The Winner of The 2nd 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex

Grace in bed

Congrats goes out to My Blog Contest for winning the second copy of 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex by Grace Cheng. How ironic is it that a blog that writes about contests actually winning a contest?

Thanks to everyone who enter the contest. Look for another book give away real soon. For those who can’t wait, then check out the John Chow dot Com Million Dollar Wiki Contest. I am giving away a 24″ LCD monitor and a signed copy of The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.

Speaking of the Million Dollar Wiki, they had their biggest sale day ever yesterday by selling 150 pages. $15,000 in one day. Not too bad at all. It shouldn’t be long before bigger mainstream press pick up the story. I may pick up a few more pages. There are still some good keywords available. Remember to use coupon code JohnChow at checkout to get $10 off.

Anyways, congrats to My Blog Contest. I wonder if they will give the book away in another contest?

105 thoughts on “The Winner of The 2nd 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex”

  1. Well done My Blog Contest 😀

      1. Congratulations 😉 hope you put it in good use.

    1. Stockshaker says:

      Ummm… Instead of the book, I wouldn’t mind giving her a chance to date me instead. It will be her gift, from all of us at

      stockshaker aka “Mista Love-a Love-a”

      1. Stockshaker says:

        Why the hell doesn’t my name show up in the Name box???? WIERRRDDDD homies!

    2. Wahlau.NET says:

      wow..there is so much blog started just to join this type of contest….

  2. Greg W says:

    Congrats to My Blog Contest
    So many contests John, you should just send something to everyone… I call a copy of this book 😉

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      That’s what I think so I don’t need to enter that many times to win this book. :mrgreen:

  3. YC says:

    Congrats MyBlogContest!

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      Thanks, if you like blog contest check out for more blog contest info.

  4. Kyon says:

    Congrats for winning the e-book!

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      That’s not an e-book! I think I will get this book in hand soon.

  5. Congrats, I wonder if it will end up on another contest?

    Great news for the Million Dollar Wiki, I had my best traffic referral day from them yesterday.

    1. They are definitely well on their way to making a million, and once it goes to main stream media I think it will skyrocket. I only wish I came up with the idea!

    2. MyBlogCotest says:

      Thanks, I will give it away after I finished reading. :mrgreen:

  6. Cheryl says:

    Hey John! RSS reader here… I love your blog. Always inspires me to do one of two things… Post to my blog, or try new restaurants out in Van (I live out in Chilliwack, so I’m within driving distance to your best – and worst – reviews!)

    Good to see another IMer living so close to home. Keep up the good work!

    – Cheryl

  7. Gdog says:

    The Million Dollar Wiki is a great idea, but what about its PR of 0? I guess the buzz will create more than enough traffic for the site.

  8. Fou Casper says:

    Congratz to my blog contest! 😀

    Wow, I never won a single contest, I don’t know what it feel to become a contest winner :mrgreen:

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      That’s the first blog contest I won :mrgreen:

      1. Fou Casper says:

        Hahaha… :mrgreen:
        being a contest winner and posted here in sure bring some traffic, right?
        That’s nice!

  9. thewild1 says:

    i am going to try and win won of these contest

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      Check out for more blog contest info. :mrgreen:

  10. Anastasia says:

    The real reason I want to win is because the woman with the book is pretty and makes me want to read 🙂

    1. I was going to ask who is the hotty?

  11. Hoo says:

    Awesome. I want to be the next winner.

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      You will because John still have lots books for contest. :mrgreen:

  12. Terry Tay says:

    Hi John,

    I got to know your blog through a friend of mine.
    He had your interview video on his blog and I find
    it really interesting and informative.

    I have a internet network marketing blog, do drop
    by and give some comments.

    Terry Tay

  13. Jack Book says:

    John, you always put her photo large and wide there. it’s the third may be? are yo in love with her? she has a pretty smile, i think i will fall in love with her if we meet often 😉

  14. Click Input says:

    I hope they put the book to good use!

  15. Tom says:

    Congrats for winning the Forex book!

  16. Shoemoney posted an article about the Millon Dollar Wiki, does that has anything to do about the big 150 pages sales?

  17. Congrats MyBlogContest!

  18. I’d like to win one 🙂 and an autographed picture of Grace Cheng and of course Mr. John Chow also 🙂

  19. Alex Shalman says:

    Congratulations on the win! 👿

  20. Ad Tracker says:

    Congratulations! Happy reading! Now I’ve got to figure out how to win one of these 😉

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      Check out for more blog contest info.

