The W Hotel 76 Floor Pool

W Hotel Pool

Hey! We’ve made it to Hong Kong and we’ve checked into the swank W Hotel Hong Kong. I tell ya, after a week of living in Punyu, it sure is nice to be living in the lap of luxury again. It’s not that living in my old village is bad, but it doesn’t really project the Dot Com Lifestyle.

The W Hong Kong is a brand new hotel and features all the latest and greatest in high end hotel amenities, including a pool on the 76 floor. I believe that makes it the highest hotel pool in the world. The pool is part of the W’s wet, sweat and bliss floors. The wet is the pool, the sweat is the gym and the bliss is the spa. Let’s begin with the pool. If you like the wet, I may show you the sweat and bliss.

W Hotel Pool

W Hotel Pool

W Hotel Pool

32 thoughts on “The W Hotel 76 Floor Pool”

  1. ZZZ says:

    Very cool John. I’d like to be there with you having a drink at the pool. 😉 That’s real dot com lifestyle! Have fun and enjoy your stay!

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      I totally agree
      A pool on the 76th floor really does represent the dot com lifestyle
      that is amazing
      That is definately what I will be aiming for with my dot com business and blog

      Ryan McLean’s last blog post: How To Create An Ebook The Easy Way

      1. Karl says:

        I can’t but agree with you guys. That looks sweet! And that tall building right next to it, omg.. I would definitely want to visit Hong Kong some time.

    2. Melody says:

      He’s definitely a luck son of a gun… 😀

      Melody’s last blog post: Free Logo Package Contest Winners

  2. Mats says:

    Nice hotel John! 🙂

    I hope I will got the time and money to travel there some day 😉

    1. fas says:

      There are such hotels everywhere, even near your house or so, you just need to explore it. If John had not gone to this place, how would we know that it has a pool at the 76th floor?

      fas’s last blog post: Why Are Americans Obsessed With Apple?

  3. Ashish says:

    Nice hotel John. Enjoy your stay and yes of course the pool. 🙂

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  4. Eric says:

    Wow that looks amazing up there. Thanks for sharing John!
    – Eric

    Eric’s last blog post: Oil Pastel Flowers

  5. The pool sure looks very beautiful. You must have been thrilled to be staying at such a grand hotel. Hope you have a pleasant stay at W Hotel and I’m sure you’ll love the food there too.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: 8 Top Internet Marketing Tips

  6. Yikes! HK is very impressive. Though not as high, the pool @ the Hyatt Regency in POS can match this one. Same sort of pool/deck, but it overlooks the ocean.

    Chris De La Rosa’s last blog post: Are you doing what you “Should” be doing?

  7. so you are shooting these beautiful ladies in thier private moments 🙂

    1. fas says:

      Thats why we love this site, dont we?

      fas’s last blog post: Why Are Americans Obsessed With Apple?

  8. Looks very similar of the rooftop pools in Vegas

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Simplified Sunday #12 – Market Cap

  9. Your home town is something to be proud of even if it doesn’t go with your “dot com lifestyle”. I think we all enjoyed seeing where you came from.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Friday Mix – Number 3

  10. Allan says:

    Ive been to a alot of W hotels but NEVER in Hong Kong! Nice!!

    // Ace
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  11. Greg Ellison says:

    That is one nice hotel. Greg Ellison

    Greg Ellison’s last blog post: Bloggers are changing the world

  12. Amazing view. Well. What of it you can see through the smog.

  13. Rob says:

    I hear ya. My family is from Taishan. Taishan is still lacking modern amenities in some parts.

    The W is nice. I like the Langham Place in Mongkok. It was new about 5 years ago. I stay there when i go to Hong Kong/Kowloon.

  14. Great Hotel John, you really must be enjoying the China trip.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: The First Day of My Freedom

  15. Silvia says:

    Sweet moments of life!Changes are really necessary,After visiting the village one can realize that Hong Kong is a piece of paradise…Though the paradise must be in the soul.

    Silvia’s last blog post: Злодей Джокер появится в фильме Темный Рыцарь 2 Битва за Готэм

  16. After reading this post, I wonder if I can be like you. Well, it is easy to write article and upload it on to my blog but to increase its traffic is difficult. I like traveling too hoping that one day I can live your dot com lifestyle. Making money while traveling.

    Charles Roring’s last blog post: Traveling to Mansinam island of West Papua

  17. Dean Saliba says:

    The last two pictures, is that your wife? If not then does that lady know you were lurking around with a camera taking pictures of her? 😀

    Dean Saliba’s last blog post: Is Google Buying Twitter Good?

  18. Agent 001 says:

    Amazing. Pool on 76th Floor. Hong Kong really has some amazing structures.

  19. That pool looks wicked. I wish I could jump in. I also like the building itself. Very posh.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  20. Did anyone give you a “LOOK” or ask you why you were recording them in bathing suits? 😀

    Dang…all foreign people.


    1. I would hope so! I mean, a clothes guy walking around the pool would hopefully raise some eyebrows lol…John Chow, the dot Com Voyeur haha…

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Freebie Monday #17 – Free Kashi Granola Bars (Canada) / Free 50% off Coupon for Old Navy (USA)

  21. Hot weather for a swim would go down well about now! ha

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  22. Online TV says:

    This pool is absolutely fantastic and scary at the same time. Just thinking that you’re in a pool on the 76th floor makes me not going there.

  23. Philip Nowak says:

    That is one of the coolest pools I have ever seen. I’m sure that you enjoyed it everyday, especially with how hot and humid it usually is in Hong Kong.

    Philip Nowak’s last blog post: Picture of the Day: Full Size American Gothic Statues on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

  24. That pool is insane! I agree with Online TV – would be a bit scary to know you’re so high!

    Smart Boy Designs’s last blog post: Love Your Blog Topic Like Stephen Hawking Loves Science

  25. That is so very nice! I’d be even better to have massage service by the pool lol.

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