The Worst Email of 2010

I get a ton of emails. Most are nice and normal. However, I also get a higher than normal share of crazy emails. Most of the crazy ones alway ask me for something and I guess deep down inside, they really feel their request is reasonable. Right now, I’m keeping all the crazy emails in a special folder. I plan to publish those emails in the future as a free eBook. I think it will make for some hilarious reading.

The worst/best/hilarious/crazy (whatever you want to call it) email of 2010 came from a reader attending Penn State. I assume he’s from Penn State because of the email address. Anyway, this reader wanted to make me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

Name: Kxxx Bxxxxxxx

Email: [email protected]

Subject: help

Message: hey im not good with trying to make money online so i would like to ask for some help from you. i know you make a ton of money with affiliate programs so i would ask if you could start out one for me and then when i get like some money for my college and maybe a new car i will turn the account over to you so you can have the account and you can get some extra money out of it so if you set me up an account i promise i will then turn it over to you when i make a certain amount thanks this would really help me out at this time seeing that im in debt with some college bills and my job doesnt pay enough to pay all of them

Now how I can possibly refuse such an amazing offer? I really hope that is not the quality level of students Penn State is turning out.

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  1. Will Chu says:

    Hey, I was just going to write you a similar email! =)

    1. Than you will add some contents to John’s next ebook.

      1. Go for it, you will earn a little spot here ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. fas says:

          Make sure you send ur site name to him so you get a backlink.

          1. Kirk Taylor says:

            better yet, could you fly over to Penn State and set it up on his computer for him. You can blog about it and then write off the “vacation”

          2. Hey John,

            What a student. His reasoning is amazingly flawed.

            Apparently he feels that he would actually do you a service.


    2. Mathew Day says:

      John, this was only suppose to be between you and me.

      1. Haha agree not suppose to be sent.

  2. Society never ceases to amaze.

  3. Vivek Parmar says:

    being a guru in making money niche, anyone can ask you because everyone wants to make money ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes but here important point is … he is not asking for making money … he is asking for money. Lollzz

      1. nothing doing….One “desperate student’s” all, he need to hold his basket for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Kirk Taylor says:

          Why doesn’t he ask the school to give him his education for free until he goes out in the real world and makes the money to pay for it?

          Even better yet, he could just give his education back to the school when he’s done with it! Wait, that’s about as dumb as asking to have a site built that he can borrow.

  4. Ed Lau says:

    John showed me this e-mail when we were eating and I almost spewed coconut bubble tea out of my nose.

    I don’t know what that dude is thinking…EVERYTHING IS EASY! MONEY FALLS OUT OF THE SKY!

    You’d think that someone attending post secondary education would be able to spell and punctuate correctly. Maybe it’s because John never does either so Penn State is trying to mimic him.

  5. dotCOMreport says:

    Is it the state of the current economy or has it always been this way? Why don’t people want to work hard anymore?

    1. Abhik says:

      Its because begging is easier than working hard..

      1. ^ditto on that.

        But LOL to that email. Seriously?!? Hahahahaha.

        1. LoL , we belong to a segment of society which seems to fall under ‘ Easy Money” earner group.

    2. Kirk Taylor says:

      I’m sure when this guy takes a look at the email he’ll realize that he paid too much for his college education

    3. Kirk Taylor says:

      The current economy has changed the attitudes of many people, still there have always been those that want hand outs and aren’t willing to work for it.

      1. The economy is created by people.

        How can the economy influence whether a person is a moron or not?

        Taking responsibility is something that is lacking.

        1. Kirk Taylor says:

          The economy doesn’t make you a moron, it just makes some people do some really stupid things.

          While the economy is created by people, the economy has influenced the followers into a negative force that’s not been directly caused by them.

  6. You would be surprised how many people there ACTUALLY are just like this. I get calls like “Can you build me a website and when I make some money off it I will then pay you”. Lol, never ceases to amaze me.

  7. timmytim says:

    hahahaha i always knew penn state was a pos school so this doesn’t really amaze me lol

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      Probably was drunk and in missery after his schools loss in their bowl game

  8. Abhik says:

    So.. Did you create that *account* for him?

