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Top 25 Hosting Companies For Bloggers

written by John Rampton on October 10, 2012

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Have you ever wanted to know who is the top hosting company for bloggers in the world?  I put together a post about the Top 25 Hosting Companies in the World.  This should help you to know who is the best.

This post was put together for bloggers of the world.  I asked 5600 bloggers who is their hosting provider or who they prefer.  Some bloggers answered 2-3 times as they have multiple hosting accounts.  It was awesome to see some of the killer results that came up.  I didn’t expect some of the hosting companies out there to make the list.  Some of them I expected to do better, some I didn’t.

I was not motivated by affiliate commissions or contracts or anything like that.  I wanted to provide the best content and information for people in the blogging industry that need help in the tech industry.  You can know none of these come with prejudice or anything like that.  These are results from bloggers like yourself.

Here are the results:

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