Top Five Market Leverage Offers

If you’ve entered the John Chow Market Leverage Challenge and you’re wondering what offers to promote, then this video featuring the top five money making offers from ML should help you out.

Market Leverage is one of the very few affiliate networks to do weekly video posts. As a matter of fact, I think they’re the only one that does it. No doubt, other affiliate networks will follow. After all, video is the future of the Web. In addition to the weekly top five, the videos feature interviews and tips to increase your income from affiliate marketing. They’re quite entertaining to watch and the production quality is very good.

Market Leverage Prizes

Enter my Market Leverage contest and you could win the cool stuff shown above.

35 thoughts on “Top Five Market Leverage Offers”

  1. shoemoney says:

    Marketleverge gets it.

    1. Hey John, thanks for putting up this video, my blog is featured in it.

      1. Brady Ware says:

        Wow cool nice to see you get some recognition. I enjoy reading your blog. Just goes to show how commenting on popular blogsth can increase your traffic. I found you here on john’s site and have enjoyed your b.a.n.s. posts. Keep up the good work you might become a super star like shoe and John. By the way John, shoes got nothing on except his appreciation for diet Pepsi. I too share the addiction. It seems like every video I see him in he’s got one in his hand. Speaking of diet what was the result of your weight loss challenge. 😆

    2. Wow, Shoemoney with the HAMMER!!!
      Great video, by the way. Very helpful even for people who aren’t doing this challenge.

  2. Ralph says:

    Shoemoney wtf. I’m supposed to be first. gtfo noob.

    ML is always impressing me, tooi bad I don’t have a site that it would really fit into.

    1. Abdul says:

      how come Shoemoney is the first one to comment?!

  3. I am thinking about signing up for MarketLeverage so I can get some contests going on my blog. Do you know if theres a minimum number of visitors they prefer before they allow contests on your blog?

    1. Enkay Blog says:

      I think they pick the blogs they want to advertise at / host contests at but you should definitely consider signing up. They’re a great network to be associated with.

    2. They pick blogs each month to have their contests. When you sign up talk to Dina, she is their marketing person and the one who organizes these contests.

  4. Enkay Blog says:

    Market Leverage is awesome and they’re hosting a lot of contests nowadays which is a great promotion strategy. I have one going on at my blog also. Good Luck with your contest John!

  5. someone sum this up, i hate watching videos they take too long to watch. and also, after everyone sees this video, its gonna ruin those offers because everyone will be promoting the same stuff, so whats the point

    1. James says:

      I tend to agree. Too many videos are too long. Although if it’s fun, informative, and entertaining it’s not too bad if I have time.
      This video is a run down of ML’s top programs. It would take you about 20 seconds to read the information and you could probably remember it better or at least review it easier.
      Anyone remember what the CPC on number 3 was?

    2. There are all sorts of ways to promote offers, don’t think there isn’t room to make money with these deals because there is.

    3. dcr says:

      I agree that watching videos takes too long. Much faster to read a post. But, I don’t think offers are ruined by “everyone” promoting them. Not everyone hangs out in the same places online. I still come across bloggers who don’t know who John Chow is.

      1. yeah, it doesn’t “ruin” them but if you have a bunch of noobs running up your bid prices it’ll definitely drop your profits. although if anyone does try them, i’d be interested in how well they work, so stop by my blog and drop me a message 😀

    4. I don’t think the offers will be ruined. There are numerous ways to promote them.

  6. Can’t I just have a flip?

    1. dcr says:

      Nice try, but I’ve already staked my claim by imagining I already won it. That’s the secret, right? If I just imagine winning it, it’s as good as won. No doubt no one else is imagining the same thing.

      1. You can use ‘The Secret’ and I will use my method, the power of positive thinking. I am sure I am the only one thinking positive about winning. 😀

  7. zk says:

    Market Leverage rocks , it alway on the edge of innovation ….a tough competitor for papperjam .

    1. I wish they would use some of that innovation on improving their control panel. It would also be nice if they could get some ZIP/email submits that allowed web/search and not just email. Other than that I really like ML.

  8. zk says:

    Market Leverage rocks , it always on the edge of innovation ….a tough competitor for papperjam .

    1. dcr says:

      I have this feeling of deja vu.

  9. Zak Show says:

    I just applied and my affiliate manager contact me asking how I will promote their products and what is my strategy. I’ll test some campaigns for the rest of this week and the next week too and after that I’ll do a report to compare it with other networks to see how it perform.
    Wish me the good luck guyz :mrgreen:

  10. wisdom says:

    That video made me laugh, I couldn’t really take it too seriously. I agree with StakLoaded.

  11. I applied with them already. Just need to get in touch ASAP.

  12. Chip says:

    Yep, already joined, I’m waiting for some offers right now. I’m trying to get from AdSense to affiliate marketing, hoping to make more money.

  13. Don’t want to spend on ppc to drive traffic to offers.

  14. Geiger says:

    I wish they would tell you more than just “EPC and Conversion Rate”. Some tips and such would be great.

    1. Abdul says:

      Well that is the head-ache of the webmaster, their work is just to let you know about the ones that are paying the best!

  15. Geiger says:

    It was cool to see my AM though. However when are these affiliate networks going to realize they can save a bundle in check mailing and make their affiliates happier by providing ACH transfers?

  16. fas says:

    That pen looks awesome. Can ML members enter by having another account, the latter with JC?

  17. Freeman says:

    Hey John! I signed up for Market Leverage under your contest name the other day! now im just waitin for the money to roll in!

  18. Abdul says:

    Unfortunately I tried to sign up for Market Leverage, I call them and all I get is bullshit, this woman keeps on saying “Uhhh. I can’t hear you..”
    I get this mail today saying I need to call again although I’ve called them 5 times!

  19. AZ says:

    i am new to this blogosphere. Plz i wnt some more knowledge of affiliate network. John I have read most of your post but i am not getting exact idea how to use them? 🙄

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