Time For A Commercial Break

I would like to take this time to thank all the sponsors of this blog. I was always taught to under promise and over deliver if you wish to get repeat business (or visitors). This is one of the reason I gave an extra $100 to the winner of my review for linkback contest and why I gave an extra entry to readers who enter the ECS flash drive contest.

When an advertiser buys space on this blog, I want them to feel like they got more than their money’s worth. They put their money on the line so they should get a return on investment, plus something extra. Dealing with direct advertisers is the same as dealing with readers – it’s a relationship that goes both ways. With that in mind, I like to acknowledge all the advertisers who made a direct ad or text link purchase.

Our Banner Advertisers

New To Tech – This forum is own by my friend Jon Waraas. New To Tech is just that – a forum for people who are new to the world of technology. Currently there are 305 members and over 1,500 posts. Not bad for a new forum. You can see New To Tech’s ad at the top of this blog. The ad spot is shared with the next site.

BuzzBums – BuzzBums is also own by Jon Waraas. BuzzBums.Com is a community of weblogs. They feature all types of blogs that range from high traffic news blogs, all the way to small personal blogs. The main purpose of BuzzBums is so that the user can browse through all the blogs on one easy to use website. If you have a blog and would like to join BuzzBums Weblogs, than submit it here.

Our Text Link Advertisers

A text link on this blog cost $200 per month from Text Links Ads ($100 coupon here). The fact that some of the text link advertisers have been with me since I started using TLA shows a real commitment on their part and I would like to acknowledge them.

At $200 a month for a link, I can understand why people fight for the Top Commentators spots. Unlike ads by Google or other ad networks, I can encourage all readers to visit our direct advertising sponsors. These are the companies that support this blog and they deserve your support because of it.

Under Promise, Over Deliver

This post can be viewed as a lesson is how to attract and keep direct advertisers. If you’re an advertiser and you just purchased a text link or banner ad on 10 sites and one of those sites gives you an extra plug in a blog post (that companies pay $100 per review on), who are you going to renew with?

Under promise and over deliver. That is how you attract and keep advertisers, and readers too.