Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

Let’s say, as an example, that you are getting ready to run a marathon. Someone comes along saying that they have some fantastic training methods that should be able to help you run faster, skyrocketing you to the top of the podium. However, you are not going to be given the opportunity to track your time.

This doesn’t make any sense, right? If you can’t track your progress in an effective manner, how can you possibly know if you’re actually improving? As it turns out, search engine optimization is no different and today’s review will point you toward a service that handles that half of the equation: SEscout.

A Brand New SERP Tracker

You’ve certainly come across more than a few services that claim to provide you with the best search engine optimization tools, but they may not come with the right kinds of tools to track your progress. This is where SEscout fills in the gaps.

Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

To be fair, SEscout isn’t exactly unique in what it does. You may have seen other SERP tracker services on the Internet, but SEscout claims to introduce “a ton of exciting new features to the SERP tracking industry.”

For example, most of the competing SERP (search engine results page) trackers only provide updates on a daily basis. By contrast, SEscout will provide you with hourly updates for all keywords. They also support tracking up to position 500 in Google, compared to only 50-100 by its competitors.

Checking Out the Dashboard

The user dashboard is reasonably straightforward, but you may need to take some time to familiarize yourself with its interface.

Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

To test out the service, I checked in some keywords for my freelance writing site and for Dot Com Pho. In the screenshot above, I have expanded both of these fields, but they are shown as one line per site by default.

Among the information given are the Page Rank of the site, number of backlinks, and the respective rankings for each of your defined keywords. Over time, you can also see how your keyword rankings change over a period of a day, a week, and a month.

One of the more interesting features is that you are able to “group” your sites together. Since SEscout is available as a white label service, you can group the sites for each of your clients together. If you run a network of sites yourself, you can group them accordingly too.

To get more of a sense of how SEscout works and how you would go about interacting with the dashboard, you can watch the screencast video that they have produced for precisely this purpose.

Other Noteworthy Features

Yes, you can could certainly check in on your SEO efforts manually, but that’s far too time consuming and you don’t get automatic reports generated. SEscout takes out the guesswork and provides you with full reports, either in PDF or CSV format. They can also have them emailed to you (or your clients).

A quick rundown of the other notable features include push notifications of new changes to your keyword positions, an iPhone app (plus an upcoming Android app), charts of your keyword ranking history, bulk domain and keyword imports, support for every Google TLD, and community-driven feature updates and bug fixes.

How Much Does It Cost?

SEscout is currently available with four pricing plans.

Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout

The free option is a good place to start, as it gives you a taste of what you can get with SEscout. It only provides for daily updates, however, and you are limited to only ten keywords. The remaining packages range for $14.97 a month to $49.97 a month. All paid options allow for white-labeling reports, but only the Essential plan gives you access to the affiliate program.

Bearing in mind that SEscout is still in beta testing, I’d say that the overall feature set and user interface offer quite a bit of power and utility to people interested in search engine optimization. If you work as an SEO consultant, you can easily make back your monthly fee by offering the professional-looking reports to your clients.


51 thoughts on “Tracking Your SEO Efforts with SEscout”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I always am looking for new software that may give me the advantage that I need. Good find.

    1. Hey Michael,

      This sounds like as useful tool for SEO guys or people who just need to know at all times where they stand.

      Good and balanced review although I don’t think you’ll use the tool yourself.

      Me neither.

    2. dotCOMreport says:

      All this info is available on the internet in different forms, only thing is they are scattered. It’s nice to have a place where they can all be viewed without hopping to different sites. The report too would definitely be handy. Thanks for the review Michael.

    3. PPC Ian says:

      I agree! Leveraging great software has been my key to success in pay per click. Tools such as WordStream and Marin Software. It makes sense to me that you’d want to use similar tools for SEO. I’ve had experience with Raven and looking forward to taking a look at SEscout.

  2. Kirk Taylor says:

    Interesting tool, but my question would be how accurate is something like this?

    I’ve been confused by the differences between reports from Google analytics, my logs on my web hosting site (Rochen Performance Hosting) and from Objective Marketer a tool that I use for Twitter.

    According to Objective Marketer, I’m receiving a substantial amount of click through on my posts. When it comes to the logs on my site, it too also supports the greater traffic, but when I look at Google Analytics, my traffic is considerably less.

    Does anyone else have a similar experience?

    1. SEscout says:

      Absolutely and we have all been there. It can be hard to interpret data that doesn’t correlate exactly.

