Time To Start Making American Dollar Jokes


Is there any currency where the US dollar is doing well against? I should have made a screen shot from after hours trading last night. The CAD was worth more than the US. I have a feeling that will be the case heading into the weekend. I think I’ll change my ad prices to CAD now. 😈

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  1. Ma2T says:

    It very much annoys me, like John said in a previous post, he looses a lot of money because of the bad exchange rate.

    It is also very bad against the British £, I loose more and more every month now :/

    1. j1 tax back says:

      true . it’s $1=51p at the moment


      1. Yeah, it’s a bitch with most affiliate programs paying in USD 🙁

        I made $115 yesterday from Amazon Associates US but after the $15 for Amazon sending a cheque and then my bank changing it to GBP, I suspect there’ll be very little left for me 🙁

        1. Steven says:

          Well hopefully next year with a new US Pres, we’ll have a better off economy and the market will pick back up again, hopefully bringing back the power the US dollar once had.

        2. lyricsreg says:

          It may be nasty, but there is no other way for them to send money … it’s the price we have to pay

        3. Matt Jones says:

          It’s even worse when they send a check in USD. The bank takes roughly a 25% commission just for turning into pounds, not to mention the crappy conversion rate.

    2. LoL, the bad thing is that the market is in USA. Now that would be a really evil move to changes prices to CAD John 😛 (yet another price raising after the gas, when will prices start to go down damn it) just teasing John.

      1. I converted my prices from $ to £ for everything I had control over about 4 months ago. Things like Kontera and Adsense (even though I pay for Adwords in £???) I can’t help and it still anooys the hell out of me every time I cash a cheque.

    3. Kanute says:

      Talking about exchange rate, with the Euro getting stronger day by day with respect to the Dollar we loose so much 🙄 🙄

    4. Wahlau.NET says:

      i think everyone who earns usd is having the same problem

  2. We’re just trying to keep the evil Canadian John Chow in check 😯

  3. Doesn’t surprise me. It’s will be interesting, and troublesome, to see how far the dollar tumbles.

    1. lyricsreg says:

      It will get back on track soon … or maybe not. I’m so glad I changed all the USD’s to EUR’s

  4. I’m in Indian Rupee accounts paying 8%, Iceland Bonds, and Gold. Dax is not disturbed at all by the falling dollar. I was preaching it since December to get out of the dollar. Dax is not modes either. 🙂

  5. The U.S. dollar is also doing really bad against the euro, it jumped above 1.4 dollar per EUR this week 🙁

    1. retsu782000 says:

      well the US dollars is not that strong anymore… the wheels always turn. sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down 😎

  6. 😈 I hate to be a comment whore, but… I am an economist by training and this topic is dear to my heart.

    One thing you have to understand is that for the dollar to keep parity with any other currency ie the pound, that nation would have to in turn cut their own rates to keep money flows constant. While England will most likely do so, other countries experiencing high inflation will be reluctant to do so. Our close buddy Saudi Arabia may not be so keen on cutting rates as they are seeing high inflation. Ditto for china and India. India to date was trying to keep their currency pegged but have given up now. With inflation rates above 6% China/India simply can’t afford to cut their own rates.

    If this keeps up we may see a Dollar Carry Trade develop. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. Oooh its like a soap opera for Finance nerds.

    1. j1 tax back says:

      great info . any info you can recommend to read up on this ?

    2. Marc says:

      Interesting point on India. I don’t think people realize what’s going on here. The U.S. is doing this to break the back of China’s competativeness. India cried uncle (kind of an aside really) , China’s tougher, but even China can’t resist the power of the dark side. The dollar will continue it’s slide until the U.S. can assert indisputable economic hegemony over China. The sheer weight of U.S. economy will keep crushing China with money supply until it pops into line.

  7. KingJacob says:

    This is hurting alot of people especially canadians that get paid in USD because you used to get more Looneys per USD and that helped with the high cost of living in BC, now you just got to sell more or ask for a raise.

