The Vancouver Blogathon – 24 Hours of Blogging


The Blogathon is some crazy event where participating bloggers stay up for 24 hours and make a new blog post every 30 minutes. The idea is people will be impressed by your blogging commitment and make a donation to your charity of choice. I am not participating in the Blogathon because I don’t like the idea of putting a new blog post on this blog every 30 minutes. But this does not mean I’m not supporting it. I think it’s a great idea whenever bloggers get together to raise money for a worthy cause.

There are 28 bloggers taking part in the Vancouver Blogathon. This is a nice increase from the 13 that did the Blogathon in 2008. The bloggers will begin at 6AM tomorrow morning and won’t stop until 6AM Sunday morning – 24 hours of non stop blogging. If you’re looking for a flood of blog posts to read tomorrow, I recommend you check out the following Vancouver Blogathon blogs.

Beat My Blogathon Donation and Get Free Stuff

Each blog is blogging to raise money for his/her charity. I’ve donated $1,000 to Miss 604 because she’s blogging for the Union Gospel Mission and I have a soft spot in my heart for that organization. If anyone can match or beat that donation, I’ll give them a free blog post and I’ll wear their T-shirt during the Affiliate Summit East in New York next month.

I wish all the 2009 Vancouver Blogathon bloggers the best of luck. Raise a lot of money and drink a lot of coffee. You’re going to need it!

40 thoughts on “The Vancouver Blogathon – 24 Hours of Blogging”

  1. raincoaster says:

    Do mine eyes deceive me? Surely you didn’t forget me…and I don’t THINK I’ve pissed you off lately!

    I’m blogging for the Federation of BC Writers. Workspace is a great space for this, if only because of the 24 hour espresso.

    1. John Chow says:

      Sorry! I used the list from Rebecca’s blog and you weren’t on it! I have you listed now.

  2. Jen Duguy says:

    Nice donation John! Very cool. I’ve also donated to Rebecca and the UGM… unfortunately I can’t beat your number. However I am still SO glad to be a part of making a difference in our community… yay! 🙂

    1. Make money says:

      One thing is for sure, even though John is a money-minded guy but he always donates for charity. That’s something to respect.

  3. Duane Storey says:

    Awesome donation to the UGM, John. Thanks for the mention as well. Hope to see you at Workspace tomorrow if you can make it out for a bit!

  4. Noble work John. I’ll see a few of those blogs and see if i can donate something. I’m not very rich to donate as much as you did. But probably i could put in a 50 or 100 for an institution that helps people.

  5. Kevan G. says:

    John, you’re absolutely the best.

  6. Rebecca says:

    John, your support and generosity continues to amaze me. I’m truly humbled by your contribution. Thank you so much for this, I can’t wait to see the help we can all give our causes, and especially the UGM.

  7. Earningstep says:

    again and again . why my country don’t such great event like this…

  8. New blog post every 30 minutes. That is un-doable for me. Its hard for me to do 2 posts a day. Good luck to those whom doing it. Good luck and I hope you raise a lot of money.

  9. raincoaster says:

    Thanks, John. You can always count on me to raise a stink when I’ve been left out!

    And for all your readers, as far as I know Blogathon is worldwide. It’s set to Seattle time, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on the Wet Coast to participate OR support. My biggest sponsor is in Australia.

  10. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    A blog post every 30 minutes? Blogger who participates must be good in writing skills and must has a lot of ideas in blogging, otherwise it’s really challenging to write a blog post every 30 minutes. They must be good writer!

    I’m going to see how they’re going to do this, must be very interesting. 🙂


    1. Make money says:

      I think they must have planned all the blog posts before hand. Otherwise, writing doesn’t take so long, it is the idea which takes long…

  11. What a great idea but hard work especially if they are not together in one big room or something. Being together would boost morale when you are flagging.

    Good luck to all.


    1. John Chow says:

      They will be together. Most of them anyways. Any blogger doing the blogathon can meet up at Workspace in Gas Town to do the 24 blogging together.

  12. Nice donation!

    On this note of 24 hour blogathon… It’s really just on an honor system, right? I mean, what’s to stop me from scheduling 6 posts in the middle of the blogathon for every half hour, so I can catch 3 hours of ZZ’s?

    Still, a nifty idea I’ll likely take part in at some point.



    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, it’s just on the honor system and I’m sure some participants will have time stamped some posts.

  13. Bloggers give back. Now that’s more like it! Way to go JC!

  14. blog post every 30 minutes?

    I could only do 6 blog post a day. This is my max.

  15. I see that when a blogger upload his or her post every 30 minutes the quality of the articles will be compromised.

  16. That will be fun, wish I lived closer or had more money so I could attend all of these events, maybe one day.

  17. Earningstep says:

    this can be a great event and will be a great history to remember for all blogger

  18. I try to write a new post everyday, but if someone ask me to blog a new post every 30 min ……….i will kill myself. 🙂

  19. Greg Ellison says:

    It sounds like it is going to be fun, but hard work at the same time. Greg Ellison

  20. How interesting will a blog post every 30 minutes be?

  21. Cam Birch says:

    Interesting idea. 48 blog posts in one day is just plain crazy though. I expect the quality of the posts goes down over time.

    1. I guess you better plan that one out if you get the chance to do a blogathon. You’d have to really think about what you are going to say for 48 posts.

  22. fas says:

    Not easy this, that means around 12 posts which is not easy in a day!

    1. That would be 48 posts not 12. Now it’s really difficult.

  23. Benjamin Cip says:

    Nice donation John! I noticed on the website that the total donation reached $2800 and the amount of money aimed is $3000. Only $200 to reach the number wanted.
    12 posts in a day?! It takes me long to write each of my articles…

  24. Ghostwriter says:

    There’s isn’t any mention of what the blog posts should be about. Having that many thing to write is not that hard if you prepare for it. e.g coming up with topics to write about beforehand.

  25. Thats a cool idea, its good to see the blogger community get together for a real good cause. I cannot match your donation but try to contribute according to my possibilities.

  26. This contest looks stupid to me, although charity is one good things that everyone should do.

  27. Wow that one is quite amazing. I am sure some of them have created most of the posts earlier and now this will be the time to put them on.

  28. game-girl says:

    To me the idea is cute ,let the people do it and make contribute to charity.

  29. Caden Grant says:

    Wow that’s crazy. I don’t think I could blog that much. At least it’s for a good cause.

  30. Dean Saliba says:

    Good luck guys. If there is an international version I’d love to enter.

  31. Cool idea, blogging for 24 hours straight. I’d really look forward to meeting a bunch of likeminded people.

  32. Eric Tan says:

    wow thats a lot of typing…

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