Thursday Happenings On The Net

The Curse Of An Idea – A Frequent Mistake

Michael Lemovitz from mindables! has posted an interest article call The Curse Of An Idea – A Frequent Mistake. It’s an interesting read. Michael helped me greatly in making the final spelling and grammar check on my new e book on making money by blogging. If you don’t have a copy yet, you should get one.

Dofollow Trackbacks Plugin

Many blogs are doing the dofollow on comments in order to increase the level of communication between the blogger and his readers. Now, Ant Eksiler at the Turk Hit Box has created a Dofollow trackbacks plugin for WordPress. The plugin encourages other blogger to send you a ping because all links in the trackback will have rel=”nofollow” removed.

That’s one way to encourage other blogs to pick up your posts and post it on their blog. I may install but I need to find the level of trackbacks I am getting.

An Evil Way to Increase RSS Stats

Jon Lee, who appears to be a stats major, has made a post showing a very evil way to increase your RSS stats. Essentially, it gets the visitor’s browser to click on and load your feed in the background without their knowledge. That’s pretty evil alright!

Why Blogging is Like Dating

The Romance Tracker has a fun read on 10 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Dating. That got me thinking. You can do a, “10 reasons why blogging is like [insert whatever]” and it will work. It makes for good linkbait as well. 🙂

I am Facing Foreclosure Gets Foreclosed

Last but not least, we have the Internet’s loser of the year, finally shutting down his blog. And of course he shuts it down just as it was about to make some serious money. My bet on the closure was his wife finally put her foot down. She was working two jobs and cleaning houses as a maid while he bummed around all day and “brainstorm” his next big idea.

46 thoughts on “Thursday Happenings On The Net”

  1. Cognoscente says:

    About time that IAmFacingForeclosure blog was shut down. People like him contributed to this ridiculous housing market and yet face no consequences(yet) for their fraudulent activities.

    1. lolz…motivation from money never works. Also, great tips John.

    2. Wow, I guess he deserves it. Also with the post, what the point of people hitting the RSS if they are not going to subscribe to it.

  2. Thanks for the mention, John! If the eBook wasn’t as good as it is, I wouldn’t have taken the time to go through the whole thing. For those of you who haven’t downloaded the eBook, DO IT! It really is wonderful.

    – Mike

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks for the evil way to increase RSS stats

    1. Marc says:

      That is pretty evil. A bit too evil for me… I’m evil and all, but still… 😐

    2. I agree, it’s extremely evil indeed!

  4. Steven says:

    Thanks John

  5. Jon Lee says:

    Thanks for the mention! I am indeed a stats major 😀

    1. Jon,

      Your article is really interesting. I wonder if this could be an effective method for bloggers that can’t get approved for ReviewMe, PPP, etc.

      – Mike

      1. Marc says:

        Won’t help for PPP, but it might for ReviewMe and TLA over the short term. The long term implications are them setting a higher bar, or advertising staying away from the program due to grossly manipulated metrics.

        You in for the quick buck or the long term revenue?

        1. I’m making this project a long-term part of my life. I have found myself doing a lot of interesting things lately within the industry, and my goal is to help people realize that there are many opportunities that the internet affords you, all of which can be done from home.

          – Mike

  6. John you could start an evil consultuing business helping people make evil money.

  7. Kumiko says:

    Yeah, the “10 reasons why x is like y” is a great formula for a post. It’s almost as good as “What x taught me about y”!

    1. Kumiko, The “7 Reasons” formular is far better, it carries more attention and traffic than “10 Reasons”. my 2 cents 😀 .

      1. Kumiko says:

        Prime numbers are great. 5,7,11 are brilliant as it subconsciously lets the reader know that the list can’t be divided any further and that these are the “essential” points.

        1. Marc says:

          I also like the insanely long lists. Stuff like 157 ways. It seems so crazy that there are that many that you have to go read.

