ThinkTank 2010 Is Coming

Have you ever been to a conference and though the information they gave during the sessions weren’t really of much use? Instead, you found that most of the really productive stuff were at the parties and after hour event, where you can do face to face networking with the big names in the business. Well, ThinkTank is just that – one big after hour event that happens to last for three days.

ThinkTank is three days, on the beach, in a tent, and in restaurants and bars around the area in Del Mar, on the edge of San Diego. It is a get together of a few dozen of the top internet marketers, entrepreneurs, SEO’s, Domainers, and Web 2.0 guys in the world. ThinkTank happens on Thursday, September 17 at the ocean front, where everyone will get a chance to meet each other, discuss their current projects, goals and areas of expertise. After that it will be a nonstop three days of fun in the sun, surfing lessons, crazy fun activities, and nonstop networking, problem solving, strategies of success, and oh yes, drinks.

This is a big event, for big kids who like to have fun. Don’t be surprised. Don’t come expecting to be lectured to, or led by the hand. This is an event for THOSE WHO ALREADY KNOW what they are doing, and are looking to network with the best of the best. Admission to ThinkTank is by invite only and cost $3,000. Invites will be going out soon. I look forward to seeing you at ThinkTank 2010.

23 thoughts on “ThinkTank 2010 Is Coming”

  1. Thinktank sessions are AWESOME.

    1. Yes these kind of events are really interesting and relaxing one.

      Specially for those top bloggers who need a break and I think this will be interesting and genuine excuse to get a break.

  2. Another year that I will miss thinktank. I am going to back it one of these years

  3. I must say that this one is really exciting relaxed but yet well targeted event.

  4. Face to face networking is what really going to help your site. Not just teh act of going there.

  5. d3so says:

    I think a handful of readers will go. I can’t because I’m not at that level yet.
    But I’d be willing to go if someone would pick up the tab for me 😉 I’d be very grateful.

  6. SEO Results says:

    3 Days worth of afterpartying sounds like a right royal treat to me. Not quite as much fun as a party at the playboy mansion, but maybe more effective as a networking event. I am sure we will see the post mortem in all its gory detail on the blogs once the event has passed.

  7. Thinktank sessions are really awesome 🙂 !!

  8. thanks for your ebook guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Free Picks says:

      where is ebook in the post :-s

      1. Comments added in wrong post … lollzz

  9. fas says:

    Too much for this conference.

    1. John Chow says:

      Depends on how you look at it. I think the price is way too cheap and should be raised by adding another zero to it.

      1. Price totally depends on how much money you earn and someone also think about the benefit they will get from this kind of event by meeting with top online entrepreneur in their relaxed mood.

  10. Vance Siva says:

    I’ve been to one event similar to this that cost much less but the value was really great. Networking face to face is priceless.


    1. Will you please share name and other details about such event and what was the entry fee.

  11. Boy Neil is really having fun at 2008 Think tank.

    He is the person with great sense of humour and business mind as well.

  12. Why all beautiful girls cheers for Shoemoney only … lollzzz

    1. They will also cheers your name once you have that much money and fame.

  13. That’s the way to take a tax deductible business trip!!

  14. Great way to become friends with like minded individuals that can help each other succeed. I’ve never heard about this until today. I would love to attend sometime, it would really be fun and I think it could give some great, new ideas for my business.

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