Top Affiliate Challenge Update – Epic Fail Edition

The first episode of the Top Affiliate Challenge went live yesterday but no one was able to watch it. The producers said they were on a high bandwidth line that was sure to handle the traffic. Well, it doesn’t matter how big your bandwidth is. Unless you’re Google or Microsoft, you’re not going to be able to stream an 800MB file. Anyone logging onto to the TAC site to watch the show was greeted by a waiting to buffer notice.

The producers added more servers but it didn’t help much. Instead of airing episode two today, they decided to leave episode one up for another day for those who were not able to view it. Episode two will air tomorrow at 1PM CST. However, you can view it on Google Video right now if you want to see what happen.

My Top Affiliate Challenge Videos

Here are some videos I made during the Top Affiliate Challenge. Why don’t you want them and tell me which is more entertaining, my videos or the Top Affiliate Challenge.

54 thoughts on “Top Affiliate Challenge Update – Epic Fail Edition”

  1. The Rick Rolling video was entertaining. I wonder what the reactions of the other teams were.

    And I see you have gotten into the “FAIL” thing!

  2. Syed Balkhi says:

    Yes I was on that site trying to stream the video and I couldn’t get it on. Perhaps a special contract with youtube or veoh wouldn’t hurt you know.

  3. Whatever happened to the Monthly Income Report for June?

    1. Yeah, I’ve been wondering the same & so have some others. Maybe he’ll post it later.

      1. Abdul says:

        Yeah, it is the 2nd already and still no INcome Report, is something big behind this John?

        1. Yea, I’m waiting on the income report as well. I guess John is pretty busy though.

          1. Maybe he just forgot 🙂 It happens to all of us.

    2. Fred Finley says:

      It’s clear John is up to his old tricks… he wants everyone to keep coming back to his site 4-5 times a day during the holiday weekend when traffic would otherwise be slow.

      Very, very evil indeed.

      1. Never thought about it like that.

    3. I cant wait to see if he made even more in June. Its crazy what he makes!

  4. Hahahhahahaha Now that is awesome. Good videos. I like the second video a lot…

  5. fas says:

    I agree the Rolling video was awesome.

  6. dktrooper says:

    Sorry.. My connection is way to slow.. will be checking it later. 😳

  7. Jamie Harrop says:

    😆 How much had shoe had by the end of that video? He looks worse than what I was last night… and I was bad after getting free shots from the barman all night. :mrgreen:

    Awesome videos, John.

  8. Just saw day 2 video for about 2 minutes, then I shut it off. Maybe I’ll watch later, maybe not.

  9. Just the fact this whole thing was set in Nebraska has me scratching my head. Why would they set it in cow country of all places? Why not LA, NYC, or DC?

    1. Because the producer, Thor Schrock, lives there.

      Also, Shoemoney lives there.

    2. It does seem like it would’ve been better to have it in NYC, but I get why they didn’t.

  10. Hoto says:

    nice video clips. the guy with the funny hat is pretty cool ! looks like you guys had fun !!! party on wayne !!!

    1. An Elton John wannabe?

  11. ManicTime says:

    thanks for google video link, was trying to watch streaming episode from the official site without luck for the past two days

  12. Everyone seems to love “Epic Fail” these days. Quite funny.

    1. Dr Pickle says:

      It has a little more impact than “minor stumble” or the like

  13. Geiger says:

    LOL 😀
    Am I the only one that finds it ironic that an Asian man is dubbing in the voice for a caucasian? You make me proud John.

  14. Warren Buffet’s profit falls by 18% while John’s increases by 9999% =D

    1. aassd says:

      …FAIL @ humor.

  15. Epic YouTube Fail 😈

  16. Damian says:

    You can see all the episodes here:

    You’ll be able to not only see 1 and 2 but all the future ones with that link too.

  17. Those TAC videos are an embarrassment. I’d watch your vids anytime, John.

  18. Feel Reality says:

    Thor Schrock = n00b pwnd by the interweb. You would think Charles Trippy’s Viral video revolution would’ve taught him to compress his video.

  19. James Wilcox says:

    John you sing much better than Mr. Shoemoney…looks like a lot of fun.

  20. Girl in red is smoooookin. John you better be on that. 😆

  21. Nice videos. But when do you plan on publishing your monthly income report for June? I already published mine 🙂

    1. I already published my income report as well. We’re waiting…

      1. I also wonder if he hasn’t posted it because it’s ridiculously high this time around…

      2. Your report is cool 🙂 I’m thinking of starting a blogger/money making online site along with my other sites soon.. stay tuned 🙂

      3. I always do mine pretty quickly as it draws traffic into my blog but I guess John gets loads of traffic anyway.

  22. They are both very entertaining. There isn’t much to learn from them though.

  23. All of the videos were entertaining. 🙂

  24. 45n5 says:

    My vote: the johnchow videos are much more entertaining then the onces officially released by tac.

    keep up the great footage john.

  25. Ed Lau says:

    Oh god, is that how you sang when we were on stage at the Thermaltake party? …I don’t understand how I stand being seen in public with you. I must’ve been more drunk than I thought!

    …and it must be f’n annoying wearing that hat. It would give me epilepsy.

  26. Unmotivating says:

    In a hurry with the post? Didn’t proofread very well 😛

  27. Ann says:

    I have watched the 2 episodes of Top Affiliate Challenge. But it’s kind of disappointing as we dun learn anything about affiliate marketing except how groups gotten desperate because of the super short one-day time frame that they had to resort to pulling strings, cheating and “bitching”. Also, what should have been the key part of the show – showing us viewers what each team did in order to get XX amt of sales, was never shown or even mentioned. From a viewer’s perspective, we are unable to “give justice” as to which should be the rightful top affiliate team. Perhaps it’s the “unconventional” methods being used thus it was never convenient to show. Or the filming/editing was super lame. Then the show essentially, has not much value other then seeing some familiar internet marketers’ faces.
    That said, i place my dollar bet on John Chow’s team. Hope you’ll win!

  28. Gerard says:

    Daamn nice bus..I want one!

    1. I wonder how much the bus was…

      1. Paying for it is one thing affording gas is another.

  29. The audio on the second video is not quite right. Its off from the mouth movements.

  30. I’m glad they’ve got it working now though.

  31. Wade says:

    I am sorry but this is the worst thing I have ever seen. The camera work makes me sick. On top of that, they don’t care about profit. All they care about is the money brough in. So they could spend 900 and make 600 and beat someone who spend 200 and made 500. In real life affiliate marketing, a $300 loss is really bad. I don;t know about you, but I would rather profit $300 instead of lose it.

    It could be a good show, but they need to revamp the rules. They suck.

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