The Weapons of Marketing Blueprint

If you want to make more money online, then you really need to get better at selling. Well, my buddy Shoemoney has sold over $10,000,000 (yes that’s 10 million!) worth of products and affiliate offers online and today he just put out a free video detailing some of his best and “sneakiest” sales tricks that have helped him to make over $10,000,000!

You can check out the free video here

Also make sure you download the PDF Cheat Sheet and print it out. It’s an excellent resource. Jeremy is also running a great contest to get maximum exposure for his video and is giving away several iPods loaded with his ShoeMoney System Content. Watch the video now and get in on it!

Weapons or Marketing

The Weapons of Marketing Blueprint

64 thoughts on “The Weapons of Marketing Blueprint”

  1. Dotcom Note says:

    I wonder why internet marketers call something free when in fact they are asking for your email to give that so called free thingy. When the internet marketers will learn that when there is an exchange of anything, it is not called free? Or do they already know and deliberately trying to control your mind? Food for thought to you all who will start posting what a great post and blah blah..

    1. What they mean is – no cash for this product, but we’ll take your soul. Kinda like making a deal with the devil…

    2. John Chow says:

      Free as in doesn’t cost you any money. As for the requiring an email address. Well, you can always unsub right after and still keep all the information.

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        I agree with John…It is free…I doesn’t cost you anything at all.
        You can always unsubscribe whenever you want and no harm is done.
        I have signed up for many freebies in the part and then unsubscribed immediately after receiving the item because I didn’t want to be a part of that specific newsletter.

        1. This is also why a lot of people keep a dud email account, one that they can get into but that they mostly use to sign up for newsletters like this one. That’s a compromise between sharing private information and getting what you want. And you can still unsubscribe later. Its not like an extra email address costs anything after all 🙂

      2. Unsubscribing would be the natural thing to do, but most people don’t even realize that’s an option. They feel once the submit that email, the newsletters don’t stop.

      3. John explained it correctly.

        This is the basic principle of Internet Marketing and Email Marketing. You give away something of value in exchange of their email address.


        1. Hmmmm…and where do you find the balance…value vs private info (email)…

      4. ibnujusup says:

        great tips… free is always fun 🙂

    3. Ray says:

      Its so ironic…. ShoeMoney in the video lays out exactly the “mind control” techniques he uses.

      Hell he even shows the last 3 emails he sent out including the promo for John Chow and the results of them.

      Doesnt get much more transparent then that. Its a great video. Some big take aways if your into marketing.

    4. Free here means no money. Are you serious or just trying to be funny?

      If you don’t like internet marketers, which seems to be the case perhaps it would be better for you to not get involved at all. Why comment on a blog of a marketer that has given away more free things than most people and infinitely more than people like you who expect everything for free and then complain to boot when they get it.

      Is it envy?

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Email List Building,
        You bring up a great point! Also, you are now the top commentor on John’s top commentors list! congrats!

    5. Hm, smells like troll here. Free in this case means email address, if you give out your most valuable email address it is expensive, if you give out your least valuable (disposable) one it is free. So, it is you who decides if you pay or not! SY

      1. d3so says:

        It’s only a mouse-click to unsubcribe.
        It’s not like you’ll be blasted with emails every hour.

        1. If what you get is valuable to you and if you aren’t blasted with emails every day I think that you won’t unsubscribe.

          The fact that there is the option to unsubscribe very clearly noted in every email and that some people are still not aware of it amazes me.

          Some of them know about it but pretend not to because they would lose any seemingly valid reason to complain of getting unwanted emails.

          Even more amazing is that people who provide a lot of free value are still somehow judged by those who only complain and feel sorry for themselves. Doing nothing but complaining they resent the success of others.

          But then they wouldn’t be happy even if they were given money for nothing because they would want as much as those who work hard for their money.

          Being miserable is a hard work ain’t it internet marketing bashers but it brings only negative value.

          1. PPC Ian says:

            I kind of like the haters. As John points out in Make Money Online, more haters indicates more success. I hear ‘ya, however, this stuff gets to me too!

          2. I don’t think anybody here hates Shoemoney, imho he is one of the good guys in IM, SY

          3. But controversy always follow him.

            He got huge experience and knowledge.

    6. Dotcom Note you might wanna read this latest post in Daily Blog Tips:

      Email Marketing Basics: All You Need To Get Started:

    7. d3so says:

      One of the best ways to get comments, be controversial 😉

      1. Don’t remember reading a post here entitled ‘xyz-is it a scam?’, that is the ultimate way to start a controversy imho, SY

    8. @Dotcom note: The reason why there’s always an email address in exchange for the ebook or free report, is because we want to stay in contact with the subscriber and provide them more valuable content in the future, and of course, I’m not gonna lie here, to make money in the future as well.

