Top Affiliate Challenge – 4th of July Edition

For the 4th of July holiday weekend, the contestants of the Top Affiliate Challenge went to a baseball game and fireworks display. This is the first time I’ve ever been to a baseball game. I now know why I have never been to one before. It’s the most boring thing you can do. Then again, maybe that is the point. Many people like to sit around with a beer in one hand and a beer in the other hand and be bored.

The fireworks display was held at the same place as the baseball game and was a much better show. The display lasted a good 30 minutes and they didn’t hold back at all. Most fireworks displays I’ve seen always start off slow and then let it all hang out at the end. This one was rocking from start to finished. It’s too bad YouTube has a 10 minute time limit.

64 thoughts on “Top Affiliate Challenge – 4th of July Edition”

  1. Krsto says:

    Well, I’ve also never been to a baseball game, and I find the game very boring even on TV 😈
    As of fireworks – well, I just hope you enjoyed it enough to wash out the bitter feeling from the baseball game…

    1. Actually I found that TV is much better for sports than going to the actual games 🙂

      Going to see it in person is about enjoying the atmosphere and not really to see the game as seats usually suck (even the best seats).

    2. What would be exciting would be to see an income report.

      1. We are waiting alright. 🙂

      2. mohamm says:

        Well you can make 30-60k$ with forex every month for few hours a day. That is more exciting 😛

        1. You can lose that much too 🙂 At least with “making money online”, you can’t really lose other than maybe a couple bucks of hosting and domain name.

        2. I’m sure you can if you want to dedicate your life to it. A few hours a day…really?

          1. It’s really just similar to the stock market. You can make a lot of money easily but also lose a lot if you don’t really know what you are doing.

          2. mohamm says:

            It requires allot of discipline. Let say you are up by 100-400$ after 10-20minutes,and you decide not close it and profit it, you can loose allot of money after 40minutes. It has happen to me. 😥

      3. Syed Balkhi says:

        Waiting for that one eagerly Alan.

  2. feel reality says:

    I think I had a screen saver that did that for a while…. I agree with you baseball couldn’t be more boring or uneventful. You do go for the beer and the ummmm beer.

  3. I agree with you.. Baseball is boring game..
    MOre about rules and strategy…
    That’s why some of baseball player is fat..

    1. Diego is going to hate you too…

  4. Diego says:

    Congratulations Mr. Chow, you’ve just insulted baseball. And because of this, you’ve just lost a subscriber and follower. There are some things you just can’t do, and you’ve just done one of them. Insulting baseball is the equivalent of insulting America, and doing it on July 4th is the worst time. Great!

    1. John Chow says:

      Wow, I wonder what would happen if I’ve insulted apple pie.

      1. While I don’t share his enthusiasm, I do have to say that it would be wise to be in the same earnings bracket as A-Rod before you go insulting our national game.

        If you make a million this year John you’ll be just 2% of the way there… and he’s just one player on one team. Baseball beats blogging by a landslide in popularity, and then you’ve got fantasy baseball… even more popular.

    2. Hmm… Didn’t have the same effect when he insulted Shoe….

  5. The fireworks display is awesome. And I don’t think baseball is boring. It’s boring watching it but if you’re playing it, it’s exciting. 🙄

  6. John Hasson says:

    Grats John, you made me laugh out loud. I had to explain to visitors why I suddenly burst out laughing. Good call on baseball. To be fair, every now and then there is an exciting game. But 98% are pretty slow. Best to go with someone you can talk to and chill with while only partially watching the game. (Also helps having front row seats…)

  7. What do you mean baseball isn’t exciting? It’s always exciting to see a fan get hit by a ball.

  8. You had horrible seats, John. Or that whole ballpark looks to have a very poor layout.

  9. I also just noticed Monica has a lower back tattoo, which according to “Wedding Crashers” is a bullseye. I bet she’s wild in bed!

    1. Paul B says:

      Excellent observational skills, she’s certainly got that look. Bet she goes.

  10. Kevin says:

    Great fireworks display, described well. I don’t mind sports but am selective watcher, or weekend leisure player. Baseball is not too bad but it’s the reason why we can’t move from inches to planetary metric measurement units, millimeters for those who are uneducated … which in actual fact was also reason why NASA recently crushed new satellite into Mars – they forgot to change from inches when they were too close, too late.

