The Winner of the 10,000 Entrecard Credits

Congrats goes out the Alan LeStourgeon of Affiliate Confession. He just won himself 10,000 Entrecard credits.

Alan will be able to use his credit to buy advertising from any Entrecard member blogs, including this one. Alternatively, Alan can use the credits to buy stuff from the Entrecard shop. He can even sell the credits for cash if he wants. I wonder how much 10,000 Entrecard credits are worth?

Thanks everyone for entering the Entercard contest. Since starting the contest, my Entercard balance has mushroomed to 23,876. After transferring 10,000 credits to Alan, I’ll still have another 13K+ credits sitting in my account. Think I should do another contest and give away more credits?

For the few of you who haven’t tried Entrecard yet, give it a shot. It’s totally free and the worst thing that can happen is you’ll get some traffic from it. It’s also the only way to get a 125×125 banner on this blog and

38 thoughts on “The Winner of the 10,000 Entrecard Credits”

  1. Thiago Prado says:

    I think you should have the contest every month. Anyone that win the contest is gonna give you part of the credits anyway.
    Congrats Alan LeStourgeon.

    1. kellex says:

      I didn’t win, but I’m giving away 10,000 as well! In 2 weeks actually which is not that far away.

      Basically the same type of contest John ran… 😀

      1. Flimjo says:

        Good point by Thiago. Whoever wins a contest like this from JC will almost certainly spend at least 2,000 or 4,000 credits on an ad or two on JC’s blog.

  2. I am definitely going to check out Entrecard this weekend and see what it’s all about. Yes, I think you should do more contests!

  3. Hey John, today is definitely my luck day, right after I got your email I got an email from a bank in the Netherlands that said I won 1,500,000 Euros. Woot, Woot! I hope those guys in the Netherland aren’t runnin’ some scam or something, LOL!

    1. Terry Tay says:

      CONGRATS on winning the credits Alan!

      btw…I like to occasionally mess with those people that send those emails telling me I won a large amount of money and I just have to send $$ such and such $$ to claim my prize. I reply and tell them to call me to discuss where I have to send the money and proceed to give the number of the FBI or local police. 😆

      1. Hey Terry, that’s a brilliant idea. I’ll be looking up the FBI number for the next deal of a lifetime I get in my email.

        1. david cheong says:

          😈 i think giving them the local police number is cool, nice idea.

        2. Flimjo says:

          I laughed when you wrote about the 1.5 million euros. I get those e-mails all the time. Too bad there are some people out there who actually fall for that crap.

    2. James says:

      Why would anyone run a scam like that, must be legit. 🙄

      1. Thiago Prado says:

        Do you think someone would give you $1,5 Mil for no reason. The scam works like that, they ask you to send some money for fees and management. And then when you ask for the prize they disappear. I read so many stuff about that on the internet and magazines. That’s so sad when innocent people lost their money in scams.

    3. Paolo U says:

      Congrats on winning those credits. 😛

      Beware of those emails such as that that say that you won something when you don’t even join them on the first place! 😕

    4. david cheong says:

      Congratulations … wow you one lucky guy. 🙂 Its a good chance to use the ec for advertising in John section 🙂

    5. Chetan says:

      Congrats Alan 🙂

    6. Sha says:

      Somehow, I knew it was going to be you! Congratulations [I hate “Congrats!”] It’s a great win because you also got free promo on John’s site.

  4. Paolo U says:

    Finished before i even started.

  5. says:


  6. James Wilcox says:

    congrats! I remember the first time I won a metric ton of money from Nigeria. ahhh the internets.

    1. Flimjo says:

      Those Nigerian scams are the best. The funniest things about those e-mail are that the grammar is horrible!

  7. Congrats and thanks for introducing me to entrecard!

  8. Congratulations.
    Stanley Bronstein
    Attorney, CPA, Author, Blogger & Professional Motivational Speaker

  9. Wade says:

    Turn them into cash, then buy an advertising spot on JC. You said in your post it was the only spot to get a 125 ad. Don’t you mean for free? I hope you still are selling ad space for us. I planned on buying an ad for my birthday in June. Maybe for my birthday present, I could get a discount?? lol. Not only did he receive all those Entrecard credits, he just got a massive amount of hits from your post. Hope his server is doing okay!

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

  10. Congrats Alan! I’m sure you’ll put those to great use!

    😀 😀

    1. I’m planning on spending the credits all in one shot. I did this back a couple of months ago and got about 90 people a day from entrecard for 13 days straight. We’ll see if that changes now with entrecard’s new pricing system.

  11. anthony dinh says:

    congrats alan, and thanks for sharing ur earnings report. you’ve only been around for about 6 months and your monthly income equals that of johncow…perhaps you should flip it and make a cool 50k like he did? 💡

    john, yes, please have another contest as i missed this one!!

  12. Gord says:

    Congratulations Alan,
    I vote for another contest

  13. danandmarsh says:

    Congratulations Alan, you lucky guy! 😆

  14. Tyler says:

    You are my inspiration john chow

  15. Bash Bosh says:

    Congratulations for Winner!

  16. Syed Balkhi says:

    I think you should keep them and make a contest at 100,000 that would be sweet

  17. Flimjo says:

    Congrats to the winner! 10,000 EC credits come in VERY HANDY. And yes, I think you should have a 10,000 EC credit contest EVERY MONTH!

  18. I figure those credits are worth about $10. Better to use them in the EC store or for the ads.

    Congrats on the win Alan!

    1. I’m seeing on eBay that 10,000 credits have gone for as much as $45. That’s not that much, I’ll probably spend them on advertising.

  19. Congratulations Alan
    I’ve actually been AT your blog and didn’t realize you were the guy with the cap until I saw the annoucment today.

    But John definitely do another contest, I’ve been so busy making money I totally haven’t been keeping tabs on like I normally do.

    And by “making money” its not a LOT of money by a lot of you guy’s standard, but I’m determined to see how far a motivated person can go with Adsense. So I’m up to 75$ a day now.

  20. Frank says:

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  21. Ralph says:

    More contest = more traffic 😉

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