The WordPress Revolution Is Back

Brian Gardner, the creator of the Revolution WordPress Themes that Michael Kwan did a ReviewMe review on back in September is back again with a brand new revolution. This time, Brian has created a WordPress theme for the tech blogger and I have to admit, it’s one of the most functional themes I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve read Micheal’s review on the first two Revolution themes then you’ll known that these themes were not designed with personal blogging in mind. Instead, Brain’s themes caters to online magazines, newspaper, and other websites that need a professional look. The Revolution Tech theme provides the look that a professional technology blog would be looking for.

Revolution Tech – Lean, Mean and Clean


As you can see, the theme home page is extremely clean and professional looking with three clearly defined columns that separates all the various elements. One feature which is new to the Revolution series, is a featured video box in the sidebar of the theme, equipped to easily display videos. In addition, the home page is now configured for tumbnail images for each post. The home page acts as a portal for all the stories. Clicking on a story link will bring up a two column theme with the full article.


Ready To Be Monetized

The Revolution Tech comes ready for a 468×60 banner and several 125×125 buttons. I’m sure you can easily increase the number of buttons to six or more. Also, the individual news blocks on the home page and side bar are perfect for 300×250 ads. The theme’s white background allows for easy blending of TTZ Media and ads from other networks. You shouldn’t have any problems making money with this theme.

25% off December Sale

The Revolution themes can be purchased in three different ways, with the most economical being the 4-in-1 Special. This gives you the News, Sports, Magazine and Tech theme all in one package. you can use any of the themes as many times as you wish and the footer credits may be removed. It normally sells for $499.95 but Brian is offering 25% off during the month of December so you can pick it up for only $374.95.

If you want the Tech theme only (or any of the other themes), it can be purchased individually under two different licenses. The first is the Single-Use license for $99.95 ($74.95 for December). This gives you the right to use the theme on one site and the footer credits must remain intact. If you wish to use the theme for more than one site, then the Multiple-Use license at $249.95 ($184.95 for December) is for you. This gives you the right to use the theme on as many sites as you want and the footer credits can be removed as well.

I’m going to use the theme to test out a new tech/shopping blog. For the most part, the theme will remain the same but I’m gong to change the colors around. I think someone forgot to tell Brian that the official color of tech is blue. 😎

76 thoughts on “The WordPress Revolution Is Back”

  1. j says:

    i like the new tech theme :]

    1. Israel says:

      that is a nice theme, perfect for informational type sites. i may try it on one of my blogs. the pricing is worth the work i suppose.

    2. says:

      When there are so many free WP templates on the web, I wonder how someone can make money selling them for $499.95 (or even $374.95). Even a superbly designed WP theme requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and maybe a little PHP if you want to tweak or customize it. Why not customize a good free WP template?

      That said, these are well-designed themes.

      1. Michael Talk says:

        I agree, it is a good looking template but for $500 and even $374, it is far too expensive. I wonder how many copies has the designer sold 😈

        1. Etienne Teo says:

          These blog theme will sell well and i am sure many people will see this as a theme that will help build their professionalism.

        2. Harry says:

          May be expensive, but this is a blogs identity and for large websites. Brian only needs to sell ten or more to make a large profit.

          1. Michael Talk says:

            If there are lots of sites using that theme, then it will loose its uniqueness

        3. You gotta pay for quality. That template is nice.

    3. Actually the tech theme rocks, it is a really well build one.

  2. Really beautiful themes. Served as inspiration for my current blog’s theme and will set the bar for every following design I use. Great work.

  3. jalansutera says:

    what is the name of the blog which uses this theme?

    1. I am actually using a modified version of the sports revolution theme on my real estate investing blog. I love it. It’s very customizable once you figure out how it’s coded.


        1. Thanks Tom. Brian did an great job building this template. It may seem expensive to buy but you get what you pay for. $100 for a professional wordpress template is well worth it to me especially if you’ve already got revenue coming in from your blog.

  4. I have see the Tech Theme Demo! Looks nice.
    All the revolution themes are quite similar, with small tweaks here and there!

    Revolution Magazine theme has the best color combination I think. The Tech theme might need a bit of pepping up though. It might look dull to some people.