  21. garethjax says:

    Kudos, i hope to be a winner too, someday 😀

  22. well, i miss this contest 🙁 . congrats to the winner, hope that e-book is really useful and bring winning trade 😀

  23. Etienne Teo says:

    congrats, another winner of JC contest..

    1. Oh no. It could have been you 🙂

  24. Congrats, My Blog Contest. =)

  25. mymmu says:

    congratulations from me also :mrgreen:

  26. Royal Baron says:

    Congrats for winning the e-book!

  27. KennyP says:

    I wonders whether the winner is randomly chosen or handpicked..

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      I can said that’s randomly draw.

  28. KingJacob says:

    That probally had something to do with you and shoemoney doing a post on them

    1. KingJacob says:

      Or for those of you who prefer grammaticall correct sentences”You and Shoe probally had something to do with that”

  29. Tim McSween says:

    Congrats My Blog Contest

  30. xbrain says:

    how can i win this book, oh john, if you can give the book to me is a nice thing i will receive on my birthday – october 2nd

  31. Tariq says:

    Congrats My Blog Contenst!

    Can I win the next copy?

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      After I finished reading, there will be a blog contset. :mrgreen: You have the chance to win this book :mrgreen:

  32. Eric Nagel says:

    Congrats – I hope you have much success in trading Forex!

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      Actually I have no knowledge about Trading Forex but I think after I read this book I will learn some. :mrgreen:

  33. urbanmike says:

    Bring on the prizes! Sign me up for the draw!

  34. JennyHow says:

    time for another draw! count me in!

  35. menghua says:

    I’m in for another draw!!

    1. Me too 😀

      I assume though that you need to have a fair amount of money to make money trading foreign currency…

      1. MyBlogCotest says:

        I have no idea about trading foreign currency but after read this blog I would learned some!

  36. Aditya says:

    Wow heatiest congratulations for the winner. 🙂

  37. Karthik says:

    I guess having a blog based on contests does give you an edge, but I’m not complaining 😉 Congrats!

  38. Prognog says:

    Well, enjoy the book. Ms. Cheng knows what she’s talking about.

  39. Congrats… I was hoping for this to win but You look more happy than I would. 😛

  40. Congrats My Blog Contest.

    1. MyBlogCotest says:

      Thank you Kuba zyski Dirska.

  41. Gdog says:

    Count me in! 😉

  42. derek says:

    Congrats on winning the book. I figure that eventually I will win my copy if I keep entering.

  43. Ethan says:

    hope i win sometime!

  44. Azmeen says:

    Congrats to the winner.

  45. Sami says:

    RSS Reader here 😀 Count me in the competition.

  46. Jeff says:

    Gratz on the win!

    psst I’m RSS reader hehe

  47. Albert says:

    What is forex all about? Best if I can get a copy of this book.

  48. ricdes says:

    Rss reader here, count me in, jonny.

  49. Ashwini says:

    Reading your feed… count me in for the 3rd one!

  50. Newsniche says:

    Secret RSS competitons eh. These secret RSS messages seem to be catching on.

    I’m already in trouble for letting the cat out of the bag for one secret RSS competiton (and won incidentally). Although I do not want to win this one. No seriously. Not me.

  51. Ray says:

    I am in. 😉

  52. Vincent Chow says:

    Count me in too 😈

  53. sitefever says:

    WOW What a great book…

    (Im in)

  54. a comment from an rss reader

  55. Matt Jones says:

    I am an RSS reader. Please insert Girder.

  56. Nick says:

    Hey, Congratulations!
    Now share the wealth…please! 🙂

  57. Ethan says:

    rss for the win!

  58. Max says:

    :mrgreen: Congrats Myblog contest, what a great idea for a site. Best of luck to you.

  59. mariam says:

    RSS submission for the next one!

  60. Daniel says:

    I want this book 👿

  61. Max says:

    Did I need to say I am an RSS reader? I need to get back to trading Forex, quit a year ago to do IM, but miss it daily.

    Forex Rocks!

  62. Toby Evans says:

    Congrats! Sure would like to win a copy of that book; as I don’t really understand what it is all about.

  63. Oooh, how I’d love to win this book! Congrats to myblogcontest though!

  64. Farinha says:

    RSS submission to get the 3rd book!

  65. RSS feeds rock 🙂

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