Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs – Guess Who’s #1?

Fellow Internet marketer and Canadian, Ian Lee, has compiled a list of the Top 50 marketing blogs in Canada and you’ll never guess who’s number 1. Well, I wouldn’t have guessed it anyway.

The list was pulled from the AdAge Power 150 daily ranking of marketing blogs. Ian went through the list and pulled out all the Canadian based blogs to create his Top 50 list. I’m tied for 12th place on the AdAge 150 list but that’s enough to rank me the number 1 marketing blog in Canada!

If your blog is on the list, Ian created a badge to display on your blog. And for those who want to re-publish the list and give some exposure to Canadian blogs, Ian has raw HTML codes on his blog. Just copy and paste. Congrats to all my fellow Canadian bloggers who made the list. I have a whole bunch of new blogs to check out now.

47 thoughts on “Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs – Guess Who’s #1?”

  1. bamm says:

    I didn’t make the list? What! Who runs this malarky!

    haha, maybe next year. Nice list.

    1. Congrats John on being number 1.

  2. Ian Lee says:

    JC, congrats on being #1 on the list. It was my pleasure to compile the list. We need to showcase some great Canadian blogs! Funny video btw and thanks.

  3. Congrats John, that’s awesome! πŸ™‚

  4. well done John, I believe that you are not only number one only in Canada but in different areas of the world!

  5. great post john.I’m looking forward to coming back to your site soon.Maybe every day.You have a great talent for blogging.Good luck

  6. and congratulations for being #1 on the list.

  7. Nice work making number one John! There are some great bloggers in that list!

  8. Jen Duguay says:

    Congratulations John!
    To be on the top of this list with so many GREAT contenders is something to celebrate.
    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  9. Vincent Woon says:

    Woot! woot ! You ROCK John πŸ™‚

  10. Frank freddy says:

    woho.. another award goes to (,”)

  11. Adam says:

    Congratulations. Keep working to be the most popular on the whole world.

  12. Congrats on being #1! Great video also, I saw it on the afternoon local news…! hah

  13. ibnujusup says:

    congratulation john……. πŸ™‚
    maybe u can be no 1 in the near future..

  14. Wow, you even got your name on a plan, that’s insane dude, LOL!

  15. I saw this earlier today on a different blog- congratulations!

    I had no idea you were based in Canada πŸ™‚

  16. Shirley says:

    Congratulations, John, on making it to number one on the list :).

  17. Anthony says:

    What about the Million Dollar Journey blog?

  18. Jordi says:

    Great site from a fellow Canadian! eh?

  19. cleondann says:

    Thankx, this is a nice list. I always prefer Thanks for this huge list of blogs

  20. Jay says:

    Congrats from a fellow Canadian blogger. Nice work.

  21. aatif says:

    congrats for no 1 spot . i can’t believe a blog with simple design can be in top 50 list . i am talking about flacklife 50th rank .

  22. There are many great bloggs in the list. It seems canada have many great bloggers.

  23. S Ahsan says:

    If its canada, no doubt its you John! I almost forgot teh dosh dosh was also a canadian.

  24. Go John! Show them how it’s done.

  25. David says:

    Where is my name? πŸ˜‰
    Congrats, mate.

  26. Melvin says:

    if dosh dosh is as active as you (or as evil) then he probably easily bagged no.1 πŸ˜‰

    1. John Chow says:

      Ya, I think he would too!

  27. Brad says:

    damn, i didn’t make the list.

  28. fas says:

    The number 1 guy looks familiar.

  29. Tony says:

    hahaha John seems like everyone missed out on watching the video. I don’t see any single comment on the video. It was funny as hell , I laughed till it hurt.

    But anyway congrats on being the number 1 blog in Canada.. yay… Kudos

  30. chester says:

    That’s awesome. Congratulations on making #1. That’s a great accomplishment

    1. Well if you think about it, this is just an opinionated list written by another blogger. So perhaps not a great accomplishment.

      John’s true milestones were achieved when he made a great resource for other bloggers, and continued to be a part of his community even after he made it big.

  31. dosh dosh is not evil. dosh dosh is honest in what he is writing.

  32. That’s awesome. Commendation on making 1. That’s a majuscule accomplishment.

  33. Alex says:

    Congrats John, that’s awesome!

  34. Well done… John πŸ™‚

    Is there a Global list anywhere?

  35. Tinh says:

    You deserve the #1 Congrats

  36. Congratulations John! I wouldn’t have thought of any other place but #1 for your blog in your home country. Your international ranking ain’t bad either!

  37. desk chair says:

    Another #1 ranking……congrats!!

  38. Cash Genie says:

    Congratulations John! You deserve this truly and 12th as a global ranking, is great as well.

  39. Scott Short says:

    Excellent John. I think for the USA they should do the last ten so I could get some exposure.

  40. Scott Short says:

    Is there a country that doesn’t have many blogs where I could become number 1? Hmm…this may not be a bad idea.

  41. Sir John Chow,

    Congratulations on being knighted by the queen of England. LOL!

    That was the most funniest video I’ve ever seen! Wonder how you made it.

    If one could write a software in which people enter their name and press a button to render this video with their name everywhere in it, I’m sure it will sell like hot cake.

    Btw, on a serious note, congrats on being the #1 marketer in Canada. Your website is awesome!

  42. Congrats on grabbing #1. I think Canadians are well represented AdAge, it’s nice to see.


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