This Is Way Better Than Blogging From Starbucks

Many bloggers like to go down to the local WiFi equipped coffee shop when they want a change of scenery from blogging at home. While blogging from the Starbucks is nice, it comes with two very big drawbacks; you have to buy some damn expensive coffee and the WiFi speed isn’t very fast. In my quest to find a better alternative, I’ve came up with one of the best free places to blog outside the home.

The High-End Auto Dealership

Today, I was at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Vancouver to check out the new SLS AMG and ended up blogging from their customer lounge. Not only does the Mercedes-Benz customer lounge have blazingly fast free WiFi, but they have free Cafรฉ Moca (and every other coffee) and donuts as well. The setup would put any Starbucks to shame!

Now, I don’t recommend packing up your laptop and setting up camp at you local high-end car dealership. After all, their customer lounge is made for customers and not freeloaders. However, if you’re interested in checking out their cars, I don’t see anything wrong with using their lounge afterwards.

The is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It cost over $200,000 with options. Think I should buy it?

82 thoughts on “This Is Way Better Than Blogging From Starbucks”

  1. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! Awesome car! That’s a great idea John, a good change of location always helps me blog!

    1. John and his awesome and unique habit of looking for free coffee and free things …

      Thanks John … and Hey Starbucks … are you reading this ?

      1. Abhik says:

        We don’t have Starbucks yet in India, but Barista also have some good looking outlets. Though they don’t have WiFi in their outlets.

        1. 772966 says:

          we do have sturbucks in Malaysia, but i Mercedes dealer here not giving free wifi+coffee+donut…:(

          p/s: I should try Lexus then

        2. Bob Roberto says:

          You should have requested it from your Gov.

    2. Mathew Day says:

      Really good idea, you always seem to be blogging at different locations.

    3. My Mercedes dealer has the same perks and the lounge is amazing.

      1. Would love to see you blogging from there …

        1. I’ll be blogging from my Mercedes dealer Monday as I have to take my car in for it’s B service.

          1. I got free coffee yesterday at my Mercedes dealer as I was blogging from their killer customer lounge. Well, it wasn’t exactly free when the bill came to over $500.

    4. Yea, sure John, go ahead and buy one.

    5. Jayrweblog says:

      She’s beautiful!

  2. Momekh says:

    By the way John, I think Merc has lost its design ways. I mean look at the car, it doesn’t look like… like anything really. It’s just this sad looking sports car. Nothing that says, “german engineering” or “must be a merc”. Hmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Id definitely take this car! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Mathew Day says:

        That’s what I was thinking, that’s one of the baddest cars out there. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. T.S. says:

      Are you serious? It looks like the old Mercedes 300SL/SLR from the 50’s/60’s which has Mercedes racing history behind it.

  3. dg says:

    Gull-wing doors are cool, but Mercedes are for old people. I’d buy a 997S or R8: prestigious, plenty fast for the street, and engaging to drive. I have a 996, and get to use its abilities on the street maybe 1% of the time (I’m too old for the stupid stuff I used to do in a turbo Supra).

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I agree, Mercedes is for an older group. That said, I don’t mind being old and would love one of these cars.

        1. Abhik says:

          I doubt it!! I don’t wanna be old just to fit into a Mercedes-Benz.

    1. Abhik says:

      Are you serious? Do you mean that Mercedes-Benz cars are for older generations?
      I strongly disagree!!

      1. Merc have class and I do not think that this is relevant to any kind of generation and all.

    2. Mathew Day says:

      A Mercedes is prestigious, what are you’ll talking about?

      Youngsters don’t have a Merc because they can’t afford one. Except for the young stars, athletes and entertainers.

    3. Hrvoje says:

      You’ve got 1 more point for R8 : ) and maybe there is an idea for potential product over here : ))) 1k free WiFi locations : ))) for blogging etc. hehe.

