The Ultimate Sign of Success

What is the ultimate sign of success? An expensive sport car? A big house? A mega yacht? A Black Amex? How about a sports team? According the Neil Patel (who already has a Black Amex), the ultimate sign of success is when a hot chick tattoos your name on her body.

I’m not exactly sure what Pamela Lund was thinking when she tattooed Neil’s name across her lower back. Maybe she has a huge crush on Neil and wants to have his baby. Maybe it was to make an old boyfriend super jealous. My guess is she is trying to get Neil’s attention so he could do some consulting for her company that sells USB memory sticks.

Pamela Lund

Neil Patel Tattoo

Whatever the reason, Neil is taking it as the ultimate sign that he has made it. This is in stalk contrast to how Shoemoney took things when a guy tattooed Shoe to his arm. Shoe was more creep out than anything.

Shoemomey Tattoo

I get it now. If a girl tattoo your name onto her back, it’s the ultimate sign of success. If a guy tattoo your name onto his arm, run and hide! 😈

73 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sign of Success”

  1. Debo Hobo says:

    Both creapy and stupid.

    1. That’s a very weird.. I hope these people can remove the ink if they realize they are no longer obsessed about these “successful people”..

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        The Neil Patel one looks like t could be fake, but the Shoemoney one is really and freakin’ creepy as all get out. Run Shoe Run!

        1. Looks like Neil did this himself πŸ™‚ , does not look professional

          1. Actually it seems to me that the girls in the first and second pic are completely different – the first one has a blondish hair, while the second one has a darker hair..

            I call this cheap advertising..

          2. fas says:

            I agree, not the same person.

        2. shawal says:

          Agree with you….

      2. Ryan McLean says:

        How can you tell the tatoo is completely real?
        If so I agree with everyone…completely stupid

      3. mr nice guy says:

        The ultimate sign of success is when you share your blessings to the less fortunates. Nothing compares the feeling.

    2. eric tan says:

      Man the Shoe tattoo looks coool, but Pamela’s tat looks cooler, maybe its the location…. hmmm

    3. Travis says:

      Very creepy… very stupid… I can’t think of a single reason to get a tattoo of anyone’s name anywhere on my body.

    4. Torley says:

      “Creepy” here has more to do with the permanence with the act. We don’t consider it all that weird to get a celebrity to autograph your skin with a washable marker.

      As long as a superfan isn’t engaging in destructively obsessive behavior, I think it’s a cool way to show support for something or someone they strongly believe in… as long as they put thought forth into it, reducing the probability of regret!

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        I think it is highly weird to have a celebrity sign a fan’s skin. That’s just as stupid and creepy. The behavior in my opinion is both obsessive and destructive. Not to mention cheap.

  2. Pheak.T says:

    haha at shoe tattooed on the guys arm thats funny

  3. JJDW says:

    Good for Neil…retarded for her. What the hell?

  4. Hey, it makes a good linkbait though! πŸ˜‰

  5. I think its a fake or she is already planning to get it covered up with another tattoo. Its an interesting way to get some top site to link to you though.

  6. Andrei Buiu says:

    I saw the post on Neil’s blog, but I didn’t know about the Shoemoney tattoo. That’s really creepy.

  7. Ed says:

    I’m very suspicious. A temporary tattoo makes great, no-commitment linkbait.

  8. KiwiPulse says:

    Run Jeremy Run! πŸ˜€

  9. A tattoo or “tramp stamp” on the lower back of a female can only mean one thing — she’s easy. Yeah, I said it. So what?!

    1. A “tramp stamp”? Haven’t heard that one before. I can’t wait to use it the first chance I get.

      1. Crap, I got excited and said that to my wife…I got slapped! “tramp stamp” haha! Priceless…

  10. Keral Patel says:

    For me the ultimate sign of success is when I am satisfied with what I have and right now I don’t have any goals set. I have already achieved my goals 3 times in past 2 years and have raised the bar higher and higher. Life will go on and the bar will keep going higher.

  11. Thats awesome! lol, I love the shoe tattoo.

  12. Adam says:

    What is wrong with people. I mean I am all about getting a tattoo if it symbolizes something to you, but a tattoo as a publicity stunt? I mean you are going to have that for the rest of your life.


  13. Clog Money says:

    HAHA that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life!!!

  14. Neil better have at least got to make out with her after that.

  15. I know this is going to sound materialistic as crap, but success is ranked upon status. See, status is more important than actual dollar amounts. Have you ever seen the millionaire guy who’s 50 years old and never been married or had kids? This is what is considered in my book as a failure. Not that he is a loser or anything, but REAL success in life should be valued on how you have linked and connected with people in your lifetime. Now here is the irony of it all…..

    Most people become successful (by connecting with others) by having a lot of money. Just think about it, if you had the money to go on expensive trips to meet new people, and treat your friends out to lunch, then you will have a better opportunity of connecting with people. Maybe I’m being too deep, but in the end- success is ranked on social status in my opinion πŸ™‚

  16. WOW. That’s UBER creepy. I hope those are FAKE!

  17. For shoe that’s creepy….like creepy run away very fast. Funny though!!!

  18. You couldn’t be more right about that! Lol poor Shoe

  19. Love the tatoo especially the one Shoe Money.. Hahah I like the article.


  20. I would do it too, for some back links

  21. 40DollarCell says:

    That Shoemoney tat looks very fresh and swollen. A little strange, but at least the artist did a good job.

