship on a project Mr. Chow.

  4. Hey, this is an amazing post. Thank for writing such a informative blog. The content is great and productive. The facts and tips stated are so true and justified. The link to the video is also amazing.

  5. Amar kumar says:

    Hey John,

    First of all I want to congrates you for your beautiful success. You advices are very helpful for us and I’ve learned manythings from you. Positive things always bring postive result in our life – Spending time with postive people is really a good idea to learn positive things from them.

    I really like your all the points which you have shown to us on your wealthy post. Eventually, thanks for sharing your healthy thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  6. Richard Tong says:

    Can I have your eBook, Blogging with John Chow? It is FREE or I need to buy?

  7. Chigozie says:

    Thanks for the encouragement and information for those seeking and willing to achieve financial success.

  8. Mi Muba says:

    Hi John
    Three tips are amazing. It’s quite difficult to be with positive people all the time but you are right without company of such people we can’t fully develop a positive mindset.
    Thanks for share

  9. John says:

    Hi John,

    I think ‘#1: Spend Time With Positive People’ can quite difficult as regards family and close friends as there is general incomprehension about how online marketers can actually make income replacing amounts of money. Most people can understand how you can make lots of money from the asset owning part of the internet such as Facebook etc. but get confused when you try to explain something like affiliate marketing.

    However, I agree that you have to spend time with people who are positive and not get dragged down with the pessimists and those who don’t want us to move on because of blatant jealousy. Even if we are not surrounded by business positive people , we can always escape to the internet and YouTube and link up with people of a similar mind.

    Thanks John for the road map.

  10. I really do not have a clue how to do it! as for my Friends, I tend to keep things to my self now days, I don’t seek their OK in what I do, I’ve learned too many well keep you down.

  11. Mosese says:

    Thank you John…Very encouraging…


  12. Mosese says:

    Very encouraging

  13. mike says:

    Wow! this was a great post…

  14. Sultana Parvin says:

    Dear John
    i am very much interested about your 21 step wifimlnr system
    but i need something to know before buying this

    * can i do this from Bangladesh as i am from here
    *how i can get payment if i earn which option
    *as i have no active credit card to use to buy your system
    can i use others credit card to buy this….is this will be issue for processing payment for
    name i used to buy

  15. Magdi Hatata says:

    (The ultimae online profit model) by John Chow was published 2013…i downloaded from his website 2014 …i do not understand why you say now that it is new ebook ????????????????????????

  16. Reading this article that you made an excellent post. I think that your article will be helpful for us. It has been more info. Thanks for sharing this article.

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    don’t have credit card. other options?

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