Top 5 Reasons To Optimizing Your Blog for Mobile

The blogosphere is growing every day, but I believe change is something we should all embrace at one point or the other.

One major change that needs to be embraced in the blogosphere right now is the need to start putting more effort into optimizing our blog for mobile users; the internet is experiencing a huge shift from traditional browsing to mobile browsing right now, and with all the new devices and tech gadgets being released every day it is only a matter of time before those who pay little attention to mobile are left behind.

Come to think of it, the mobile internet space has experienced a huge shift compared to the past few years, and I’ll be sharing some major advantages of making your blog mobile enabled below; I’ll also back them up with stats, so read on!

1 – 53% of American mobile phone users now have a Smartphone

America is a huge backbone of the internet, and as far as technology is concerned it always leads most of the significant changes the world has ever experienced.

The main purpose of a mobile phone is to communicate with friends and family; to be able to receive and make calls, receive and send SMS, and to be able to use some multimedia features.

The good news is that things are changing fast, and most of the mobile phones being released today are much more sophisticated than they used to be. This in turn has led to a very interesting change; more and more people are now depending on their Smartphone instead of their computers. There are now people who perform the majority of their activities from anywhere in the world from their mobile phones; they read their favorite blogs, the listen to informational multimedia content, and they even make payment for goods and services via their mobile phone.

A smart blogger should notice and catch on this trend. With 53% of the entire mobile phone users in the United States having a Smartphone, I think it is a good sign to show that the tides are turning to favor those who capitalize on mobile internet.

2 – There are 1.2B active mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide

As if the above stat is unconvincing enough, a more interesting stat is the one that states the fact that there are over 1 billion active mobile broadband users worldwide. When we take a look at the fact that there are only around 6 billion internet users worldwide, and that a large percentage of that number comes from Smartphone users, it is pretty evident that the mobile space shouldn’t be ignored.

Of course, you can’t get all the 1b people to visit your blog, but a fraction of those who focus on your niche will make a huge impact on your business.

This stat is huge, and optimizing your blog for mobile users isn’t something that should be ignored.

3 – 94% of Smartphone Users will be Mobile Internet Users in 2012

If you take a look at my first point above, you will notice that around 53% of mobile internet users in the US own a Smartphone; with over 300 million people in the US at the moment, 53% of them having a Smartphone, and 94% of those Smartphone owners using the mobile internet, there will be at least 150 million people accessing the internet from the US this year alone; and that’s only from the US.

Good news about mobile internet usage is that it has always experienced significant growth as the year goes by, and the current number of mobile internet users is expected to, at least, double by 2015.

This is such a good opportunity to every blogger, one that shouldn’t ever be ignored.

4 – It has relatively little to no competition at all

What more? With all the shiny stats I’ve shared with you above, mobile internet has little to no competition at all right now. A lot of people try to access their favorite websites online, and some people detect a site or two via the search engine on their mobile phones, only to end up being disappointed by the lack of support for their mobile browsers.

People feel mobile internet has no hold right now, and that optimizing their site for it will provide little to no benefit at all; this is a huge opportunity for you, one that shouldn’t pass you by.

Start optimizing your blog for mobile users, and make it a huge part of your USP; when people come to your site and discover you’re the only one that provides full support for their mobile devices, they will have more reasons to stay with you.

5 – Mobile Data Traffic for 2011 Was 8 Times the Size of the Entire Global Internet in 2000

That is such a huge growth of around 800% for mobile internet in just a decade, and I can see that affecting how we do business online soon.

In fact, some people have been speculating about mobile internet overtaking traditional internet very soon, but I believe we shouldn’t have to wait for this to happen to benefit.

Why You Should Take Action Right Now!

You don’t have to always wait for a particular tactic to be widespread to start using it, you can benefit from the very start and grow your business in leap and bounds.

The mobile internet has experienced such a phenomenal growth in the past decade, and it has no sign of slowing down, that I think it will be a smart idea to start benefiting from it right now.

Paul T is a mobile internet expert and writer that help people get the best SIM Only deals.

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons To Optimizing Your Blog for Mobile”

  1. Abhik says:

    I agree!!
    There’s a huge hike in numbers of Mobile Search worldwide.

  2. Nettgründer says:

    Yes, and the big question then is how to optimize your blog for mobile devices?

    1. Devesh says:

      If you’re running on WordPress than you can easily optimize your blog for mobile devices by installing WPTouch plugin. There is also an paid option but free version would work well.

