The Winner Of The MS Zune Is

The winner of the Evil Microsoft Zune conest is Danielle from This must be her lucky day. First she gets a plug in my What’s Happening In The Community post, now I just pulled her name out of the draw box.

Ms Danielle is the proud owner of a band new brown (that’s the new black) 30GB Microsoft Zune MP3 player. Not only did her entry win but her contest submission was actually very good!

I would like to tell Danielle to enjoy the Zune but judging from her contest post it looks like she is going to give it away as well!

If I win it, I’ll be giving it away in my next link promotion, too. I’ve already got two iPods, so what do I need a Zune for? A second backup? I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys from Millnic Media who gave away the prize somehow recycled it as well. Looks like the Zune is the new “white elephant” gift!

Please consider this as my contest entry. Who knows, maybe I’ll win it back! 😈

52 thoughts on “The Winner Of The MS Zune Is”

  1. DMOZ says:

    WTG! Congrats!

  2. Marc says:

    Congratulations Ms. Danielle! Hurry up and buy a lottery ticket before the day’s over 😀

    1. msdanielle says:

      ARRRHGGHHG!! I TOTALLY forgot to do this one! i had it all planned out after lunch, too! ask gary!! LOL i’m heading straight to 7-11 after work 😀

      1. congrats ms d, congrats

      2. uncle sha says:

        congrats Danielle!

      3. James says:

        Yep, congratulations!

  3. Gary Lee says:

    Seriously . . . . it must be her bday! I sit right next to her and you can’t wipe that smile off her face!

    1. well, gary, let her know that she is one of the sexiest blogger online if not the sexiest. maybe that’s why john chose her in the first place

      1. have you told her yet, gary

  4. Congratulations!!!,

    you were certainly lucky today!

  5. JaneMay says:

    Congrats D! I do have to say I was crossing my fingers. Not so much for the actual prize, but just to win something 🙂

    And it was so close to your b day too…well deserved

    1. never mind, jane. maybe you should keep an eye on missd’s blog, just in case she puts it up and gives it away too.

      if it does happen, i wish luck be with you this time

    2. msdanielle says:

      thanks everyone! i did say in my review that i’d give it away, and i never thought i’d actually win! hahahaa…. i need to think of a creative contest now…since i doubt Nate will trade me it for the Wii 😉

  6. Would you look at that…congratulations, MsDanielle! You know what they say about these things — it comes in threes. I wonder what good news you’re going to get next…

    1. msdanielle says:

      im writing a post about it now 😀 i hope luck doesn’t swing too quickly the other way or else i’m gonna get hit by a bus on the way out of my bldg

      1. What about a bus full of hundred dollar bills — that would be nice; painful, but nice.

        1. msdanielle says:

          hahaha… as long as it doesn’t kill me, that would be awesome. i’d buy a whole new wardrobe of shoes as soon as my ankles heal 🙂

  7. well done msdenielle. enjoy 😀

  8. Steve Yu says:

    congratulations. Guess I just don’t lucky enough. Any coming contest, John?

  9. Great work msDanielle and that’s good news for us losers (or non-winners) that we might have another chance to win! 😀

    1. definitely, i hope she’d give it away

  10. WISH I HAD ENTERED!!! UGGH!!! When’s the next giveaway! 😈

    -Sam from

    1. same here, i was being lazy…

  11. Ola says:

    If your blog is not updated frequently and enter, you won’t win. John will not pick blogs that aren’t updated in the frequency that he expects.

    Anyway, congrats Danielle!

    1. that’s a good point

    2. He did say he pulled her name out of a box so a little luck came into play.

    3. Steve Yu says:

      ooo… now i know it

  12. Congrats, congrats…to the winner

  13. SEO Blog says:

    I smell a fish! First the blog shout out and now this? 😉

    Just teasin… congrats!

    1. msdanielle says:

      HAHA! i know huh?? i was super happy when i saw the community mention, so imagine how i felt a few hours later seeing that i won the contest! 😀 it’s definitely been a great week so far

  14. Jenny says:

    😛 The last line made me laugh! i just love John’s evils ways!!

    Btw, congrats Danielle!!

  15. Well,

    Congrats … Ms.Danielle!

    Today is your lucky day!


  16. Ah well. Better luck next time, I guess.

    You could try your luck at this $50 Contest…


  17. Congrats now go sell it!

  18. Shaun Carter says:

    Congratulations Ms. Danielle! What songs are you going to put on it?

    1. msdanielle says:

      none, my two ipods hold enough music for me. i’m going to contest it away 😀

  19. Ohh… I lose again, nevermind, I will try again :mrgreen:

  20. Merija says:

    Congratulations Ms. Danielle! Your lucky day!

  21. Chino Yray says:

    Congrats danielle!

  22. haha congrats MsDanielle… also, update us if you really are going to give that zune away too. haha

  23. I wonder what John’s going to give away next…and more importantly, what’s the catch?! 😈

  24. Lars says:

    And congrats from me too 😀

  25. mao says: users don’t click a lot of link..
    38 comments and no one noticed the broken link..

    1. msdanielle says:

      LOL you’re right! here’s my contest write-up:

      i was actually pretty proud of myself when i wrote it. hahahaha…

  26. TheBeginning says:

    Damn it when’s the next one, prizes, prizes prizes 😆

  27. You know what would be cool…John putting up something really awesome for auction, that would definitely bring in the traffic (and some $$$). All proceeds go to charity — could be stellar!

  28. nice..I never had this kind of luck..well I have my own free Zune contest.

    1. You know what they say…some are winners, some are losers, but someone has to run the contests. 😆

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