  8. Rich Waters says:

    Wow… now you guys really get screwed on all that stuff that’s marked $5.00 US / $8.50 CAD 😈

    1. Similar story here… In the UK we seem to pay the same figure in GBP as the US pay in USD, so something costing $300 will usually cost us £300, even though $300 is currently £153!! 🙁

    2. That is definitely right! I think that must suck for american importss.

  9. Nate says:

    I guess to answer the question… yes. The dollar has been doing well against the yen for a while.

  10. Tyler says:

    I’m with you now! I’m going to the USA in two weeks to buy a car. Saving close to $10,000. I almost feel bad…no wait. I don’t because I spent a lot of money in the USA when the CAD was $0.68.
    Maybe I can now recoup some of those losses?

    1. “I’m with you now! I’m going to the USA in two weeks to buy a car.”


  11. Israel says:

    it will recoup, so stop worrying morons.

    1. Nabloid.com says:

      It won’t recoup anytime soon… maybe after elections some other policies come into play, the US might stop spending more than it makes and perhaps the dollar will rebound a bit… but my suspicion is the US wants a lower dollar so it can begin exporting again and gain some more manufacturing jobs, stop real estate from going lower, etc… and pay for all that new debt by devaluing the value of a dollar… all past debt is easier to repay when your dollar is now worth less. The printing press is on. Print ~13% more money each year AND lower the intesest rate at the same time… of course real estate is headed lower… everyone wants to see their gain and perhaps retire… but at the same time a lot of people in the US have spent thier lifetimes earnings buying a nice house… they most likely won’t be buying ANOTHER house… when that many people spend a lifetimes fortune on homes your going to see a boom.

      1. DirSP says:

        Time for China to dump its USD reserve to help us little guy out. :mrgreen:

  12. I cashed a cheque yesterday in U.S. funds and I actually lost money. 🙁

  13. DirSP says:

    I believe EUR should be the next worldwide currency :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    1. Kanute says:

      Right now 1$= 1.38 Euro. What do you think…. 🙁

      1. DirSP says:

        Are you nuts? It is $1 EURO to $1.38USD. That is 1EURO to 1.38CAD for us. 👿 Or we can sell usd/cad in the forex market to coup with our lost. Seriously, I should charge all my services in euro :mrgreen:

        1. Kanute says:

          You’re right, i just flipped around the figures 1Euro gives 1.38USD, to bad 👿

    2. krillz says:

      Check out Zeitgeist, soon you’ll all be paying in ameros.

  14. I just love the dollar situation now! For those of us who live in europe, make money in us dollars and shop from ebay, the last couple of months have been GREAT!

  15. Jonathan says:

    The american dollar is doing well against any latin american peso !!!

  16. Kiltak says:

    Haha, the USD will soon become the Pesos of the north 😉

  17. whydowork says:

    Since we’re Inc.’ed in Ontario I’m missing the days when checks in Canada would be worth 40% more just because of the exchange rate 🙁

  18. Googlelady says:

    😯 I didn’t know that John is in the forex business 😉 glad to see because many people still don’t know that forex is really a source of income.

  19. It’s sad. The US $ isn’t doing so well 😥 .

  20. Well, in Romania for ex $1 = 2.4 RON. However, 1 Euro here is 3.37 RON. RON is our monetary unit here. There was a time when I used to negotiate my salary in USD because it was higher than Euro. Now those times are long gone…

  21. Stephen says:

    I was definitely shocked when I was at work the other day (I work at a bank). There was a huge run of people buying American dollars and going across the border shopping.

    1. krillz says:

      I bet this is just a way to get the illegal immigration stoped, by making USA not worth going to or? 😉
      Canada watch out!

  22. Shaun C says:

    Lol, that’s pretty sad. Bring the gold eagles back!

  23. I have been laughing all day today! It is about time we were on top here in Canada for a change 🙂 I have even posted a funny picture of the new American Loonie on my blog today.

  24. HMTKSteve says:

    A low dollar helps American exports and hurts non-American imports.

  25. It’s sad… I think I’ve lost around 20% of my profits in the last 12 months due to this problem…. 🙄

    1. I bet a lot of people have – the USD is a pretty global currency on the web, so pretty much anyone not spending in USD is being short-changed 🙁

  26. Gdog says:

    I never thought I would see the day…GO CANADA. I need to go shopping now baby!!

