Three Continuity Programs To Make Passive Income Online

It’s no secret that I love passive income. Most everything I do online is geared toward achieving this. Given a choice between making a one-time commission on a sale, or receiving a percentage of the customer’s bill for life, I will take the percentage every time.

One of the best way to produce passive income is with the continuity program. Most of the time, these programs are membership sites where the members pay every month to be a part of the program. To get new customers, many continuity programs offer affiliate programs that pays a “headhunting fee” for new customers. Some continuity programs will give you a cut of the billings. These are the programs I’m interested in.

Listed below are my three most profitable continuity programs. Combined, these three programs generate over $10,000 a month in passive income. Imagine that for second. I don’t have to do anything, and I still make money. That is how you live the Dot Com Lifestyle. You can’t get things much better than that!

Aweber Referral Program

Aweber is my recommend email solution. I’ve been using them for years, and they are by far the best in the business. They also offer a really great affiliate continuity program. If you refer a new customer to Aweber, they will give you 30% of the customer’s bill for as long as the customer remains with Aweber.

Aweber offers a $1 trial, so your first commission is only 30 cents. However, I love receiving those “You just earned $0.30 from Aweber” emails.


The reason I love them is because next month, the commission goes to $5.70, and it will keep going up as the customer list gets bigger. The biggest customer I referred to Aweber, his list has gotten so big, his monthly bill is over $3,500. And I get 30% of that! Find out more about the Aweber affiliate program here.

LeadPages Affiliate Program

LeadPages is another SAAS (Software As A Service) that offer a recurring commission program. Like Aweber, LeadPages will give you 30% of the customers’ bill for life. Unlike Aweber, LeadPages requires you to subscribe to their $67 per month Pro service plan before you can promote them as an affiliate.

I have been promoting LeadPages since November of last year. In that time, I have referred 63 customers to them.


LeadPages offer two service plans: a $37 per month Standard plan and $67 per month Pro plan. The commission is 30% for life. Currently, those 63 referrals are making me over $1,000 per month, and it will go up as I add more customers. Because their pricing is higher, I expect LeadPages to eventually overtake Aweber. It took me almost a year to hit $1,000 a month in passive income with Aweber. With LeadPages, I did it in three months.

MTTB Inner Circle

My Top Tier Business is a 21-step system to make your first $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 online. They also have one of the best affiliate continuity programs in the business. At 50% recurring commission, it’s also the highest paying.

The program is call the Inner Circle, and membership prices start at $19 a month and goes all the way up to $299 a month. You make 50% for the life of the membership. Like LeadPages, you have to be part of the Inner Circle yourself in order to earn money from it. My results with the MTTB Inner Circle has been pretty amazing. This is a screen shot of my earnings from the first eight days of this month.


The above represent $5,075 of Inner Circle payments. This is every single month, and I’ve only shown you the first eight days! Sure, it’s great to make a $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 one-time commission, but I’ll take guaranteed monthly income over a one-time commission any day of the week! Apply for My Top Tier Business here.

This Is The Ultimate Online Profit Model

The three programs listed above are discussed in greater detail in my new eBook, the Ultimate Online Profit Model. If you haven’t download your copy yet (it’s free), I recommend you do so. It will change the way you think about making money online.

As I’ve stated at the start of this blog post. I love passive income, and Aweber, LeadPages, and MTTB, offer three of the best continuity affiliate programs on the market today. Aweber is completely free to join, so I recommend you start with that if you’re on a limited budget. MTTB would be my number one recommendation. It doesn’t cost as much as LeadPages, but it pays the highest commission of the three.

25 thoughts on “Three Continuity Programs To Make Passive Income Online”

  1. Kingsley says:

    This is a very sweet article, John. I like the fact that you not only explained why and how continuity programs are better for making money online than one-off payment programs, but you also showed 3 of yours and how they are making you sweet passive income online.

    This article can really help anyone get started, even using the very 3 examples you provided. Unlike some articles that just theorize and leave readers wondering where to find the best continuity programs to begin with, this article already does that.

    I agree with you 100% about preferring such lower continuity payouts than a one-off commission. I started Internet marketing many years ago and I still receive monthly affiliate commissions from services I promoted years ago. Seeing those emails pop in every now and then announcing a new payment is sheer bliss, :), especially since you know you haven’t done anything new in years to bring that about.

    And the good thing with these 3 continuity programs you mentioned, especially Aweber, is that once you have got a paying customer, they are most likely to continue paying each month. I have had an Aweber account for many many years now and am still paying each month, higher as my list grows. Someone (maybe you) is obviously earning sweet passive income off of that each month, πŸ™‚

    Anyway, really helpful article once again, John. I found it shared on and I “kingged” it. I am sure others will also find it helpful.