  5. Marco says:

    I love the Revolution Themes. The december discount really makes me thinking about purchasing one of them for my blog.

  6. I guess if you are going to run a professional blog it’s worth paying for a unique theme…but if everyone buys the same theme, is it really unique anymore?

  7. MoneyNing says:

    It’s not unique anymore but it’s a very nice theme. I wonder how much trouble it is to change colors or does buying it allow you to request the color to be changed?

    1. Good question! I’ve love to know if you get anything like that with the purchase.

  8. Fred Soto says:

    Brian Gardner has a lot of talent. I’ve had the pleasure of scanning through a number of his themes and his work is rock solid. This theme is beautiful and you’re right.. clean as can be. Good work Brian. By the way, it’s easy to argue that “Well, if everyone has the theme… it’s crap because it isn’t unique.” Here’s the thing, most people who use word press tend to ‘know stuff’ and a lot of tweaking and even the content can make a world of difference. Remember, regardless of design, what users are looking for is content first and foremost and if it can be delivered effectively, the copycat syndrome won’t be such a big deal. Oh, yeah… lets not forget that just about every wordpress theme out there is just a rip of another theme, if you put them all side by side, notice there is very little innovation just tweaks to colors and visuals. *yawn*

  9. says:

    The video box is a nice touch. The 3-column home page is busy. I’m glad that articles are taken to a 2-column format — much more conducive to a comfortable reading experience.

    Nice work.

  10. Nice theme. I’m going to need a pro theme soon because I just can’t find anything for free that I like. Might choose this one.

    1. Yea. I think a pro theme is a really nice tough.

  11. Michael says:

    I would seriously consider purchasing this, the price is great too. I’ve been looking for a good theme for my blog and maybe this combined with a new header image/logo could be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  12. Mike says:

    Yeah that totally looks sweet! 😎

  13. Mike Huang says:

    Seems like for the $400 he put down on this review, he’s getting most of it back by you buying the a theme πŸ™‚


    1. Once again, the Tech theme is $74.95, and not the $374.95 – that price includes unlimited use for all 4 themes.

    2. John doesn’t specifically say this one is a Review Me review, does he?

  14. Thanks for this John! I am going to purchase that theme and I considered it already two weeks ago. From your article I noticed the discount, so gotta hurry up.. It is pretty cheap now.

  15. Ninja Dollar says:

    A beautiful theme and at a bargain price πŸ™‚

  16. afham says:

    thats cool theme tt I never see before..

  17. Wow, that’s awesome theme, maybe I can use it for

  18. Only thing I am worried is, is the theme sale for one person or can many people buy it? If many people can buy it, I think the price should be lower around $200, otherwise it won’t be worth getting that unique look.

  19. A special thanks to all who have left comments regarding my theme. I want to point out that the $374.95 package includes all 4 Revolution Themes – News, Magazine, Sports and Tech.

    The Tech theme by itself can be purchase for $74.95

    And for the record John, I know that the official tech color is blue – with the News theme (and parts of the Magazine theme) being blue, I felt I needed to work with another color scheme! πŸ˜‰

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      brian had repeated a number of time that it is $74.95!!! :mrgreen:

  20. Dom says:

    “The first is the Single-Use license for $99.95 ($74.95 for December). This gives you the right to use the theme on one site and the footer credits must remain intact. ”

    Who in their right mind is going to pay $100 for a theme they can’t edit?

    1. Nobody said you couldn’t edit the theme – and if you wanted the theme and wanted to remove the credits, all you have to do is email me and ask me if you can. I’d say yes.

      1. Dom says:

        So why have the requirement in the first place? If someone is paying for a commercial theme, they should be able to use it commercially. (And by that, I mean edit it in any way they like without having to worry about violating the license.)

        (Oh – I should say I like the theme a lot.)

        1. I’m forced to second that one… I love some of your designs Brian, but this does seem a bit kooky.

  21. Oh oops, that’s a good price then. Although I could buy it, I’d probably just hack one similar to it. But great theme!