  27. Everton says:

    Even though I publish my blog earnings in dollars, I used to still personally track them in pounds. I stopped this week as it was getting too depressing and the fluctuations were driving me mad. Plus, $10k sounds better than £5k!!

  28. krillz says:

    if I’d had known 1-2 years ago that the dollar would be worth less than most things right now, I’d invest heavily into the gold stocks.
    Congrats to everyone who did, I envy you.

    However, the bad stand of the dollar makes most things a lot cheaper for us abroad, so it’s not all bad.
    Unless you get paid in USD of course then I’d be mad.

    1. Sebbi says:

      Speaking of “alot cheaper for us abroad”. Nearly every gadget gets priced at a 1:1 exchange rate here in Europe. That sucks, now that the Dollar ist at 0,71 Eurocents … and smells like a good import-business for someone 😉

      1. krillz says:

        well that’s the beauty with internet, order it from USA directly 😀

    2. Googlelady says:

      You mentioned it! GOLD is the future! Guess how much it cost now 1 oz of my precious gold?
      $731 USD
      and more than 6 hours ago was $740 when I bought the gold for only $610 per oz 😉

  29. Hrvoje says:

    US dollar is very strong against my currency 😛 . that’s why I’m happy to charge in US 😀 . 1 dollar= 5.17 kn. 😆

  30. Jose says:

    The only currency i know thats lower than the dollar is China!!

  31. Karol Krizka says:

    Yeah, did you listen to the call that Rock101 made to a Texas store? They tried to buy a big barbeque set with Canadian money. The store person told them to take the money to “Canadia” to spend it.

  32. chap says:

    The USD doing very bad nowdays, its even not the time of candian dollar or Euroo its time for china to go up 😀

    have a look at my blog

    1. chtanxw says:

      Jim Rogers, a hedge fund manager, is staying in Singapore. He is going to move to Shanghai. He had told investors not to buy US Dollar few months ago.

  33. MyBlogCotest says:

    1 Canadian dollar = 0.99 USD 😕
    That’s very bad!
    Most ad networks offers USD, that just make my earning less and less 🙁

  34. Yeah it’s friggin killing me!

  35. Jeff says:

    Dollar is dropping daily. Maybe you can get paid in Google and Yahoo stock?
    See who started it all:
    Greenspan nailed in interview with John Stewart.
    Shameless plug.

  36. I believe it’s time to start using AdSense payment holding option and hope for better days.

    The world is going through an economical crisis and it’s time to start taking some actions.

    1. Googlelady says:

      That will be a good idea! But in case you are banned with Google Adsense then you wish that this money have been withdraw before.

    2. If you’re planning to do that I think it’s better to open a bank account in U.S. dollars and perhaps use it for short-term investments.

  37. The US should be so lucky. With just about every other currency hardening against the $, export from the US should increase and imports into the US should decrease – increasing employment. The problem is for the other blokes! 🙄

  38. Shrihari says:

    Am i missing something here ? The above screenshot tells that USD is worth more than CAD.
    1 USD = 1.00055 CAD. So, isn’t USd worth more ?

    Or, is John saying that the Exchange rate was “1 USD = 1.xx CAD” and now it has become “1 USD = 1.000xx CAD” ?

  39. gpgwm says:

    I’m from Sri Lanka.
    1 USD = 114 Sri Lankan Rupees.
    2 years ago,
    1 USD = 94 Sri Lankan Rupees. 😀

  40. focsa says:

    dont be wonder ! This is America

  41. Just invest in oil if you’re worried about the USD exchange rate. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Oil’s going to hit $100 a barrel by next year. That’ll make anyone a profit!

  42. Never imagined I would see this day so soon. Go Canada!

  43. Ghaus says:

    I am from Pakistan, and thanks god it is not effecting me.

  44. I’ll show you a country where the dollar is smoking the local currency: Venezuela

    Just check the graph on this site:


  45. when will affiliate programs start to pay in BG lev 😕 😆

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