Top Posts Of October

I have updated the Top Posts page for October. This is the page where I keep all the posts that received the most views, reactions or comments. Out of the 78 posts made last month, 21 of them qualified for Top Post status.

Reader recommendations created the Top Posts page. Rather than have you surf through the entire blog to pick out the best bits of information, the Top Post page make all the best posts available on one page. I add new posts to the page at the start of a new month.

Having a top post page is a good way to increase traffic to your blog. Many readers don’t check a blog everyday and for whatever reason, they don’t go much past page 1. A top post page will keep your best post easily accessible.

If you feel there is a blog post that should be included in the Top Posts, let me know and I will add it. Alternatively, if you feel there is post that should not be in the Top Posts, let me know and I will remove it.

6 thoughts on “Top Posts Of October”

  1. Nomar says:

    your right on that, but im checking yours once a day 😉

    hmm might create a top post section as well, if i receive more comments and stuff 🙂

  2. Eliza says:

    I do agree, unless I catch something catchy on the sidebar. Great idea! I too check yours every morning through technorati.

  3. Tony says:

    It’s a pretty awesome idea, really highlights the best of the blog. Though if your every 4th post makes it onto the list – do you have any plans on removing older posts in the future before the list gets too lengthy?

  4. John Chow says:

    Tony – I haven’t figure that out yet.

  5. dacholo says:

    but isn’t *every* post a “top post”??? 😉 I would say as long as your search functionality works (haven’t tried it) well enough, that should be enough.

    for new readers, I’m not sure they would venture to the “top posts” page. if I stumbled upon your blog recently, and I liked your posts, I might search for your post/comments on say Google Adsense.

    although traffic *is* a good indicator of a “top post,” I would guess that many factors create that traffic such as being Digg’d, a post matching a HOT topic of the day, etc. the popularity of blogs for many is the individual thoughts and comments that are unique.

    in any case, I’d recommend listing the top posts in order of traffic as well as listing the actual number of “reads” for each post. this would be self-perpetuating, as ppl would probably read the first few “top posts” to see “what all the fuss is about.”

    my .02 cents. 🙂

  6. Al Davies says:

    Hey John, do you ever make updates to old posts? If you do what mechanism do you use to let your readers know that information that may have already been read has changed? Thanks for consistently good info!

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