  9. One thing is sure he is quite optimistic and have confidence in earning ability John.

    You should honour that confidence … lollzz

  10. Donny Gamble says:

    It is amazing what some people try to ask for these days. Everyone always expects that people owe them something or they deserve to get something without hard work. Those whom work hard, well get what they put in.

    1. Absolutely, I finally was able to work from home full time after 3 years of working online and my normal job. It was a tough 3 years but now the freedom that I have was totally worth it!

  11. saefu says:

    I will wait for the day, made me curious and want to read email hehheehh ..

  12. Jerry says:

    Hahaha! The 1001th way to start a business online!!

    1. 1001th way- Ask someone to create an affiliate program, ask him to transfer it to you and when you eat enough to your tummy return it back to him again.

      1. When does this start? lol

  13. Haha! That’s fantastic!

  14. ikki says:

    nice recopilation

  15. john says:

    I think people ar egenuine enough with emails like that
    they are just not on the same planet and basically lazy.

    that is why the guy is in debt to start with
    there are so many ways to make money online they just need to choose one and follow

    Everyone on these comments seems so young or am i just old!!!

  16. Jimvesting says:

    Welp… I’m at Penn State now, I’m sure you know that wasn’t me, haha. At any rate, kinda sad that this was posted but I can assure you that it does not attest to the average quality that you will get from a student at PSU.

    Maybe he was just upset about the bowl game lol

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      So what you’re really saying is that John can expect another great letter from this guy since your quarterback is bailing on you? What’s up with that?

  17. It is incredible what kind of people there are around…

    A genius !

    1. really he was a genius !!

  18. zakton says:

    You can start one for everyone who puts comment to this post, John. Happy New Year and Success to You in 2011!

  19. Kirk Taylor says:

    Makes you want to hire this guy as your star employee! I guess he’s had a little too much happy gas in Happy Valley….

  20. spider says:

    Have some sympathy for those who are not making anything online, don’t publish these messages.

    1. John Chow says:

      I have sympathy. That’s why I don’t reveal their real name.

      1. That’s your real nature is about your fans, doesn’t matter what they wanted to do due to your credibility in your niche.

      2. I agree, as long as you don’t publish the names no one will know except for you and the one that posted the email in the first place. I just hope everything worked out alright for him. Maybe he sent some more emails to other people asking the same thing and got lucky? ๐Ÿ˜›


    2. Kirk Taylor says:

      Actually, I think John has done the guy a favor by publishing it. We all occassionally do dumb things and if people don’t call us out, we might not realize what we’ve done.

      This guy might not be as desperate as you think as well. He may just be screwing around.

  21. nick the bet says:

    How can you refuse such a great offer…. Makes me wonder if someone ever takes people up on these kind of proposals.

  22. Sam Patwegar says:

    Your Message : Even the worst E-mail did something, created a post for John and so many comments.

    John I hope you have replied back offering advise, hope & encouragement to the sender of this E-mail

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      Think about how many dumb emails we get every day. What’s worse, think about how many people fall for them and actually take action on them.

  23. He was just following Johnยดs own advice : Ask and you will get. Which is some pretty good advice.

    He just took it to another level. The sky is the limit ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Dino says:

    Interesting, now I know what to write to make it better for you JC! :p

    1. Marco Lee says:

      You might as well add some figures and graphs so that John would totally not refuse the offer LOL

  25. 3ddi3 says:

    probably too much alcohol during the holidays

  26. Togrul says:

    That’s really awesome John,

    I always thought crazy mails were coming to my mailbox only ๐Ÿ™‚
    How are you going to help that student though?

  27. Yoichi says:

    Hey John,

    Hahaha, I had to read the email one more time. I laugh because back when I had no idea about internet marketing I would have been asking for help too, but the email clearly shows that the sender doesn’t have to do anything on his part but receive money. This person should have asked him/herself if he would do the same if he/her were in John Chow’s shoes. Money is the result of the value you put out in this world! The ebook you plan to release full of these type of emails will DEFINITELY be hilarious to read, as I am sure you receive some outrages requests! Happy New Year!


