These Shoes Are Made for Making Money Online

Clickbooth sent Sally a pair of Clicky shoes for Christmas. The shoes would look big on any adult. On Sally Chow, they look positively ginormous. However, Sally does like them and find them very warm and comfortable to walk around in.

As you no doubt guessed, the Clicky shoes are meant for indoor use only, which is logical since sitting in front of the computer while wearing a set of Clicky is the most comfortable way to make money online.

Sally would like to thank Clickbooth for sending her the shoes. The only thing I have to add is, “Where’s my pair!?!?!?”

Clicky Shoes

44 thoughts on “These Shoes Are Made for Making Money Online”

  1. Love them. And it was really nice of Clickbooth to think of Sally like that.

    1. That is the magic of marketing my friend.

      John added post about this and thousands of readers will read the name of ClickBooth …

      One pair of shoes and so much exposure …

      1. Abhik says:

        Yeah!! Nothing like a give away can boost a promotion.

      2. Rahul says:

        That is good marketing strategy

    2. d3so says:

      That’s strange they didn’t sed John anything lol. They did that on purpose didn’t they?

      Was the brewbot winner announced already?

      1. John Chow says:

        I will draw the winner tonight. So busy at Disneyland!

        1. d3so says:

          I didn’t know there was so much to do there lol.
          Did you go to both parks?

        2. ikki says:

          nice!! john, have a great time at Dysneyland

    3. dotCOMreport says:

      Yeah…They are adorable on Sally though.

  2. Dino Vedo says:

    Did CBooth send you the shoes because of your blog or are you an affiliate with them as well??

    Just curious.

    1. John Chow says:

      Neither, since they sent them to Sally and not me.

      1. John …

        Why all comments are showing awaiting moderation ?

        1. John Chow says:

          Most likely a WordPress glitch.

          1. Hey John,

            That glitch happens quite frequently. I thought that it was something purposeful to screen the comment writers periodically, even though it made no sense to me for it to be done to regular commentators.

            As for the clicky shoes they are nice but kind of big. Are they one size fits all or is the oversized look intentional and the size for you would be thus gigantic?

          2. John Chow says:

            As far as I know, it’s one size fits all.

  3. PPC Ian says:

    Haha! Those are awesome shoes!

  4. Hmm…. pretty cool looking…. I wish CJ sent me free stuff…. I would probably give Clickbooth a spin but in all honesty they probably do not have enough of the products, services that would be appealing to visitors on my sites.

    1. John Chow says:

      They have a new CPC network that is in private beta that you might be interested in.

      1. Yeah I got into that early…. unfortunately Google DFP does not wan’t to serve their CPC ads through the third party tag option 😛

  5. Noticed your shadow when you were shooting her shoes.

    Love the voice of Sally … Yeah Dad you can have it … My son also sound like that when she returned me my laptop or digital camera … its like I am taking away special thing from him. … lollzzz

  6. Abhik says:

    What about the weight? Looks like they are pretty lightweight.

    1. John Chow says:

      They weigh next to nothing. Extremely light and easy to walk in.

  7. I think those were for you only.

    Sally shown her power and grabbed it.

  8. Nigel Chua says:

    That is so cute, OMG. Hahaha, you can be nice and let her continue using your pair man…

  9. Donny Gamble says:

    Hey John,

    Hope that those shoe do not cause you to get a major headache with all that clicking around the house.

  10. fas says:

    Sally is the new blogger in the making, that is why only for her.

    1. I think Sally has got it better. She has someone blogging for her.

      1. Nigel Chua says:

        That’s true, haha!

  11. Eddie says:

    Those shoes are legit! Too cool!

  12. Nice shoes,

    Very cute 🙂

  13. Alex Neill says:

    Wow they are MASSIVE!

    But I suppose it’s the thought that counts, I am still waiting on Apple sending my xmas gift 😉


  14. Tanner Waid says:

    Those are awesome, I used to have a big pair of house slippers when I was her age too:)

  15. Kevin Lett says:

    The best part is Angry Birds in the background! My three year old steals my iPod all of the time to play!

  16. Those are some pretty cool gifts you got there John.

  17. Great marketing technique and a great present too!

  18. Look comfy, and always a great marketing technique to give free stuff away!

  19. loyd says:

    clickbooth likes you alot 🙂

  20. SEO Netlink says:

    I prefer barefoot.

  21. Great list. Looking forward to hearing more from these great people in 2011.

  22. Looking like they are really comfortable. Searching a long time for comfortable and warm shoes for inside the house. Maybe this one are gold one 😉

  23. Rofl. Those shoes are pretty funny. Nice move from Clickbooth 🙂

  24. Thao Tran says:

    Clickbooth <3 Sally and John.

    I love how she walks in them! Can you teach her how to do the Tom Cruise slide with them on?

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