  11. Jeremy says:

    You are not American if you don’t like baseball.

    1. You got that right.

  12. Isn’t this the same ball park where Warren Buffett sometimes holds his Annual General Meetings for Berkshire Hatheway? And doesn’t he own the team? And I think he makes a few more bucks than A-Rod.

  13. I love monica 😈

    1. Krsto says:

      Yeah, me too.
      Chasing women is my favourite sport, by the way.

  14. It always cracks me up when some people get annoyed that there are people that don’t like baseball. I’m from London & there are people who don’t like soccer. You don’t see me crying about it.

  15. fas says:

    Baseball is a baseless game with a base of boredom.
    Jokes apart, the only game which i find exciting is Formula 1.

  16. Krsto says:

    Well, I like many sports like tennis, football (I mean soccer), basketball..

  17. Jim says:

    i don’t like baseball and never did, what is soo special about it 🙄

  18. geomark says:

    It’s a thinking man’s game. Strategy and positioning change with each pitch. The more you know the more interesting. I guess you don’t know much.

  19. Mitch says:

    Baseball is definitely a great game, with lots of intricacies, and I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t go the route of comparing how some people think of baseball to being online, or blogging. Many people think blogging or creating websites is boring, when the truth is that they’re either looking for instant gratification or don’t understand the process enough to know why it’s not boring.

    And, of course, baseball was the sport that broke the color line in professional sports, though kicking and screaming, which is another reason why I give it major league props, pun notwithstanding. 😆

  20. James Wilcox says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s the most boring thing ever, but if you aren’t a fan there certainly wouldn’t be anything of interest for you.

    1. I think for most people, the playoffs are still a little exciting but you really have to be a fan to be interested in the regular games.

  21. Nice fireworks 🙂

  22. Rock says:

    I’d rather go to a baseball game any day of the week than sit through another episode of Top Affiliate Challenge. Talk about boring.

    1. I rather watch paint dry than watching TAC.

  23. soares says:

    Man more and more i think to go to USA on vacations….i love my home country but USA shure impressions me!
    My cousins will see me soon!!!
    muahahahhahaahhha 😈 😈 😈 😈

  24. Hans Muster says:

    I like the american fireworks. They’re so specialy! ❗

  25. Yea, I guess baseball is kind of fun to just sit and watch and drink a beer.

  26. amirulcyber says:

    thank you john for such a good information.

  27. I love fireworks John!

    The Americans know how to entertain at their events. I have never been to a baseball match but I can see how it can get exciting if it is a close game. I have watched it a couple of times on TV.

  28. Syed Balkhi says:

    The fireworks looks cool. I myself spent the independence day weekend in Orlando.

  29. Went to watch fireworks up here in Canada, I have to say they were a tad better than those. And I love the comments about baseball being “the most boring thing to watch”, because its so damn true! Those guys are about as lazy as golfers.

  30. “Many people like to sit around with a beer in one hand and a beer in the other hand and be bored.”

    So long as you aren’t just sitting there with the beers, that is if you’re drinking two beers at the same time, it’s hard to stay bored for too long.

  31. Mike Huang says:

    John John John…you should warn viewers that there’s a “flash” in that video…


    p.s. I don’t think YouTube allows it either.

  32. fas says:

    When does the TAC end?

  33. Andy Crofford says:

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  34. Great job insulting baseball the only true all-American sport. You just lost the respect of a lot of people me included. I could rail a few choice Canadian sports myself but I’ve got more integrity than that and respect our neighbors to the north. If you can’t show respect for the USA’s greatest sport (especially on the 4th of July) then stay the hell out of the USA!

    1. Andy Crofford says:

      1. They play baseball in Canada too.
      2. Baseball IS borning.

  35. Nate says:

    Watching a baseball game is like watching paint dry. Only less paint and more criminals.

  36. I was able to watch a nice fireworks display on Friday, and even on Saturday too!

  37. I have never really understood the interest in baseball. In the UK young schoolgirls play a similar game, called rounders, and the only difference is that it is a delicate game for little girls!

  38. Wade says:

    Ooh fireworks. You forgot the beer again didn’t you!

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  39. fas says:

    Any updates of the TAC?

  40. Forumistan says:

    I love monica, too…

  41. Geiger says:

    I’m willing to bet you’re not very much into sports in general John.

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