Thunder Struck At The 2011 RevenueAds Meetup

The 2011 RevenueAds Meetup took place yesterday at the RevenueAds building in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The meetup was open to any affiliate marketers and attracted attendees from as far away as Iowa.

As meetups go, this one was among the best. Let’s face it, any meetup that includes an open bar, catered BBQ lunch and a corporate suite at a NBA game is a pretty sweet deal, especially when it’s all free! The meetup was a great way to meet other affiliate as well as the RevenueAds team. They did a frist class job setting everything up and making sure everyone had a great time.

The meetup started at noon and ran until about 5PM. Then we all boarded the party bus for a ride over to the Ford Center to see the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Charlotte Bobcats in a VIP suite. We were able to go court side to watch the team practice and get them to sign some basketballs before heading to the suite.

If you’ve never been to a live NBA game, let me tell you it’s nothing like watching it on television. There is simply no way for TV to capture the excitement and energy in the building (OKC has the loudest fans in the NBA). My video really doesn’t do it justice.

The meetup ended with the hometown Thunder defeating the visiting Bobcat 99 to 82. The Thunder lead from start to finish and was pretty much in control of the entire game.

Overall, the RevenueAds Meetup was an awesome event and you really missed out if you weren’t there. I want to thank everyone at RevenueAds for inviting me and for putting an awesome meetup together. I look forward to the next meetup.

RevenueAds Meetup

RevenueAds Meetup

RevenueAds Meetup

RevenueAds Meetup

RevenueAds Meetup

RevenueAds Meetup

Oklahoma Thunder

Oklahoma Thunder

Oklahoma Thunder

Oklahoma Thunder Girls

54 thoughts on “Thunder Struck At The 2011 RevenueAds Meetup”

  1. Hotdogman says:

    Still wearing the “I’m John Chow, Bitch” tee shirt I see….How’d the cheerleaders like that?

    1. John Chow says:

      I ordered enough shirts to last me quite a while. The Thunders girls liked it, I think.

      1. Design Flyer says:

        Thunders girls like it I can guess..

      2. Kirk Taylor says:

        John, They must have, they were all over you…. 🙂

        Maybe I wasn’t suppose to share that part???????

      3. I wouldn’t think they’d like the shirt.

        1. And what is the reason ?

  2. The meetup looks amazing John! Thanks for those photos!

    1. Hey John,

      It looks like a great event. You are right about the NBA game being so much better live than on TV. I went to one of the first Grizzlies games in Vancouver and it was a blast.

      The Pho in Vancouver was again without noodles, this time at a Mexican Restaurant. If you remember Robotix and transformers, watching Aaron Koo showing them before we ate will be a treat for you.

      The food was great too. Are you coming to Vancouver for the Pho next week?

      1. Been to a couple Orlando Magic games. It’s much better live, kind of electric.

  3. Fazal Mayar says:

    I am happy to know you had fun John. I like the fact that you take pictures and vids of your events, making your blog even better.

    1. Hey Fazal,

      The videos and pictures are at least half the fun in posts like this that are reporting on an event.

      Some posts would be still OK without them but a post like this one without a video and pictures would be like a skeleton without meat on it.

  4. David says:

    Great to see you having fun at the Basketball game. And meeting all the thunder girls

    1. Fazal Mayar says:

      Yeah, he always has pics with good looking girls but he is married and has kids, thats not his focus right now 🙂

  5. Justin says:

    John, You lucky dog, Nice photo with the Cheerleaders.

    1. LOL… Yhea John enjoy his week end.

    2. Abhik says:

      He always get a shoot with cheerleaders.. Don’t be shocked :p

      1. You should see Jeremy … He was enjoying playboy mansion party,

  6. Design Flyer says:

    I think we can feel the excitement in the video too.. John you had a great time there and you pic with cheerleaders is awesome.

  7. Graham Lutz says:

    Any company giving out flasks is alright by me!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Haha! Yeah, that is pretty unique corporate swag. I’ve never seen branded flasks before!

      1. Yep, it’s a nice flask, that is if you need to sneak booze into some place.

  8. Revenueads Robert says:

    Thanks for helping to make our meet up a huge success.

    1. Nice to see your comments here.

      Showing you guys really expert of marketing skill.

  9. That steak looks really good… 🙂

  10. Tilen says:

    Wow, great. I really want to go to the real NBA game. I Hope I’ll make it someday 🙂

    1. It really is worth it if you like the game of basketball. Even if you’re not crazy about the game, being right there will make you like it. There’s no comparison with watching it on TV. It’s like night and day.

  11. auction says:

    it’s a great john….thanks for sharing…..and the last pictures a girl with u…..gorgeous…hehehe…

  12. Looked like a lot of fun (especially the hot cheerleaders!).

    Thanks For Sharing,
    Bradley Nordstrom

    1. So you are also interested in Cheerleader kid 😉

  13. John Kenny says:

    I want to be like John. I saw an interesting RevenueAds

    1. Be yourself … and be like that …

      Create your own business empire in your own style …

      What do you think ?

  14. christina says:

    i like john he as legend of blogging want to learn more thing from him

  15. Abhik says:

    Hey John.. Looks like it was another fun filled event.
    Thanks for that video and the images.

    1. That is the magic of dot com life style.

      You met with hot girls, shoot photos and adding photos will make money as well.

  16. fas says:

    Ah the cheerleaders :p

  17. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! That’s one crazy meetup. They definitely know how to do it in Oklahoma! 🙂

    1. Fazal Mayar says:

      its like this everywhere in the world know, PARTY ALL DAY!

      1. Sow gud and wonderous!!!

  18. Living large. Nice, meeting, nice game, nice buffet, nice schwag. Sounds like a party was had by all.

    1. Yeah ..; we simply love that kind of lifestyle.

  19. Wow, ok I’m jealous of you John with those cheerleaders hugging all over you. I like the shirt too 🙂 maybe one day I’ll be able to wear one with my name on it. It looks like it was a great event. Thanks for posting the pics for all to see

    1. Yeah 2011 is simply fun event for John.

      He was keep flying from here to there and having fun.

  20. chris says:

    hey nice photo with the cheerleaders lol

  21. Look awesome John!! Especially with the cheerleaders

    1. Everyone is after cheerleaders.

      Sports got different kind of charm with these cheerleaders.

      That’s why IPL (Indian premier League – Cricket Tournament) also got cheerleaders.

  22. anitha says:

    Nice pose john with cheer girls

  23. Never had a chance to visit these kinda meetups in my life till now. Looks like you had a great day there. Thanks for the photos.

  24. anitha says:

    i have not attend this kind of meetings

  25. Padma says:

    Thank You John for posting those picture of the meet, I Can well imagine from these pictures about the greatness of the event.

    1. anitha says:

      Those who attended are great might have got some valuable ideas

  26. Nisha Stephy says:

    The way you write posts, insert titles and image are entirely different from other legends in the blogosphere. I still remember your post on FTC policy update that demanded bloggers to reveal readers about the monetization [and you wrote you earn $$$ for that update as well!]

    You rock!

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  27. jasmine says:

    Good Snap with the cheer leaders.

  28. Those who participate got the chance of meeting john

  29. anitha says:

    if all get together can share a lot of things

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