Top Affiliate Challenge Update

Here’s a little update on the our first day of the Top Affiliate Challenge. The TAC has so far been nothing like I expected it to be. I was expecting that each team would be given a budget and a list of offers to choose from. However, that is not the case. We have no budget. We have to make money with zero dollars, unless one of the contestant wishes to put some of his own money into the competition.

So far, we’ve been using free methods to get traffic to our offers. The results have been promising. The first episode of the Top Affiliate Challenge airs today at 1PM CST. Make sure you catch it to see who it on my team.

Using Shoemoney’s Team Blog Against Him

If you check out Shoemoney’s Team Toolbarn blog, you’ll see a post claiming that Shoe has control of his blog back and an offer that he’s running. I highly recommend you help Shoe out and fill out that offer. As a matter of fact, let me post the offer right here so you can do just that. 😈

36 thoughts on “Top Affiliate Challenge Update”

  1. Abdul says:

    What? you’re helping shoe
    I thought you hacked into his blog and made a post claiming he gave up!

    1. Pallab says:

      I am pretty sure that he is promoting his own link in disguise of helping Shoe.

      1. Abdul says:

        Yea, that link leads to Webfitti, and I think that his team runs that!

    2. Ecko says:

      Hhehe, I think I agree him, John. What a smart joke, anyway. :mrgreen:

  2. LOL
    I’ve never seen this happen in a competition before… but, hey, nice move John πŸ™‚

    Stanley Tang

  3. Matt says:

    So Shoemoey hasn’t got control of his blog back.

    BTW spamming your mailing list is a great way to get people unsubscribing.

  4. Joy Smith says:

    Awwww. You’re sooo sweet to be helping shoemoney!!!! 😈

  5. fas says:

    John you really confuse us sometimes. πŸ˜•

    1. Abdul says:

      I did get confused at first too, but when I clicked the picture on this article, I got to know what he was upto!

  6. Hey John, I know you’re a nice guy πŸ™‚

  7. John, Thank you for the email. I see you’re pulling out all the stops, calling in your markers. It’s causing my back to itch, I might need a scratch.

    1. Tom says:

      I’m afraid he still has you by the balls…

  8. Chessmaster says:

    What a “gentleman”.
    I hope you guys get news from money sponsors soon, it could only spice up the challenge.

  9. Make mone with no money makes sense to me.

    Your takeover on shoemoney blog: Is that revenge on shoe or just exploiting whatever you get your hands on?

  10. Gadget says:

    Hmm it’s a nice competition :mrgreen:

  11. Geiger says:

    Evil John is not holding back in the competition.

  12. tia ann says:

    very informative and power

  13. You are so evil John! I cannot wait for the first episode!

  14. Jan Alvin says:

    I think john, you’re being sarcastic to them. promoting them in your blog?!

  15. I like this line on Shoe’s team blog: “Please support us because we’re really desperate!”


  16. dcr says:

    What? No fake Shoemoney comment thanking John for his help?

  17. Jimmy Ramos says:

    haha, when I saw that post on Team Toolbarn’s blog, I had a feeling it was you.

    I think the, “…we’re really desperate” part gave it away. πŸ˜†

  18. wisdom says:

    Pretty evil John..

  19. OCGolfCourse says:

    haha another nice one. It goes on to show that you are a savvy businessmen πŸ™‚

  20. feel reality says:

    Are you guys hosting the show on geocities? Seems a bit choppy…

  21. Brady Ware says:

    I am trying to watch the show but the dam video stops to load every 10 seconds. John I think you should poison shoe’s diet soda for calling you a whiner all the time.

  22. Sha says:

    LMFAO evil!

  23. Oh man……you are sooooooooooo wicked. 😈 😈

  24. Good One John,

    I look forward to seeing the affiliate challenge and how you go about making money with no money and who is on your team!

  25. I thought that Shoe really had back the control, but when i read the final part of the post…

    John Chow = Evil πŸ˜†

  26. Forumistan says:

    Pretty evil John :mrgreen:

  27. chetan says:

    Now that’s a really evil way to tell your opponent who’s the boss.

  28. I love it!! Keep it up!

  29. Wade says:

    Its all fun when you are friends with the person. But in a real competition it would be grounds for being banned.

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