The Winner of The Google Christmas Gift

Congrats goes out the Tyson Williams for winning the Christmas gift from Google. Tyson’s name was drawn out of over 300 entries. That makes this contest one of the best ever. You guys must want a flash drive really bad!

For those who didn’t win, don’t feel too bad. There are still two more contests going on. The first is the TTZ Media affiliate contest for a 22″ LG LCD monitor. We’re giving away two of those. The deadline to enter that contest is the end of this year (that’s in two days). If you haven’t got your entry in, better get on it!

The second contest is for the Ruff PC laptop. I made it into the final round of voting. I came second in the last round. If I win this final round, I win the Ruff PC and that means one of you will win the Ruff PC! So head on over there and vote! Or just vote for me here using this widget. 🙂

Help me win by putting the above poll on your blog. Using the following codes:

<embed allowScriptAccess="never"  saveEmbedTags="true" src="" FlashVars="p=185231" quality="high"  wmode="transparent"  bgcolor="#ffffff" width="155"  height="330"  name="beta3" salign="tl" scale="autoscale"  type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" ></embed>

56 thoughts on “The Winner of The Google Christmas Gift”

  1. Karol Krizka says:

    Who won the first round?

    1. John Chow says:

      The site that won the first round didn’t make it pass the second round.

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        Actually they withdrew from the competition… not that they were getting enough votes to make it to the next round anyway.

  2. That Ruff PC is a popularity contest now…looks like it’s as good as yours 😈

  3. Jamie Harrop says:

    Considering the voting widget appeared in the RSS feed, I think you stand a pretty good chance of winning. It’s *only* 14,347 RSS feeds that the widget just appeared in. :mrgreen:

    1. It doesn’t show up in the RSS feed. At least, it didn’t in mine (Google Reader).

      1. It showed up in mine but I use Bloglines. Have been meaning to switch just haven’t gotten around to it.

    2. Well good luck! I am sure you will be first in 5 more days. It wasn’t that big a difference between the first 2. The widget will most likely appear in TechTreak RSS feeds too. But he isn’t giving it away if he’d win it right? 😀

  4. Alan Johnson says:

    Nice contests you have running there John, though personally, given the fact that my office currently “hosts” 3 computers/2 printers/podcasting gear/2 phones/1 fax machine, the last thing I need is more hardware…I think I am starting to develop some kind allergy 🙂

    Alan Johnson

    1. Congrats Tyson. Although I’m still having problems watching the video of your prize. 😕

    2. Congrats man! 😀 Wanna hook it up and give it to me? 😉 Just kidding.

    3. Congrats Tyson ;)..well mainly for the link rather than for the flash drive 😛

  5. Jason says:

    Voted. How in the world did TechTreak win the last round?

  6. trmanco says:

    One more vote for Mr. John Chow 😛

    1. Like he needs any more with 88% vote share right now LOL

  7. I voted for you John! I hope you’ll win. :mrgreen:

  8. Contest Beat says:

    Looking very forward to the TTZ drawing!

  9. David Chew says:

    I am posting your poll on my blog. For those who want to vote can come to my blog. 😀

  10. ismabera says:

    I voted for you.
    What Title should I put for Poll ?
    😎 ‘Vote for John’ – is it OK?

  11. Congrats to winner!

    Vote number 43 for JohnChow

    Submit your blog contest and find blog contests at

  12. John Chow for President. Oh never mind, he is a Cannuck!

  13. Ray says:


    I added the widget code to my blog.


  14. bob says:

    yeah! I voted JohnChow too!

  15. Alan Johnson says:

    Voted for you as well John, I don’t need the laptop so feel free to donate it to a charity of choice on my behalf, on your behalf or whatever, it doesn’t really matter, just donate it to an organization who actually needs it if you pick my comment as the winner 🙂

    Alan Johnson

  16. Tha Guru says:

    i have made my vote for you and i looks good again. over 80% of the votes are for you. you are the man.

  17. I want to win that Laptop! 😀 I’ve voted for you John! 🙂

    I also have a good number of referrals in the TTZ Media Contest! Woo.

  18. Congrats to Tyson for winning the flash drive, but I’m still holding out for the Ruff laptop.

  19. These days, they are so cheap, I guess I will just have to go buy one.

  20. krillz says:

    as it looks now with the 85%+ you’ll get the laptop 😀

  21. Mike Huang says:

    Congrats on the winner 🙂


  22. Congratulations to the winner of the google gift 😛

    1. I voted for you to win too 😉

  23. Nathan says:

    Ok I voted for you again

  24. Ash Haque says:

    Uhm yeah… you have like 4 times more votes than everyone else combined, I think you won 😉

  25. Mubin says:

    Im so tired of losing these contests! Thank God I won something over at the Cow’s site.

  26. says:

    Voteddddddddddddddddddddd :mrgreen:

  27. I voted again for John Chow 😉

    I still hope I can get that laptop to play Call of Duty 4 with my clanmates 🙂

  28. Frances Lui says:

    Hey John,
    I voted for you too 😛
    To support you, I have also put the widget in my blog.
    You said that if you won the final round, you won the Ruff PC and that meant one of us would win the Ruff PC. If you really win, are you going to have a lucky draw from all the names of people who leave comments for this post?

  29. seo audit says:

    i voted -so i’m waiting my prize 🙂

  30. Etienne Teo says:

    voted and looking forward to your prizes.

  31. starboykb says:

    GO GO! GO! 😉 VOTED!

  32. Liviu Pantea says:

    First of all congrats to Tyson Williams and as usual i support you John as much as i can, you have my vote and i`l refer some friends to do so.

  33. Patrick says:

    I really wanted to win but I forgot to enter! Congrats Tyson and Sweet Mummy who won my contest!

  34. Apparently TechTreak has so far twice the voters John has. 310 – 157. Plenty of time though for things to change.

  35. Will says:

    Congrats Tyson

  36. I voted for you again! 🙄

  37. thatedeguy says:

    Voted! Tech Treak is whupping your butt though… 🙁

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