Time Is Money, Now More Than Ever


If you use timestamped posts on your blog, can you tell me why? My guess would be because it is a basic out-of-the-box feature that either WordPress or your favorite WordPress theme provides you with, and you never thought of taking it out. Am I right? Most blogs use timestamped posts, and they might just be missing out on a lot of traffic and comments because of this.

Just look at it this way – Why would anybody waste their time, commenting on someone’s several months old blog post? It’s old, outdated, and ancient history in Internet time. Besides the blog owner, not a whole lot of people would read the comment. It’s sad but true – a lot of people just comment for the sake of eyeballs. They want a huge audience to read their comment, so that those visitors will click through to their own blog. ( I know, there are those of us that actually do comment to interact with a community, and not just for the sake of traffic and links. Don’t boo me just yet!)

Even though the information in a post might easily be timeless (a how to on a certain topic, a review of a certain program), time stamps have this nasty effect on people, making them believe the information is no longer valuable. They move on, constantly refreshing the front page of Digg to see whats new and what’s fresh.

Internet Marketing today focuses on one major factor – Attention.

Because there is a ton of new information to be consumed every single hour of the day, and people are limited to resources like time, one thing every Internet Marketer or blogger is trying to capture is attention. If you can take away the misconception of offering outdated information, you will already have won half the battle. The visitor will give you the time and attention you want from them.

Now, just imagine if your brain didn’t get triggered by this time stamp, and the post you were reading had several words in it, like “today”, “yesterday” or “just now”, wouldn’t you think you were reading a fresh post? I bet 90% of you would take the time and effort to read it and perhaps even engage in the comments section or subscribe to the blog.

Can anyone give me one good reason to use a time stamp on single posts? I really can’t think of any. Unless your site is news-related, something that has to be edgy and current at all times, there’s no need to out-date today’s post tomorrow. To please the people that really want to know a posts date, you could do the same as what I do – simply have an archive that tells you in what month and year a post was published.

Today’s post was written by Bob Jones – Internationally recognized adviser of all sorts of things.