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  5. razis says:

    i think U should by that car John… suitable with you..hahaha

    1. Suitable under which criteria ? Old people ?

    2. PPC Ian says:

      I think this car would be great for John!

    3. Yea, it would be great for John and then he could do a Dot Com Pho and film John letting people drive it.

  6. Free Picks says:

    WOW, this is really cool car

    1. Abhik says:

      Yeah!! It is ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. David Ng says:

    At least those donuts and coffee got them a little bit of promotion.

  8. George Tee says:

    The same routine everyday makes me burned out. A friend of mine suggested I try working somewhere else for each day, like a cafe or library, to switch points up a bit. I took the advice and immediately felt refreshed and reinvigorated, and all Iโ€™d completed was just adjust my daily routine minimally! Since you find the place good, you did blog for the cars.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      George, I couldn’t agree more. Changing your location is so motivating and incredibly powerful!

      1. James says:

        Yup,totally!!You know what,no matter how busy I am,I just drive my car to a different place every single day and I feel so good,because even you just look at a bird you would get an idea from it.

  9. David Hodge says:

    Great sports car But not enough room for extra luggage when traveling around.

    1. Abhik says:

      Its two-seater!! and have plenty of room for luggage behind the seats.

    2. Sports car and luggage …. Lollzzz … Do we really use sports car as travel car, I do not think …

  10. Abhik says:

    That’s as awesome car!!! Don not hesitate, just go and buy it.

      1. Abhik says:

        Neither.. It is just a typo. “Do not” became “Don not”.

  11. Work online says:

    I Really like these pictures and car shape too, a good change of location always helps me blog! Thanks for the idea.

  12. Lyndsy Simon says:

    My mom bought an SLK-320 on the used market several years ago. It had 12,000 miles on it, and was a 2001.

    Five years later, it has 30,000 miles on it, and it’s worth more than she paid for it.

    Based on that, I’d say go for a very nice, well-kept used Mercedes. They seem like they hold their value really well, and if you hit the sweet spot, you’ll either make a little bit or not be out of pocket much at all over the course of your ownership.

    Then again, my dream car is a lime green 1985 Lotus Esprit – I’m told that my taste in cars is warped.

  13. John,
    Free is good. I like the way you think. I still haven’t blogged anywhere except my home and would love to find a cool little place besides my home to work from.

    There is an old Victorian B&B for sale down the street. It would make an awesome office hub.

  14. Typhoon says:

    “The is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It cost over $200,000 with options. Think I should buy it?”


    …and then GIFT it to me on my Birthday which is coming this May. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Greg says:

    Nise idea John.The merc to get is the 500 SLK AND YOU CAN POP DOWN TO A GOOD DEALER AND BORROW THE CAR FOR THE DAY.

  16. GuysGab says:

    Hey John,

    Coffee and donuts might sound good, but check out what my local dealership has to keep you occupied!

    I couldn’t tell you what their WiFi was like though, as I didn’t think to bring my laptop with me.

  17. Hotdogman says:

    Sweet ride! Will you be having a contest to give away one of those?

    A change of scenery is nice- but I prefer the wifi on the patio of our beach house…

  18. Techabouts says:

    Great idea John

  19. exsuit says:

    haha, a little bit more expensive than one of those expensive coffees! Did you end up buying??

  20. Thomas says:

    Nice car. I’m more of a BMW guy myself.

  21. Jose Gonzalez says:

    its a beautiful car,but if i was going to spend over 200,000 on a vehicle it would be a rolls royce hands down.

  22. Radman says:

    Damn, that’s not only hot ride the price it right too! I think you ought to pick up 2 since you’re there.

  23. Hugh Kimura says:

    Not fan of this car, kind of bufugly.

    Mercs otherwise are beautifully designed but I’ve never been convinced that they can make a proper sports car. Saw them run this car on Top Gear (UK) and it wasn’t impressive around the track.

    Maybe keep the $200k and save up for an Agera R?

