The Winner Of The Review Contest Is


Congratulation to Jennifer Lynn of Brokes-Ass Student. She just won the MiniTV USB from ADS Tech. Her “Who the heck is John Chow anyway?” review has won the review for linkback contest. Jennifer’s review was insightful, humorous, and packed with wit. I can tell she is going to put her Journalism skills to good use.

In addition to the MiniTV USB, I’ve decided to donate $100 to Jennifer’s tip jar so the Broke-Ass Student can afford her own hosting.

If you are a beginning broke-ass novice like me, I encourage you to browse through some of his ‘Best of‘ topics that are relevant to your own goals. One in particular I highly recommend is the Top 10 Best WordPress plugins. This post makes me want to weep in shame because I’m still stuck at Typepad until I can afford my own hosting. *grumble* Well, I’m currently one third of the way there. But I digress.

I want to thank everyone who submitted a review. I was truly overwhelm by the response. I had a great time reading through the 63 reviews. There were some really good ones but at the end of the day, the TTZ editors and me agreed that Jennifer Lynn’s was the best of the bunch. If you haven’t read her review, then go check it out now!

Once again, congratulation to Jennifer and a big thank you to everyone who submitted a review. The contest maybe over but I will continue to offer linkbacks for reviews. If you didn’t get a review in on time, feel free to do one anyway because I’ll link to it.

25 thoughts on “The Winner Of The Review Contest Is”

  1. Alex Becker says:

    So you are planing to keep the review for link system. Don’t you think you will be overwhelmed by all the reviews you will be reading? I mean lets face it John you are a popular guy and this is a popular thing you got going on. 🙂

  2. John Chow says:

    I plan to keep it going for a little while. See how many more I get. I believe that most everyone who wanted to post a review has done one.

  3. Michael Kwan says:

    Congratulations Jennifer. I’m sure you’re reading this. 🙂

  4. Brendan says:

    I definately agree with this one. Her review was one of the 3 I actually read and it was extremely well written in comparison.

  5. Gdog says:

    Awesome choice, John. Her blog was the one that I picked to win it all. Very witty and informative. Nice job on donating an extra $100 to her for hosting!! 🙂

  6. Ms. Q says:

    Great choice! I read her review as well and loved it. I was also happy to have discovered her via your site. Thanks for giving others (me included!) the linking opportunity and very nice of you to give her a tip. This was a very fun offer of yours.

  7. Bruce says:

    John, I think you picked a good one. I read Broke Ass Student every once in a while. I tihnk I originally found that blog through Steve Palvina’s blog. Her writings are quite amusing at times. Great choice for the winner.


  8. Andy says:

    Congrats Jen – that truly is a great review

  9. It’s really an honor to have been chosen among so many great entries.

    *gets all sniffly and cries into her blankie*

    John, the fact you’re donating for hosting is simply amazing. That was one christmas pressie I was really hoping for. Thank you so much for making it a reality.

  10. Leftblank says:

    Congratulations Jennifer, you really deserved it, I can’t wait to see your blog running on your own hosting, hopefully you’ll only get better and better 😉

  11. HMTKSteve says:

    Congrats to Jennifer!

    So, John, when is the next contest?

  12. Eliza says:

    Congratulations Jen, now hopefully you can earn a nice income from your blog and not be so broke. 🙂 Good luck in college.

  13. Justin says:

    Thats awesome jen! And john wow you just climbing the ladder in my book ;))

  14. Yin-So Chen says:

    Congratulations Jennifer – you deserve it 😉

    John – great idea and thanks for letting us all link to you. Happy holidays.

  15. ispf says:

    Congratulations, Jeniffer ! You sure deserve it !

  16. Vinay says:

    Heck, I have never been able to read her review coz her link NEVER seems to work. I have tried quite a few times on different days. It always does a network error. A pity – I can’t even read the winner’s review.


  17. Andrew says:

    Congrats! That really was a great article, well written, and an interesting read. Hopefully your site helps you out in your financial journeys 🙂

  18. Congrats Jen – don’t let your shiny new gadget distract you from becoming a lean mean blogging machine 😉

    (Hope everyone got a laugh out of my review too, hehe)


  19. Nomar says:

    congratulations !! very nice review !!

  20. Congratulations! I must say, Jenifer’s review had a certain twist to it none of the others could claim to. Witty and interesting to read – good luck with your blog!

  21. Tyler says:

    I would like to Congrats Jennifer on a job well done. When I first visited her site and read a few posts I subscribed the the RSS feed.

    She definately has some good advice on her pages as well as here on John’s site.

    Congrats again Jennifer!

  22. Tyler says:

    Oh on a side note Jennifer if you read this, check out the posting with the rebate for

    They have (or had??) an interesting promocode with John it seems. Unless of course you find a better host elsewhere!

  23. John’s $100 donation should set you up for at least a year, depending on how demanding your hosting needs are. Hosting’s unbelievably cheap now anyway, the market is flooded with competition. I’m sure Jenifer will be earning enough to cover hosting costs independently soon, her blog content is fantastic and I can’t imagine this publickity has done any harm!

  24. Jane says:

    Great job Jeniffer!!! It was gracious of you to not only have a contest like this but to donate to the Broke Student Fund John. May the 2007 year bring you both prosperity.

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