This Is How Long Before Your Blog Makes Money

A very common question asked by beginners and there are several ways to answer this question. It’s important to always research the answer so you get the right advice from the right people. I’ll admit that I haven’t had as much success as the big names in the business, but have worked with them closely to know what determines profits. With that said, we need to explore a few fundamental things to answer this question. Here’s what I’ll be discussing going forward:

  • Value
  • Products and Services
  • Testing and Tweaking
  • Networking

Let’s get started and your feedback will greatly be appreciated.


You have to stand out compared to your competition so it’s important you provide value NOT found online. This is why I always like to start off by researching my competition looking for two things. First, what content resonates with readers within my niche? Secondly, how can I make my content better and include things which are missing like more depth, images and videos. Being able to answer these questions will allow me to create something of more value compared to my competitors. I believe value is what will attract readers to your blog and increase the chances of conversions.

Here are a few more things value can do for you:

  • Build loyalty
  • Social engagement
  • Subscribers
  • Credibility

Products and Services

Once you have the value within your content you’ll start attracting a solid following. This is where you can use your credibility to promote products close to you. You’ve noticed many top bloggers within the industry will use, reviews and earn commissions on products through their blog. They are able to do this because of the following and reputation they have earned with their readers. Their audience hang on to every word even when an authority blogger will promote a product. However, these bloggers do NOT jeopardize their reputation simply to earn a commission. For example,

They’ll only promote products they use themselves and which are worthy of using. They’ll never force people to buy products because they want to build a level of comfort. The point is through value and loyalty you can increase how fast your blog will start converting into profits.

Testing & Tweaking

I’m surprised at the amount of people who wait till last minute to try different things and lose valuable time in the process. For example, some bloggers wait a year to tweak things so they can increase conversions and this is a huge problem. It slows down the rate of success because you delay the actual optimization process. I’ve always stated, you need only 30-60 days to gather the initial data then can make tweaks to increase conversions. The sooner you can test and tweak the better for you because you’ll be able to capitalize on your knowledge. What do I mean? You’ll be able to put what you know into action.

Here’s something important to know:

Testing and tweaking should be done by everyone no matter what your niche or business. You should look for ways to improve your marketing because things will definitely work better than others.

Wrapping it up…

Times have changed and you have so many resources to help create momentum. I’ve read how some blogs are making $10,000+ in 12 months through hard work. Social media is a great way to build momentum quickly which others years back never had access to. I believe you can now start generating serious income in a shorter period of time however here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You CANNOT substitute hard work
  • Always add value
  • Build a relationship with your readers
  • Network

Before I go…

I want to discuss the importance of networking. You have authority bloggers within your niche who are happy to accept guest posts. Even though this might NOT count as a link back as many people claim, it’s still awesome to generate traffic. You can drive enormous relevant traffic to your niche by guest blogging on authority blogs. This is why I recommend everyone to build relationships with authority bloggers. I’ve written extensively on this in my previous posts so do a quick search and you’ll find my content.

Good Luck…

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10 thoughts on “This Is How Long Before Your Blog Makes Money”

  1. Amit says:

    Great article but $10000 within 12 months is something really hard and very few people are able to deliver on same guidelines within such a short span.

    1. Charles Kay says:

      Nothing good comes easy. Yes, its hard but it achieveable. It depends on your approach, methods and style.

  2. Building genuine friendships with top bloggers has been A1 for my blogging success Rizvan. I just wrote and published a guest post on Blogging Tips. Befriending Zac Johnson by helping him out lead to the guest post invite. I commented on his posts and shared a few on social media. He gave me posting rights. 570 guest posts later I am going strong. Amazing how befriending bloggers boosts your profits. Network guys.

    Excellent post buddy.


    1. Priya Singh says:

      Ryan, you are absolutely right, Networking, building relationships and helping one another grow is the way to go.

  3. If you have valuable content you will start attracting a solid following. You can use your credibility to promote products close to you and this is really informative Article.

  4. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Rizvan,

    It takes a lot of consistency to get a blog off the ground. You’re right though, social media is a big help.

    You need to find out which platforms work best for your blog and start using those. Networking with other bloggers is huge.

    There’s no way that you can build a successful blog without the help of others. Well, you possibly could, but it would take a very long time.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Have a great day 🙂


    1. DNN says:

      Consistency breeds “side hustle millionaires.” A “side hustle millionaire” can’t achieve their agenda without consistency, and creating “lots and lots of content.”

  5. DNN says:

    Keeping the puters puting is hard work but a beautiful labor of love.

  6. Hello Rizvan,

    Blogging needs time and patience. We have to be consistent to become a successful blogger. I personally believe that to become successful blogging you need to choose a right niche. Choose something which you are passionate about. However, Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

    Have a Great day 🙂

  7. I think that number should be upped.
    Because, if you TRULY put in the numbers and connect, brand, get out obscurity, and take the extra leap of faith and effort others won’t, that $10,000 could easily be $100,000. NO doubt.

    Have to be on top of the game, always, without relenting.

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