Three Simple Mind Tricks You Can Use To Achieve Your Goals

If you are a beginner with online marketing, or what some would call a “rookie,” it can be frustrating if you’re not making money yet.

I know how you feel, because it was that long ago when I was right there. I was broke, living with my parents, but I was determined to be successful no matter what.

Then I discovered three simple “mind-tricks” that made all my dreams come true, and they can help you achieve your goals too…

1. Take Massive Action

Whether you’re ready or not, don’t hesitate with “analysis paralysis.” Instead, make a quick decision to go after your goals and dreams. If you don’t go for it, and take the risk, somebody else will do it and get the rewards.

2. Find a Mentor

Forget the lottery mentality. Many people think they’ll wake up someday and get rich. But it will never happen if you don’t find a mentor and work hard.

3. Get Un-Comfortable

Every day, you need to push yourself to the next level, and do that one thing you’re not comfortable about. This helps you adapt, mature, and become a more well rounded person.

Achieve Your Dream Even Faster

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7 thoughts on “Three Simple Mind Tricks You Can Use To Achieve Your Goals”

  1. Hi John,

    Talking about Simple Mind Tricks You Can Use To Achieve Your Goals? Well I will have to make a clear mind here on this your wonderful mind revealing article that is very important to make your dream come true which always is a call to celebrate and in addition to your points, to be a goal getter you must be a goal writer. This means you have to write down all your goasl and take a good record of it to see the one that you have achieve and tick it.
    Continue this step and you will be a great goal getter.
    Thanks for your tips

  2. DNN says:

    I stay uncomfortable which is why I go hard in the paint and in overdrive. Sometimes, you gotta be a standalone internet marketer and content creator and shun away from everyone just to test yourself and see what you’re made of without people supporting you.

  3. Hello John,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Some great insights shared by your side over here.

    Its very hard for a newbie to generate traffic and money from their blogs, even if they had a good content
    Blogging needs time to expand its root deep.

    Its always a pleasure to take lessons from you guys and slowly in built that path for our self.

    Thanks for the share.


  4. Hey John!

    Amazing Tips I must say. I have been following you since many years and now I have become a huge fan of yours (from India). Keep inspire to bloggers like us who is struggling in this field.


  5. Amen John!

    I made a quantum leap when I focused on doing freeing, fun but uncomfortable things frequently. Not once every few weeks, or every few months, but on a daily basis. All success finds internet marketers who do the freeing but highly uncomfortable things. The stuff most marketers skip. Do that and you will achieve your goals.


  6. SMN Zaman says:

    All the 3 tricks are just awesome, John. I was amazed to learn about them. Hope to implement them asap.

    Wish you all the best,

  7. So True John!

    Taking massive action is the stumbling block for so many. They have the idea, they want the success, but doing the work somehow gets lost in their hope for a get rich quick scheme.

    Comfort is so incredibly overrated and I think you really have to do something uncomfortable every single day if you want to be successful; not just online, but in life. We aren’t here to live in a house of bubble wrap and be protected from the difficult and uncomfortable.

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