      But we only make money from our list by providing or recommending a useful and helpful product for them, which they can learn and apply to their business as well. So, start putting up an opt-in form with your site, it seems you don’t have one when I checked your blog.

      You also said, “When the internet marketers will learn that when there is an exchange of anything, it is not called free?” Well, John Chow has an opt-in form offering a free report in exchange of an email address, so don’t ask the man earning $40k/month when will he learn! lol!=)

      1. Gary,

        Excellent comment!!

        I think this answers Dotcom note’s question perfectly.

        “ut we only make money from our list by providing or recommending a useful and helpful product for them, which they can learn and apply to their business as well.”

        Spot On Gary!


      2. Thanks Gary – you just saved me from writing a rant 🙂

    9. Bidet says:

      Its only an email, free means that you don’t have to pay money. And plus you can unsubscribe if you want to but they provide valuable info straight to your email.

      1. Yeah you have full control of it … and you are no where to loose anything.

  2. This must be the video your email was about huh…

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I got that email too!

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        So did I, but I didn’t visit the link. Lucky I found it on this blog.

        1. Lol, the effectiveness of email marketing 😉 SY

          1. Yes, it really works. Has anybody unsubscribed from John’s email list?

            I don’t think so because there’s value.

          2. I’m staying on it because you never know what little gem might throw our in an email notice…or update to his blog when maybe i’ve forgotten to visit…

          3. PPC Ian says:

            I agree! John’s list has huge value and I would never unsubscribe.

          4. You are right, it is one of the few A-list lists (sorry about the pun) I stay subscribed to. But I guess John hates me nevertheless, I don’t buy. I justgather information! SY

          5. I am so behind on the email grabbing with my site…i need to hurry up and get a targeted audience so that I can use that email list…

          6. Yes if you will un subscribe than you will lost the path to treasure.

  3. Jason says:

    Great advice! I agree that having a strong ability to sell is extremely important in any industry. This is even more so in the competitive world of online marketing.

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to checking out the video!

    1. Yes this one is one hour so you have to keep everything aside for one hour.

      But this one will be really worthy .. go for it.

  5. Seriously guys, this is a great video, full of good insider tips. Too many vids are only created to get people to buy something, this video delivers a lot of information for free! SY

    1. So there’s free value after all. You may even want to pay to get more of such value but you don’t have to.

      No arm twisting and brainwashing as someone who is misinformed suggested at the top of the comments here.

  6. d3so says:

    Damn John, you really took haste in promoting this lol.
    I’m starting my promotion tomorrow 😉

    1. John even beat Shoemoney at this by a few hours.

      Good luck with your promotion.

      1. d3so says:

        It’s actually shoemoney running the whole thing.

  7. technologiez says:

    There are many ways to use AdSense to achieve your goals.Some people are using AdSense to earn a great deal of money in amounts that you would not have thought was possible unless you robbed a bank.

    1. Are you one of those who makes those amounts you speak of or know one?

      AdSense is a part of some peoples income stream but usually not a major one.

      How many ways do you know of aside from placing the ads on your site which you are apparently doing?

      1. d3so says:

        Adsense is just a small part in making money. There’s so much more you can do!

        1. Adsense is a huge part of making money online, if you know how and where to do it, SY
          PS I am doing it 😉

          1. Certainly Adsense have great potential … you just need to apply it perfectly.

  8. Did you just say he made $10,000,000!I will download right now.

    1. d3so says:

      There’s a potential to make that much but I think it involves upscaling profitable ventures.

      1. And no statement how much he spend to make this amount of money. I would like to know his net and what and where he had to invest it! SY

  9. Sounds like a pretty great opportunity. I’m definitely gonna take a look at that video 🙂 Thanks John!

  10. Powerfull information, I will read very closely this PDF Cheat Sheet ! Thanks again!

  11. Wow 10 millions, it’s worth to take a look like the previous one write…

  12. Very good that weapon of marketing blueprint. Good stuff I recommand you to get that blueprint!

  13. Wow! it seems a lot of comments here are either controversial or amazing or amused. Haven’t seen the video yet. Will opt-in right after this to get the free content.

  14. mapo says:

    hmmm a great post and it seems very popular due to great nimber of comments, Anyhow thanks for sharing

  15. I simply love the way Shoe speaks .. his style with slang language really suit him only.

  16. Great content in the video, I don’t know why everyone is complaining about giving away an email address. It’s not that big a deal for the quality of content you can recieve.

    If you really don’t want to give your everyday email away, it takes less than a minute to create a gmail or yahoo account you can use for subscribing to sites like the Shoemoney System

  17. Bidet says:

    This is great info, every one should watch this video, its very helpful for marketers and how to market a product.

  18. kumo says:

    I wonder how long it’s gonna take for me to sell that much. Guess I still have lots to learn.

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