  22. That is really odd no matter which way you slice it.

  23. Josten says:

    wth at the guy tattooing shoe on his arm

  24. Josh Law says:

    the shoemoney tat creepy? maybe a little. a sign that Darren has created a strong branding presnce and has a loyal reader base? lol definately. i give him props for creating what he has

  25. RantBlogger says:

    It would be cooler if she were hot.

  26. Well, if she is hot, as long as you can bang her for free, that’s success πŸ˜‰ !

  27. wisdom says:

    Pretty good stuff John, thanks for the share.

  28. Jeremy Day says:


    That is awesome! People are taking this blogging thing to a whole new level. I almost can’t believe it. You think anyone is going to tattoo you to their body someday? Then you will be successful. Right?


  29. kahmaui says:

    The Ultimate Sign of Success for me would be to emulate John Chow…Do I get points for that?

  30. izzat says:

    it a success? your name on somebody “a**”.. πŸ˜€
    guess should tattoo whole url – and then put below click me.. haha

  31. That’s ridiculous. I have nothing against Shoe or Neil. Both are cool guys, but the people getting these tattoos are not too bright.

  32. I think she wants to have his baby?

  33. joerzoe says:

    I hope in a few years in the future, a girl will tattoo her self with my name. πŸ™‚

  34. MikeKL says:

    Isn’t the ultimate sign of success something very different to a tasteless tattoo? Or even a tasteful one, for that matter. For example, I’d suggest that a very wealthy man or woman who:
    – rebuffs all attempts at an interview with the media, but writes anonymously to help others achieve his/her success levels
    – anonymously donates significant sums to charities
    – regards education (academic and through life) as a virtue
    – gives values of hard AND smart work to his/her children
    – remains courteous even in the most exasperating of circumstances
    – treats everyone with respect
    ……is the ultimate success story


  35. Ben Pei says:

    lol its kinda sick to hear that guy tatoo-ed shoemoney on his arm. Yeah i would probably run!

  36. Hajib says:

    wish i can get a tattoe….

  37. Ben Pei says:

    Are you going to write John Chow Dot Com on it?

  38. himi says:

    If a girl tattoo your name onto her back, it’s the ultimate sign of success. If a guy tattoo your name onto his arm, run and hide! 😈 …
    ha ha, ha that was a funny statement!

    I think people like that have some issues…

  39. Kok Choon says:

    I saw the tattoo and my arm start feeling hurt! No tattoo for me please…!

  40. Congrats Neil. Now you must get a tattoo with some random hot chicks name.

  41. Pete says:

    I’m still waiting for when it’s my turn to see someone with my name tattooed on her back!

  42. Justin Berry says:

    Seriously, who in their right mind does this? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was fake. The shoe money one, however, looks very real. haha

  43. L2 Lumpy says:

    LOL! great post! “I get it now. If a girl tattoo your name onto her back, it’s the ultimate sign of success. If a guy tattoo your name onto his arm, run and hide!”

    This is to let everyone know you’ve done your job! LOL!

    Not sure if your Blog will let me post the link….

    L2 Lumpy

    1. L2 Lumpy says:

      Oh, by the way, it’s real….

      Some may wear a ring to show their devotion, some may shave their head, some cultures even place a bamboo stick through their noses…

      My wife of 16 years decided since the “store was closed”, she wanted a tattoo.

      Not creepy, not crazy (in her mind anyway)

      I thought she was nuts when she told me she did it… Maybe it wasn’t so nutty after all, I see and feel her devotion daily.

      L2 Lumpy
      Telepresence – “Ride on the Next Plane of Existence” tm

  44. Catie says:

    That must be dedication. Tattoos are for life! I usually make sure its something I dont mind showing. Ahaha Good thing for Neil. Free advertising! πŸ˜›

  45. Looks totally fake. Looks like it was stenciled on.

  46. FixThePig says:

    Nothing says that your blog rocks like a tattoo, now that’s dedication!

  47. Tattoo > Cool.

    ShoeMoney > Scary.

  48. MyDomains says:

    Cool tatoo…can I kiss it?

  49. GeldGuru says:

    Wow that’s a great idea can i have tatooed John Chow on my back that would be so cool

    1. He if it works for Shoe then I’m sure it would work for JC, how bout it John lets get a couple readers lined up and get some video!

  50. Bank REO says:

    Its true Neil, you really made and now you have proof πŸ™‚ I am going to try hard and make down to pubcon this year.

  51. That’s a great tattoo. I also want to have one.

  52. MelodyN says:

    They do now make custom temporary tattoos, although the tattoo that is swollen definitely has to be real…

  53. Paul says:

    Even if it’s fake, it got me to look!

  54. The ultimate sign of success is when you have achiever peace in your hart, with yourself!

  55. Dfunda says:

    shoemoney tattoo is looking good.

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