      1. Nettgründer says:

        Yes I did use this plugin a couple of years ago, maybe its time to bring it back in business 🙂

      2. Bruce Barker says:

        Devesh, as a new blogger, this is a useful bit of info. Cheers!

  3. When I’m surfing blogs on my iPhone I instantly close pages that don’t have a mobile wordpress plugin. But I surf less and less on my phone, I am using apps more and more.

    I saw a QR code on a guys car in a parking lot. I scanned it, and the link went to a blog optin. Problem was the site wasn’t optimized for mobile. Oops!

  4. John – Good data — Mobile is certainly the future. I hope you’ll do a follow up as per the request of Nettgründer above and put together a tutorial on optimizing for mobile.

  5. fas says:

    Going Mobile is important, nowadays the most people do is opt for WpTouch theme.

  6. Hello,

    I agree because technology is growing fast and mobiles are developing everyday…

    Thank you,

  7. As a new Smart Phone user, I was glad to see I’m in the majority. 🙂 I totally agree there needs movement to optimize blogs for the mobile community. Some people go all day only using their phone to access the Internet. We can’t forget about reaching them.

  8. Sanju Singh says:

    Internet usage on mobiles is growing very rapidly, so thanks for your tips!

  9. This is so true. More and more people access the internet via smart phones and iPads. What software do you use to mobile your blog john? I have searched through a number of wordpress plugins but can’t find one that really looks good.


  10. Christina Maynard says:

    Eeek! Good points. I personally search tons of stuff online when I’m on the go. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Omid says:

    I like reason # the most. The competition is next to zero and there are lots of opportunities in mobile market.

    Thanks for the great post.

  12. Darren Held says:

    Hi John, great article as usual!
    Hmm, optimizing our blogs for mobile? Who doesn’t do that?
    Oh dang! (scrambles to make blog mobile-friendly)

    Thanks for the tip!

  13. Umar Siddiqi says:

    Great post. I just checked my analytics data and discovered that a huge number of visitors on my blog are from mobile devices. The trend has increased over last few months.

  14. Shalu Sharma says:

    More and more people are carrying their mobiles and they use it to connect with websites. I always check my email, search websites while waiting for something, its so handy to do. So it does make sense to have your mobile equivalent of your website and if properly optimised you can many visitors to your site.

  15. Mobile is the future for sure, and it’s already here enough to warrant spending time and money to get your blogs and websites ready for them. I know more and more “regular” people (not bloggers or web designers) that are replacing laptops and PCs with Tablets, it’s more practical and for most people it’s enough for all the tasks they need to do (news, emails, banking, games, etc).

  16. I have a friend up in Sweden who has switched from making seo to only optimizing blogs and websites for automobiles, big business.

  17. JamesW says:

    Great post, optimizing blog for mobile visitors will give us more traffic and less competition, since not every site is optimized for smartphones, which lives us with more better chances of attracting new customers.
    thanks for sharing

  18. Thanks John, it look like I need to look into mobile blog now. Else I will be lossing a lot of clients. What do you think?

  19. Ayush says:

    17% of my traffic comes from mobile….
    and I really like advice of Devesh for installing WPTouch plugin

    Great post!!

  20. Dave Starr says:

    Since US, Canadian and Western European readers/bloggers live in countries where there is a robust telecommunication infrastructure … as in you can just order a phone or cable TV and it will be installed, it’s easy to miss the trends in the “Rest of the World” … mainly developing countries.

    Here, where I live in the Philippines, the telecommunications infrastructure is as “3rd-world” as it can get, and less than 10% of the homes have a computer or conventional Internet access.

    So what you might think if you live in a 1st would country?

    Well the ‘so what’ is, the rest of the world isn’t going to follow the western model of a slow build out of infrastructure. Everything is going mobile.

    Already more people in the Philippine shave Internet access via their mobile devices than Americans who have mobile access, and the trend is accelerating daily.

    So what, again you might ask, all the paying market is in the Western world, what do I care about ‘developing nations’?

    Well, ignore at your peril, because we are talking about an audience of billions, dwarfing US and European populations, and just look at China, as just one example … already the world’s second largest economy, and pretty sure to eclipse the USA in coming years.

    Ignore mobile at your own risk.

  21. Suresh says:

    I agree that there would be a lot of users logging in from mobile devices. One of the suggestions was to use WP plugins to enable a site for mobile users. How about static sites that are not on wordpress. Any suggestions on what piece of code would be required?

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