  2. Zac Johnson says:

    John Chow makes way too much money… and makes it look way too easy in the process! Keep on killing it! πŸ˜›

    1. David Hunter says:

      John Chow vs. Zac Johnson: Winner Takes All.

      Who’s it going to be?! ha

      1. I. C. Daniel says:

        John Chow of course!

  3. With products constantly coming out, it’s great to know that 3 products can produce great returns each and every month. Affiliate marketing on steroids.

  4. Ryley Kade says:

    Great post. I guess before I promote an affiliate product I should see if there is a continuity program. That one referral that pays $3500 a month to aweber must be making you a nice amount of bank every month. That is awesome!!

  5. I. C. Daniel says:

    MTTB simply rocks! I love reading this blog!

  6. Hello John,

    This is awesome to say the least! Like you, I have always loved the concept of passive income…however, making it throughout the ‘buying or subscribing life’ of a client is simply the best thing that could ever happen to anyone!

    I’m in!


  7. Dwayne says:

    Great information John on passive income and great examples of how it works. You cannot be solely focused on one time sales and ignore continuity programs. The passive income will be there whether you continue to work or not.

  8. Sunday says:

    Hi John,

    Its good having this list of three powerful and profitable continuity program. Its readily important to note that getting a passive income is one of chief desires of marketers.
    Aweber is a popular program and I have seen many bloggers make good reviews on it. LeadPages, and MTTB programs are not particularly popular with many people but I guess the proofs you have provided and credibility of your brand would make many to embrace them!

  9. Angelina says:

    With products constantly coming out, it’s great to know that 3 products can produce great returns each and every month. Affiliate marketing on steroids.
    thanks for the mindblowing idea

  10. Keith says:

    You always make it look so easy… I spend hours and hours each day for over a year working on my affiliate marketing and such. I’m lucky to bring in $50/month on a good month. Wish I had a fraction of the following you have.

    A fan of the chow.

  11. faisal says:

    Affiliate marketing works for long as the income keeps coming.

  12. Thanks for sharing this information and not hoarding it.. One of our biggest desire for starting a business online is to deliver more value than our community expect and make money while we sleep doing it.

  13. Yuri says:

    Thank you John for sharing it, I do some affiliate programs, but I see now that I have to learn more about it.

  14. Tony Matos says:

    Hi John,

    You are always providing great info, I do feel that in a step by step approach anyone could succeed. You do make it look easy but I do know it takes hard work and patience so John thanks again.

    Have a nice day.


  15. John Mauldin says:

    John, you are dead on with the information contained here. I have clients I signed up for a service that have paid me every quarter or monthly for many years. Aweber is just one of those. As a matter of fact, I am leaving home to go to my office and one of the things I intend to do is to pick up a check from aweber. I LOVE getting long term payments. It is like a dream come true, esp. after this builds over time. I wish you the best and hope you continue to share your knowledge and insights into internet marketing. JM

  16. Karleen says:

    Yes, thanks, John, for this information. I recently joined Aweber but have not tried to recruit anyone yet. I’m just starting out in blogging and building a list, so now I’ll focus on trying to get some people signed up to Aweber at least for starters.

    There are a lot of ways to make money online, but this really does seem like a no-brainer.
    Thanks for your commitment to help others!

  17. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing the different methods you use to make a passive income. I am currently an affiliate for Aweber. This is my first time hearing about lead pages. I will need to sign up for their affiliate program. Great post, look forward in using them.

  18. linda says:

    Hi, John Chow. I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Have a nice day.

  19. Angus Pryor says:

    Hi John

    nice post, I appreciate you adding the evidence of what you’re talking about to make it more real. I’ve tended to focus on offline entrepreneurial activities but I can see the benefit in what you’re proposing. I’ll keep watching.



  20. Wess Stewart says:

    I believe I’m also an Aweber affiliate, although I’m fairly certain that I haven’t made anything yet. πŸ˜€

    I’m not sure if this is the best place, but I’d love to see a post on advice on how you keep track of all of your affiliate stuff…I’m so disorganized…I can’t even remember every affiliate program I’ve joined. πŸ™

  21. Kyl says:

    You make it sounds easy to make money! πŸ™‚
    I know it still needs hard work and persistent to build a site that have a big authority.

  22. Syntaxxx says:

    Aweber is good. I’ve used them for mailing but haven’t tried their affiliate program. Gotta sign up for that. Thanks John!

  23. T. Wade says:

    Thanks for the article, My goal is to fully go with the passive income path. It could be quite frustrating in beginning since it seemed like you don’t have any money coming in. I will keep this article in mind and when I’m fully successful in supporting myself solely from the passive income.

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