The Winner of The Blog Mastermind Twitter Contest Is

Congrats goes to @jeffprzybylski. Jeff is the winner of the $497 Blog Mastermind Contest and will be receiving the six month blogging course for free! I’ve just sent a direct message to Jeff on Twitter. He has 24 hours to reply to it. If he doesn’t reply within that 24 hour window, I’ll be drawing another winner.

Thanks to everyone who entered. The contest was a lot of fun and did a great job at increasing my followers. I will be doing another Twitter contest with Market Leverage tomorrow. We got some Flip Mino HD digital camcorders to give away! Keep an eye out for that!

Once again, congrats to Jeff and thanks to everyone who entered.

50 thoughts on “The Winner of The Blog Mastermind Twitter Contest Is”

  1. Ahh I wish I won. Oh well 🙂 Maybe some other time.

    Congrats Jeff!

    1. Same here – Damn you jeff you lucky bastard hahaha seriously tho congrats!

      1. Lol…thanks Taris…still can’t believe I won!

        1. You were the familiar face and there were few others as well, they were also in this race.

          Congratulation to you. Hope you will share your experience of blog mastermind course.

          1. Very cool for you, Jeff.

            Make the most of it!

        2. Yeah, please share your experience once you’re done.

          1. Hey you not only won the BMM course but some free publicity on John Chow Dot Com.

    2. Puspanjali says:

      Congrats Jeff.And yes I wish it was me…….HaHaHa……….
      Keep us posted about your BMM course Jeff because I intend to take that course next time whether I win a contest for it or not.But one good thing happened.I have been reading such a lot about Twitter but had never joined it.Thanks to this contest I finally did it.Now I am exploring all the ways it can be used.
      Thanks John.
      Hey guys,don’t mope about losing the contest…….Come follow me and I will follow you.There is always another contest.

    3. Just keep trying, you’ll soon hit a lucky streak too.

  2. Congrats to the winner! Following him now 😉

  3. Congratulations Jeff! I can’t wait for the next contest!

  4. Akmal says:


      1. It seems like you have to enter almost every contest for months before you actually win anything. But lets keep on trying gents 😉

  5. Raju says:

    well, yet another loss for me, hard luck, congrats Jefff!

  6. HeriNXI says:

    conrats jeff,
    what’s the next?

  7. Congrats Jeff! Take advantage of that course!

  8. James Holmes says:

    John – What a great idea! This one snuck by mem but I will keep an eye out for the next contest. Thank you for all that you do to empower the blogging community and those who desire to be bloggers.

    Follow Me:

  9. Thank you so much everyone for the replies…I JUST found out a couple minutes ago and am very shocked lol!

    I visit Yaro’s site regularly and have heard nothing but praise over his course, so I can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks again John and everyone for their good wishes… 🙂

  10. Harry Tran says:

    Congrats to Jeff for winning

  11. Congratulations. 🙂

    In Danish we have a saying that you can’t be lucky in games/draws etc when you’re in luck in your love life. So it must be a good sign running on 8th year…. 😉

    Have fun everyone.

    1. Funny that, because there’s a similar saying in Chinese too. Must be true lol

  12. Greg Ellison says:

    Congrats to the winner. Thanks Greg Ellison

  13. KiwiPulse says:

    I prefer to win the Flip Mino HD digital camcorders. I can’t wait for it! :O

  14. I subscribed to your blog Jeff, as I’m curious to see how you implement what you’ll learn.

    1. Thanks for subscribing and I’m sure there will be many tools and techniques that I’ll learn along the way…

  15. Cool .. Cool … BIG Congrats to Jeff. I’ll Carpe diem other contest(s).

  16. Reyn Aria says:

    Congrats to the winner… I’m waiting for the next contest 🙂

  17. ProBlogineer says:

    oops, I lost again 😀

    congrats jeff.

    we want ML contests soon 😀

  18. Congrats to the winner!

  19. Chef Patrick says:

    Congrats to @jeffprzybylski. I hope you put it to good use, the course looks solid.

  20. Agent 001 says:

    Congrats jeffprzybylski.

  21. JGLOGS says:

    i just starting to blog. i wish it was me.

    can’t afford anything now 🙁

  22. Congrats to the winner!


  23. lanie says:

    Looks Like I’ll be buying it now. I have been wanting to do this for a while.

    Congrats Jeff, but if you don’t answer in 24 hours we all still have a chance !

  24. Congrats Jeff! I hope you’ll really put it to use 😉

  25. Congratulations, Jeff! That’s an awesome prize to win for a blogger =) We should see you becoming famous after a few months with Yaro’s program from now then~

  26. Congrats @jeffprzybylski on winning the contest. And thanks John for running such a wonderful contest. For me the prize has been that I started following thanks to this wonderful $497 bait! I am absolutely happy and I am sure everyone is feeling like a true winner.

    Best Wishes,

  27. SEO Tips says:

    Congratulations, wish I was the winner though 😀

  28. 100WordRants says:

    Congrats Jeff! I know you will learn a great deal from those 6 months. Make sure you enlighten us throughout it!

  29. Congrats to Jeff. Looking forward to what Market Leverage has to offer tomorrow (or was it today?).

  30. Jen Fluker says:

    Hey John! Glad to hear that we are pairing up for another contest. Good luck everyone.

  31. Ben Pei says:

    Big Congratulations Jeff!

  32. Well done Jeff! Enjoy 😉

  33. johnray says:

    too bad I did not win the contest. Needed it pretty badly though. But kudos to the winner.

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