        2. Good point, Kumiko — gave me a little something to think about. “7 habits of…”

  8. Useful “speed links” here today. I really liked the tip on “the curse of the idea”. So many of us … I’m a big time offender, so I can talk ’bout us all …. have the feeling that “if only” that one big idea will come along we’ll “make it”. It is so very hard to realize tat great ideas are really lying about, unimplemented, everywhere. The key to success is to pick one … really anyone will do … of our ideas and “hoe the corn” instad of switching the field to grow cotton inth emiddle of the farming year.

    Good call on the “review my site” hiatus. Like many a good idea it was getting kind of old. I got little traffic from it anyway … a “good idea” that can be implemented easy that’s worth a lot more … when you see something that you know John hasn’t blogged about that’s of real interest, shoot it to him … one “real” mention in a current post is worth a dozen “review my sites”.

  9. Tyler says:

    Wow. I thought ‘I am Facing Foreclosure’ really had a chance to make some ad revenue.

    1. I wish I had seen his site before he went under.. sounds like it would have been an interesting read.

  10. John where is my link love for the email we exchanged????…its okay…im going to still read everyday…

    just allow that!…lol

    1. 😯 I need to see this..

  11. I enjoyed this round of speed linking. Maybe you should do it more often? You were able to cover a lot in a single post.

    1. Great batch of links indeed. John has a knack for picking interesting subjects, doesn’t he.

  12. I’m really digging how “speed linking” has become a common term, solely as a result of the eBook.

    – Mike

  13. I agree on the fact blogging is like dating..the more you contribute to the relationship the better

    1. Building and keeping relationships, both in business and in everyday life, are key.

      1. Bingo! If people put 1/2 the effort they put into dating into their businesses, they’d all see major changes to their footprint, and in turn, bottom line.

        – Mike

        1. well a lot of people are not smart they can’t connect things that can be connected. 90% of Businesses fail when they start up because they can’t connect everyday concepts with their business.

  14. Aaron Cook says:

    Wow, that is an evil trick.

    1. Very, very evil. Almost too evil for me.

  15. Katana says:

    I won’t really agree on the blogging is like dating part. I would rather prefer to compare it to as your own business or company.

    1. well the more you connect the better right? so it’s kind of like relating to dating

  16. justinf says:

    my experiment in slightly evil link-baiting appears to have a paid off – my traffic stats have gone through the roof. i’ve posted some Analytics stats here:

    however, this doesnt necessarily translate into a monetary benefit, as folks are obviously clicking through to the link-bait article and not bothering to hang around to click on adverts. (kind of like a Digg effect…)

    the plus side though is that out of the thousands visiting my blog, then there’s a chance that a few of them might have bookmarked me or subscribed to my RSS feed.

  17. Blogging could definitely be paralleled to a lot of things — cooking (utilizing just the right ingredients to create a masterful dish), dancing (observing how other people move on the dance floor to create your own awesome steps), architecture and design (this is a given), and parenthood (I just thought I’d put this one in the mix).

    1. well said, blogging connects with a lot of concepts if you think about it

      1. Yeah, it does, doesn’t it. I mean, if you get to blog about almost everything under the sun, you can probably relate blogging with other aspects of your life, right?

  18. Thanks for the link, John, I appreciate it! :mrgreen:

  19. Yankees Blog says:

    I am facing Forclousure is a dumb ass. His site got so much publicity in the last few weeks with the cnet article and a few others. What he should have done was add some affiliate products on there and updated 1-2 a week. That way he can still make some money and have enough time to spend with his family or get a job.

  20. Yankees Blog says:

    John quick question is that a plugin that you are using that shows Related articles on the bottom of your post. If it is where can I find it.

  21. Wahlau.NET says:

    rss trick seems the be a loophole…that is real evil

  22. I love Jon Lee’s evil RSS idea. One the of best reads in a while.

    1. But still don’t you think it lowers a bloggers credibility i mean Darren Rowse didn’t get up there by trying stuff like Jon, I’m not saying Jon is bad since he just experimented with it. Heh, you be the judge….

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