    1. Kent says:

      I agree! I saw that episode too. Plus at the end of the day, its just a Mercedes. If you dare to drop 200k on a car, you should whip an Aston Martin.

      It may not have as much horsepower as the AMG SLS, but how fast are you really going to drive? Haha..VROOM. I love cars.

  24. John,

    If you have the money and you like the car, buy it! We only go around once in life so as they say you have to reach out for all the gusto you can get.

  25. Jonathan says:

    Not only do I think you should buy it, I think you should buy it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. That is an awesome car , if you have the money go for it but over spending on cars isnt always the best option. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Cool Car!

    John, take it ๐Ÿ™‚

    As you said, I usually go to starbucks or some big bookshop to use the free wifi.


    1. Would be a great car to put a John Chow dot come sticker on!

  28. kamal says:

    You get 500.000$ a year… If I wear you, I will def take it… RIGHT NOW !

  29. fas says:

    John I would have loved to see some pics of the SLS from your new camera lens.

  30. that is one sweet looking car. It would look good wrapped around you

  31. Andrew says:

    Buy a McLaren MP4-12C instead John. Give this Merc to a top commenter maybe?

  32. Java Fern says:

    I wouldnยดt get that. The older model and the SLR looks a lot better.

    However if I where to spend 200k on a car it wouldnยดt be a merc.

  33. Definitely the older model looks way much better.. what if it comes free from somewhere ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. I think by the time the SLS AMG gets into buyer’s hands it will coast quite a bit over $200,000.

  35. Allen Walker says:

    Another problem with StarBucks is that they only allow a limit of 2 hours of internet usage where I live.

    The Mercedes lounge looks great. ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad my car dealership doesn’t offer WiFi in their lounge…

  36. ary says:

    It’s true blogging from Starbucks WiFi so slow connections, although coffee on high end price expensive, I still prefer do blogging on Starbucks, nice scenery and can met my old friends.While at my town Jakarta, when I go to BMW shop and garage, the WiFi so fast it’s great too, unfortunately no donuts and coffee, still I enjoyed both.While changing scenery and escape from traffic jammed at the same time

  37. That’s a sweet car, I want one!

  38. Kent says:

    LOL. Don’t buy a $200,000 car! You’ll be bored with that car in 2 months and out 200 GRAND! Just rent it for the weekend. Haha.

    BTW, that car is $300,000 in Los Angeles where I live.

  39. Kevin Kimes says:

    Instead of buying that car, you could prevent thousands of people from succumbing to the world’s number one cause of death, starvation. I remind myself of this every time I think about buying a really expensive car or other things like a really big house, or a giant-screen TV, etc. I’ll instead get something that’s still very nice, and invest the remainder in saving lives instead.

    However, renting a supercar might not be such a bad idea. I once found a Veyron rental for twenty-five grand per day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m not quite to the point where that counts as affordable, though!

    1. John Chow says:

      I can spend my money without guilt because I’ve met my other obligations. Yes, charity is one of them.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        Hey John,
        I wasn’t intending to imply anything accusatory or inflict guilt, perhaps I should have phrased my comment differently. I actually meant “you” in a generic sense, as in whoever might be dreaming about having an exotic car. ๐Ÿ™‚

        You seem like a good person, and I figured you as charitable already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I believe staying at that lounge for so long would make you feel like you own one car like that. The doors of that car makes it superb!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Buy one John!

  41. Too bad I hate starbucks

  42. I have tried that as well and indeed found the connections very slow. I think it’s intentional. the longer you stay there the more coffee and cake you buy as the smell of food makes your tummy grumble!! Talk about method to the madness

  43. Go for it! Such a sick car! Get it with built wifi so you can work and play at the same time.

  44. Axel says:

    Awesome looking Merc, I say buy it… then buy me one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Andre says:

    If i had $200,000+ to spend on a car I would buy a Bentley, but it’s all about your tastes and what you like. So you should probably get it.

  46. Lovely car love to buy it in future

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