  28. Bahahahaha! I would imagine that receiving e-mails like this one would be a common occurrence for you John!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Yeah, you’ve got to imagine John gets 100s of emails like this every single week (if not every single day). Affiliate marketing is hot right now but people need to really do their own homework and put in hard work to see the benefits.

  29. Dee says:

    John, sometimes you seem very unkind toward others. What if that student is fresh out of high school and doesn’t understand how affiliate marketing works? What if they really look up to you, but don’t express things very well, or see how this “How to Make Tons of Money Without Having to do a Darn Thing” emails and posts of yours, and think making money from websites is easy? My hope is that you would extend some warmth and compassion to the people who take the time to share a bit of themselves with you, instead of ignoring them or lumping into a “crazy” category. It makes me feel as if my own unanswered email to you will show up in your e-book, poking fun at me and possibly revealing enough details about me that someone may be able to identify me some day. This is the last time I will visit your website.

    1. Vee Sweeney says:

      Really? Fresh out of high school…even if that was the case, he knows how to use the Internet and could have googled the definition for “affiliate marketing”. If someone wants to go into a line of work, it is their job to learn about that line of work before trying to enter the field. Many marketers had no idea what they were getting into when they got started, but they learned from their own mistakes. This guy is now going to realize that emailing someone and essentially asking for a handout was not a good idea and maybe it will prevent him from suffering another embarrassment in the future.

      1. Exactly and I really hope he reads this post! Lol

  30. Haha one of the worst emails I have ever seen.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That’s for sure! Definitely does not make the sender look good.

  31. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! That’s crazy. I’m not surprised you got this type of email, but I am surprised it came from a Penn State email address. What a crazy email!

  32. LMAO.. got a great laugh outta that one!

  33. Damir says:

    Unbelievable ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. lol just so this post in time was planning to write you a email asking the same, seeing i am in the same situation sorta…

    Nah just kidding about the mail, though my situation is about the same but i think if i put in the time and effort myself it will be more rewarding. So hope this year will be more succesfull for me and my daugther ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. LMAO…

    I guess this subject is a god idea for your next book John…

    The most #fail e-mails i got for 2010!!!1

  36. I got many spam mails.I always delete those mails.Some mail senders told me you won a lottery which prize is $40K..e.t.c

  37. Domain Nitro says:

    I have seen some good ones being in IT and more recently with domain names – hey, would you give this domain and when I make some money with it I’ll pay you back… funny stuff John!

  38. Trigonal says:

    Nice email from unique person ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Ha ha ha ha nice. The first lesson that nothing in life is free.

  40. lawrenceq says:

    This guy wrote one long ass sentence.

  41. LMFAO

    The education in America has gone down the toilet, so seeing this doesn’t surprise me.

  42. Colin says:

    Fantastic and horrendous both at the same time! Lol

  43. Tree Lover says:

    That may not be the worst email, but it was pretty bad! Has this person ever heard of grammar? How did they even get themselves into college? I guess he/she is pretty desperate to think you could help them out so boldly because the truth is they’re probably paying student loans with no return on investment. ::shakes head::

  44. Nick says:

    A free ebook sounds genius haha. That would make for some great late night reading! Look forward to getting it! Do it soon, I won’t survive without it, now that you have told us about it!

  45. hey it is tough being a broke college student. at least he took some initiative though.

  46. Fairooz says:

    Wow! Cool offer! Thanks for sharing that email!

    Did you accept that offer, John? lol!

  47. The poor guy didn’t know how to frame a good question and how to seek help from a mogul. But still, the offer is pretty good. Why don’t you accept it? :p

  48. Lol, you should have done it. ๐Ÿ˜›
    He must have been verry desperate to get money or he was just stupid enough to actually believe it would work. However I have recieved a lot of stupid emails though my time online as well. Some people ask me to litterally hand them the money so that they can try out different affiliate networks…
    Always earn your money by yourself, no one is going to give up their money to help a complete stranger online just because they want to.

    Also, I’m looking forward to that book. I migh make a similar one one day! ๐Ÿ˜›


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