The Winner Of The MyBlogLog Contest Is

Congrats to Derek Semmler of My New Choice. You are the winner of the John Chow dot Com MyBlogLog community contest. Derek will be able to store many choices on his new 1GB Kingston Lego Flash Drive. A big thanks to everyone for entering. The contest helped to create a community with 384 members.

Those who saw the original video showing off the Lego drive may have noticed that I had two of them, but I gave away only one. You maybe thinking root of evil is going to keep the other drive for himself. Well, you would be wrong! My evil side says to give the other drive away as well because it’ll create a lot of buzz, increase the size of the community, and propel this blog to its final goal of world domination!

Enter Now For a Chance To Win Another 1GB Lego Flash Drive!

To get a chance at winning the remaining Lego flash drive, all you have to do is join the John Chow dot Com MyBlogLog community. If you’ve already joined, then you don’t need to do anything. In fact, you get an extra entry! That also means the early members who joined before the first contest now have three entries.

The contest deadline is next Friday so if you haven’t join the John Chow do Com MyBlogLog community, do so now! It just might win you one of the coolest flash drives in the world.

For those who haven’t seen what the prize looks like, here’s the original contest video.

*Update – This contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Even if you live on the moon, I’ll ship it there. Somehow.