  22. alzack says:

    Very very good theme, hopefully it can be a free version. 😈

  23. Raymond says:

    The theme looks great. I love the design. 😎

  24. meh says:

    the theme looks great!
    but stil im not a fan of magazine style blog
    its hard to read for ppl who r not familiar with it…

  25. Simon says:

    I must say that is one clean theme, a shame it’s not free like WP :p

    1. Everyone’s gotta get paid at some point.

      1. MoneyNing says:

        There are some volunteers in this business πŸ™‚ Most people want to get paid though.

  26. Bruce says:

    The tech theme is the best looking one out of the lot. Brian is a talented designer. The themes are clean. Will purchase the tech theme soon πŸ™‚

  27. Dustin says:

    I’ve got to give it to Bryan… he’s got some major talent when it comes to designing some “premium” looks to WordPress. Now if only he’d make some that were being sold exclusively.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      I’m sure he does. Just email him and he will probably give you a price for one.

  28. Brain do you do custom themes? I love your work.

    1. Yes I do – take a look at my site, and you will see my portfolio page.

  29. As John said, the tech theme should be blue. Silver isn’t that appealing. I’d considering buying it if the colours were changed.

    1. Well the Tech theme as I designed it is silver, because I wanted it to stand apart from the other styles I had made. If you want the theme and want it blue, purchase it and send me an email.

      1. MoneyNing says:

        I don’t get the blue thing πŸ™‚

        1. Etienne Teo says:

          Must i be blue and it means i am a tech blog? I guess so because my tech blog is blue too. =)

  30. Yi Lu says:

    OMG! the REVOLUTION IS BACK! Everyone, grasp for oxygen as we’re going to experience a simulacrum of a lifetime!

    *holds on tightly*

    1. I love sarcasm – why not at least share with us who you are?

  31. The tech blog theme looks beautiful. Wish I had more money for it. πŸ™

  32. Maher Saleh says:

    Wow man wish i had used wordpress as my blog platform

  33. Frank C says:

    Selling Coal in Newcastle, Snow to Eskimos and Themes to WordPress users. πŸ˜†

  34. randy bragg says:

    Hey John I am writing this comment just for a link back to my site, how about that for WordPress revulotion baby, come and check out the Instant Code article that tells on how the peeps you are tring to sell cant even figure out how to get in to my site, after i gave them the info…come on John, how about you come and check my site out and actually do something worth while with that talent and help a guy out that actually serves his country and might need a hand with his site…

  35. Ryan Shamus says:

    Wow, that thing is NICE! Wonder what Adii will counter with:)

    1. Been thinking the same thing. πŸ˜†

  36. Etienne Teo says:

    It the battle between gardner and adii!! :mrgreen:

    1. No battle – I just do my thing and what Adii does is up to him! He and I are friends, so if anything, it’s a friendly duo!

  37. Matt Huggins says:

    I have to say, Brian’s themes are great. I currently use his Revolution News theme on, and I’m rather pleased!

  38. Vincent says:

    Very nice professional looking theme

  39. That theme looks really classy and professional…maybe I will contact those guys!

  40. I purchased Brian’s β€œRevolution Magazine” theme a few weeks ago for a new upcoming site, and I’m loving the great layout and features. It’s great to customize and tweak, and very easy to edit. I love the clean format with β€œsections”. Much worth the price. πŸ™‚

  41. Overclock says:

    I like the second one..Very nice.. πŸ˜›

  42. J.J. Merrick says:

    Great themes and they look to be worth the price… maybe I need to buy it and create the next engadget πŸ™‚

  43. They are really excellent themes although a bit pricey. For double that you could have an excellent custom one.

  44. I love how they all look and probably work but the price is just out of my league. Brian, have you considered making something similar but more on the “budget” level lol? Not sure if you would want to take a step down but I am sure you could sell tons of a $20 version for example. Or maybe a really cheap version but also require footer/credit link back so you get more potential customers for the more expensive versions lol.

    Regardless, they look great!

  45. Steve! says:

    That’s a really cool theme. I wouldn’t pay for a wordpress them though. If i read a tutorial on it, I could build one. I’m like that.

  46. Jimson Lee says:

    I really like the News theme as my blog is more of a news portal than a blog.

    I liked it so much, I purchased it!

    Check it out!

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