Top 100 Web Celebrities

Tech Cult has came up with a list of the Top 100 Web Celebrities. I’m a bit shocked to find myself on the list. I’m even more shocked to find that I’m ahead of a lot of people who are more famous than me.

Tech Cult has me ranked at number 49, ahead of famous bloggers like Darren Rowse (#75), Steve Pavlina (#81) and WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg (#76). Hell, I’m an even bigger web celebrity than David Filo of Yahoo and Steve Chen of YouTube! Surprisingly, Shoemoney is not on the list. How did Tech Cult compiled this list?

We gathered around 200 potential names and queried them on Google to see how many results they would generate. Some minor adjustments were made, and the 100 names with the highest number of results were profiled (as you can see it is not our fault that Chris Crocker ended at the 6th position!)

Celebrities that became famous prior to the explosion of the Web were not included. Hence you will not find the likes of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, despite our acknowledge that they are also influencing the Internet.

It’s pretty obvious that lists like these are pure linkbait. However, as you can see, we always fall for them. You can check out the list of the Internet’s top 100 web celebrities here.

46 thoughts on “Top 100 Web Celebrities”

  1. Enkay Blog says:

    Good Job on making the list. You did good compared to thousands of others! Its kind of like my Top 100 Female Bloggers list!

  2. Michael Kwan says:

    I love how Brian Lam is ranked much higher than Ryan Block. 😛

  3. El Loco says:

    I Love if Johnchow as the top of rank. Don’t you? 🙂

    1. Michael says:

      That would be a little impossible. If it was the top make money online celebrity, then yeah, very likely. But I though Leo Laporte should have been in the top 10.

  4. TSlice says:

    The list is rather skewed. Shoemoney should definitely be on it.

    1. Yea, I can’t believe Shoemoney didn’t make it, or me either.

      1. I’m sure you are #101 🙂

        1. Rats man, I just missed being famous.

  5. Tenth Blog says:

    Wow, I never knew this blog was this popular. Looks like you didn’t know either 😀

  6. Bonnie says:

    Congratulations! Now even more people will know about your blog and you’ll move up in the rankings next year .. Stay out of the top 10 though .. scarey

    1. infoqueenbee says:

      sure johnchow would move further 😀
      congrats john…

  7. wisdom says:

    Good to see your on the list, I tell some of my friends about you, heh.

  8. zk5182 says:

    i cant find my name there….wonder how they missed it 🙂

  9. G says:

    I’m surprised “G” isn’t there.

  10. amirulcyber says:

    thanks john for your article. 🙂

  11. Yup, it’s clever linkbait – good formula: [Top X list of Y] + stroke people’s ego = lots of links from the people you mentioned in the list.
    Maybe I should write a similar list 😉

  12. Kind of a twisted list when crybaby Chris Crocker (leave Britteny alone!) comes in at #6.

    1. Agreed. How the hell is he above most of these people?

  13. EntreBlast says:

    Shoemoney should be on there, and Darren Rowse should be higher.

    1. I agree with this. I don’t get how they missed Shoemoney.

  14. That list is just too retarded. Most entries don’t make sense. Some seem like, “Oh well…hmmm…just throw this one in at…ummm…#13” kind of stupidity.

  15. RC Williams says:

    I agree Shoemoney should be on there as well. Interesting to see Adam Curry on that list coming from the broadcast side.

  16. Matt says:

    Fun list. Kind of useless but a good time-filler.

  17. Who cares whether the list is right or not. We all ended up going to check it out 🙂

    1. Sad, but true. Hence it fufilled it’s purpose.

  18. make150aday says:

    –where is ebay’s founder on the list?
    –where is Cindy Margolis?

    I guess they should have conducted a survey/poll.

    1. Eh, Cindy Margolis isn’t the most searched woman now. That was back in 1999.

  19. Nice going, John.

    That list is terribly jumbled. How some of those people are higher than others makes no sense. And I’m surprised that Larry Page, Tom Anderson, Matt Mullenwegg & Mark Zuckerberg aren’t higher.

  20. Thorsten says:

    Publicity is everything…it works…good job JC

  21. Congrats to John! He’s the only one on the list to take on Google and survive. I think Chris Anderson should be higher. You see Long Tail marketing everywhere now.

  22. Spam Chow says:

    These lists mean absolutely nothing. It’s just another round of inner circle back slapping. And one more thing, please John learn English.

    Your grammar is terrible.

    For instance, “How did Tech Cult compiled this list?”.

    Sloppy, really sloppy.

  23. Hope you get some PR millage out of it…

  24. fas says:

    Congrats John. You are a web celeb eh.

  25. revenue says:

    Congrats to You Mr John , quite usefull list to know more great bloggers out there 🙂

  26. Congrats John on getting in the top 50. Next year you should be in the top 25. How did the Brittany Spears guy make the list? Weak!

  27. Joy Smith says:

    Well, I’d say a congrats is in order, so congrats!!!!

  28. Good job! You are what I aspire to be :P.

  29. Zak Show says:

    Pretty Impressive and ironic that a playboy actress is in the top of the list :mrgreen: That’s rock!

    1. I think it’s funny that Myspace is what made Tila famous, yet, she’s way higher than Tom.

  30. Zachary says:

    Tila’s No 1?

  31. p90x says:

    How the heck did they wind up leaving SM off that list? ❓

  32. SHOEMONEY FTW. How did he not make the list

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