The Web Site Revenue Maximizer

Web Site Revenue Maximizer

Want to get maximum revenue from your web site? Then you need Sitepoint’s Web Site Revenue Maximizer Kit. Most readers will know who SitePoint is. I got interested in Internet marketing from hanging out at the SitePoint forums and reading their articles. What many readers may not know is that Sitepoint co-founder, Matt Mickiewicz, lives in Port Moody, which is about 45 minutes from my house.

SitePoint is a testament to the power of the Internet. While Matt is based in Port Moody, Sitepoint itself is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. There aren’t many businesses out there that will allow you to run it from half way around the world.

The Web Site Revenue Maximizer is a kit that will show you how to create a website, build traffic to it, monetize it, then sell it for a profit or live off the revenue stream forever. The kit authors are Peter Davis and Georgina Laidlaw. Davis is one of the world’s leading authorities on buying and selling web sites and Georgina is heavily involved in the development of the SitePoint Marketplace. Together, they’ve created a 302 page step-by-step manual on making money online. The kit is accompanied by a CD-ROM filled with useful bonus materials.

At first, the kit looks intimidating because it’s so big. However, once you get into it, you’ll find it’s written in a very easy to understand format. Lessons are separated by tabs so you can find what you need without much searching. For beginners, The Web Site Revenue Maximizer is a step-by-step blueprint to making money on the Internet. Advance Internet marketers will still find great nuggets of advices. The Web Site Revenue Maximizer is one of the few make money online products that talks about legal issues. People have no idea how important that is until it’s too late.

Available direct from SitePoint, The Web Site Revenue Maximizer sells for $197 and includes free shipping and six months of free web hosting by Hostgator. All SitePoint products comes with a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. To give you a taste of what you can expect from The Web Site Revenue Maximizer, you can read the first four chapters here.

Watch the video below to find out how you can win The Web Site Revenue Maximizer.

43 thoughts on “The Web Site Revenue Maximizer”

  1. Study Babes says:

    i’ve always wondered why these make money products and ebooks and stuff sell for $97 or $197? is there some kind of sales tax bracket that makes them not want to tack on the extra $3 or do they just think people are so stupid they’ll see the 97 and think they’re getting a deal because its not a full 100?

    1. AverageGal says:

      That would be logical question; I’ve always wondered that myself. I would have to think that it’s similar to gas being 1.649 vs. 1.65, it’s all about the buyers appeal. This is a good post, I was recently thinking about a similar concept.
      Has anyone used this manual before?

      1. BusinessX says:

        I have heard it called the Psychology of Nine. So, someone somewhere did studies and figured it out. Maybe a Marketing major could tell us more.

    2. Taris J says:

      An awesome idea for those that want to maximize their revenue!! I still say that John’s free e-book is better value πŸ˜‰

    3. John Chow says:

      It’s all psych. When people see $197, their mind thinks it’s one hundred something. most don’t think $200. This is why you see prices like $29.99 instead of $30.00. As for why end make money products like to end in 7. Well, that’s a lucky number. πŸ™‚

      1. Study Babes says:

        yeah i thought the 29.99 stuff might be that, but i cant imagine people actually being “tricked” into thinking 29 is actually 20 as opposed to 30

        1. Li Weng says:

          they’re tricked subconsciously, and that makes their purchase decision that much easier to make.

    4. 12 says:

      Stydy Babes, I wonder how many visitors click to your site from here? Sorry for off topic… just want to check whether commenting first and having a sexy avatar and nick name can drive tons of visitors to a website πŸ˜‰

      1. Study Babes says:

        like 5-10% of my traffic, so about 40-80 hits a day i think. but my name is also in the sidebar, and ive commented on past posts, so on my end of the deal theres no way for me to tell what % of visitors are coming from which area

    5. Steitiyeh says:

      study babes, the thing is not tax related but statistically and psychologically number 7 is the most selling number. they found out that products with prices of x7 sells more than any other priced products. And that is called customer behavior, thats psychology πŸ™‚

      1. Study Babes says:

        hi steitiyeh, would you happen to have a link to that research? so if i had a product that i valued at $750, i should actually sell it for $777? do you know how significant the effect is? thats really interesting

    6. This is called psychological pricing. I kid not, it is Psychological pricing. This type of pricing is done in order to create a mental aura of the product to being cheaper.

      Another reason could be that the e commerce website which handles your sales takes a portion of your sales. They have brackets. From 0 – 10$ they charge you 1% from 10-20% – 1.5% and something on those lines so people price products to be 9.99$ πŸ™‚

    7. It’s definitely an interesting question that I’ve never seen anyone able to answer.

  2. Will Web Site Revenue Maximizer Kit helps?

    1. Sohail says:

      Well at least thatz what is idea behind it πŸ˜‰

    2. uwak says:

      I am waiting the success story……..

  3. John,

    Thank you for this information! I have downloaded the first four chapters by signing-up.

    You always have great information, I’m “Thanks-Full”!


    Nicholas Chase – ‘the video guy’ from BlogWorld Expo 2008

  4. drew says:

    302 pages though is this thing a damn bible? πŸ™‚

  5. do they ship internationally for free ??

    why not they bring ebook !

    1. John Chow says:

      They ship worldwide for free right now. Sitepoint doesn’t sell e-products because of the negative stigma attached to it.

      1. stigma or smegma? if the latter, you gotta it wash out with soap.

  6. Stephen says:

    He’s 45 from you. He’s five from me probably =)

    1. John Chow says:

      Hell, he may live right down the street from you. πŸ™‚

  7. I think these books and cources do give us helpful ideas to make money. but taking 1 or two is enough. if you consume so much information, you will become paralyzed and end up doing nothing.

  8. Can anybody tell me how to change my avatar please????

  9. Booking my airline ticket to Vancouver right now… :p

  10. Trevor says:

    Good tip. I’ll be looking in to this.

  11. uwak says:

    thanks for good recommendation…..I am waiting for the success story using it….

  12. BusinessX says:

    I like the idea of you giving this away to a new DotComPho attendee. Helps strengthen one of your channels.

    1. I’ll buy it off the new DCP attendee for $10 if I’m there.

  13. Conrad says:

    Hey John,
    When will you be giving this away, would love to read it and also recreate a nice write up for anyone interested or hesitant on buying it. A nice brief overview from a buyer and not the sellers.

    Anyways, ill be looking forward to seeing this given away.


    1. Conrad says:

      Just re watched, bummer that you are so far from upstate NY. Have DotComPho in NY πŸ™‚

  14. Jamie Harrop says:

    Yep, SitePoint’s kits aren’t exactly bed time reading friendly. πŸ™‚

    I have the original SitePoint kit (The Web Design Business Kit by Brendon Sinclair). Rather than just one folder, it comes with two plus the CD. Well worth the money I spent all those years ago. πŸ™‚


  15. Holy moly…

    I want that book, bible or whatever you want to call it! Shame I can’t attend from the United Kingdom πŸ™

    A little pricey for me at $197 though!

  16. carlaj says:

    good review, have you used it, I realise that you must have read through some of the page it is just I would like to buy it but if it is mainly aimed at basics I think I will already know some of the content or do you think it is still worth it in comparison to others?

  17. Eric Tan says:

    oh man, can you have dot com pho in Chicago? =)

  18. ArthaGuru says:

    Wow !! the sample chapters are really cool !!

    In my opinion $ 197 is too much

    Nevertheless the book is really worth it !!!

  19. Sitepoint is great, I have a couple of their books on CSS and they are some of the easiest to understand training type manuals I’ve ever used.

  20. I love Sitepoint. There’s so much quality information on it.

  21. Sitepoint is the best!

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