This Is What The Dot Com Lifestyle Is All About

The follow Driving with John Chow video has no lessons. There’s hardly any talking, other than the very angry exhaust note coming out the back of the Jaguar F Type.

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? well, this video is worth a million. It explain better, what the Dot Com Lifestyle is all about, than anything I can write.

You can forget about the money and the frame. For me, nothing scream Dot Com Lifestyle more than going for a daddy daughter drive, and scaring people on the street with the bark of an angry cat!

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24 thoughts on “This Is What The Dot Com Lifestyle Is All About”

  1. John Ukonu says:

    Quality time spent with your loved ones is sacrosanct.

    Keep rocking.
    John Ukonu

  2. Unilag says:

    the dot com lifestyle is always so sweet! It required lot of hardwork in the beginning though but eventually it will pay off.

    Thanks John for your words and lifestyle They are great inspiration.

  3. Hey John,

    Great car, love the ‘angry cat’! I hope you and Sally enjoyed your drive together.

    For me, a car is a means to an end – a way to get from A to B and transport stuff. However, I could definitely be tempted to have something like this to play with! 😉


  4. uzoma eze says:

    Wow ! John you are getting OOLLLDDD!!! and boy is your daughter already catching up, you guys have stock together right from way back time.

    Keep rocking the lifestyle Sir !

  5. Greg Meares says:

    Awesome ride John,

    Love seeing the lifestyle in full swing. Spending time with your kids is something special for sure. Keep the vids coming.


  6. BEST VIDEO You Ever Made!

    Love it!

  7. Edos Ubebe says:

    Awesome video John! I believe that nothing come close to the dot com lifestyle on planet earth.

    Keep rolling John.

  8. Angry cat very right John your daughter is having fun with the cat.
    Great simple great

  9. Alex Shaikh says:

    John, you could like make a video of you eating food for couple of minutes not saying anything and everyone will enjoy watching you eat.

    1. John Chow says:

      I might have already done that. Search YouTube and you should find it.

  10. Tony says:

    That cat’s got quite a growl!

  11. John Pate says:

    Thank you for keeping me inspired John…
    I love the nickname “AC” angry cat, she nailed it for sure, that car sounds awesome!

    Best Video you ever Made!

    John Pate

  12. Sonia says:

    Sweet AC John! Inspiring video…Sally is simply adorable. Thanks for sharing the dot com lifestyle…looks amazing. 🙂

  13. Peggy Jayne says:

    I love this video…Sally is totally precious! You are so lucky to have each other…

  14. roger says:

    Great John that is my dream car .All my life I wanted a Jag

  15. Nothing like being with family

  16. Osman says:

    It’s wonderful video. You are a great dad

  17. The dotcom lifestyle get’s you a lot of things, but the most important you get from it is the freedom and peace of mind to come and go as you please, and spend it with the people you want.

  18. Hi John,

    Cool! Enjoy your time with your family 🙂 You deserve it!



  19. fasbusa says:

    The flexibility is everything

  20. Great…!!! Amazing video of daughter and daddy on their way to drive …:)

  21. Christopher says:

    Love the “AC”….Enjoy your time with ‘this age’ Sally, it is fleeting!

  22. Malkit says:

    top man ., u r amazing
    Learning so much from u

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