      SEscout collects it’s data from a very large sample of google data centers, which means that it will give you a better overview of how your sites are performing than you could get by manually searching yourself (or by using software).

    2. Adam Green says:

      I have been using this site for 6 months already (was in the beta 😉 ) and let me tell you, this is the sh*t. Hour by hour updates, reports, etc etc.

      Try it. Cant hurt.

      1. Hey Kirk,

        I have yet to see the data from different sources match. And sometimes they are as different as night and day.

        Sticking with the tools Google has is quite enough for me. Who needs to know their position changes hour by hour unless they are totally obsessed and have nothing else to do?

        Perhaps this may be good for those people who make their living by doing SEO for others and then show them how their work improved their standings.

        1. SEscout says:

          Your point is correct, but just comes off with a negative spin:
          if you make money by SEO means, you need a tool like this. There are millions of SEOs in the world. And on top of that, millions of website owners who depend on organic traffic.

          If you depend on revenue from organic driven traffic, its foolish not to know your rankings at all times.

          1. Kirk Taylor says:

            I do appreciate your response to my specific issues.

            I’m in the process of creating a new Joomla Niche site that will have 178,000 content pages and am planning on it being an organically driven site. While I’m not prepared to make the investment today, I will consider it int he near future.

            Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve been looking for something that tracks my efforts for SEO.Thanks John this looks like it is really going to help me with my SEO.

    Thanks For The Heads Up,
    Bradley Nordstrom

  4. Dan says:

    The hourly updates seem kind of fishy. I can’t imagine that they’re checking the rankings of tens of thousands (or more) keywords once an hour.

    Also, it looks like they’re going 500 results deep in batches of 100 results. That may be nice but it will lead to accuracy issues because the SERPs are not the same at 5×100 vs. 50×10.

    Maybe I’m wrong. It just seems like hype and/or fake features just to create a false sense of there being a difference from all the other SERP trackers out there.

    1. SEscout says:

      In the time it took you to type that comment, you could have signed up for a free account. Interesting life decision 🙂

      No hype at all. We are currently tracking millions of pages on google and bing daily. If you ever find any inaccuracies in your ranking reports you can report them and we do our best to resolve the issue.

      1. Dan says:

        I’d rather have clarity on what the truth is before plugging in my email address and getting spammed to death. Have had that happen with too many tools like yours and I don’t need to end up on some new email list.

        How about rather than talking crap to people trying to get a clear answer, you let us know whether you’re really grabbing SERPs hourly for every keyword or not because that’s how your marketing is coming across. If you are, that’s pretty sweet.

        1. SEscout says:

          We make money on memberships not selling your email address. I understand the concern though.

          Nothing on our site is a lie. We actually do track paying members rankings hourly and free accounts daily. This is one of our main features. Many competitors only update their users weekly and others daily at best.

          We have a very large community of highly successful SEOs that depend on SEscout daily. Come join us, give feedback, and help us make this the best SERP tracker anywhere.

  5. ^haters gonna hate

    I’m already a happy customer, keep up the good work guys.

    1. Dan says:

      Not a hater…just don’t like throwing money at every hyped up tool that shows up on the market. If you’re happy, good for you.

  6. Dino Vedo says:

    Rank tracker is better and its a one time charge and also on your desktop. Dont like other people knowing my keywords!

    1. SEscout says:

      Rank tracker is good if you have very few keywords and don’t depend on revenue from your rankings. Also, rank tracker will just display the results you would see in your browser anyways; this is bad when you have localized settings in google. SEscout offers completely unbiased results, and tracks your keywords even when your computer is off. This offers uninterrupted tracking history.

  7. Tom Weyers says:

    This looks interesting, but what is the difference between this and raven tools?

    1. SEscout says:

      Raven tools updates your rankings weekly. They also offer a lot of other tools, but in the process make for a weak serp tracker – one of our motivations for creating SEscout actually.

      1. Tom Weyers says:

        Cool. Well I signed up for a free account and it looks pretty cool so far. I really like what you guys are doing.

        I must say that Raven tools does, well, have a lot of tools, but it does come with a pretty steep price tag. I’ve never used Raven, but I know quite a bit about it (I’m friends with Jon Henshaw on Facebook). I think SE Scout is onto a winner here, hourly tracking, affordable price, I think it’s a good tool for any internet marketer.

        Well done!

        1. SEscout says:

          Before there was SEscout my team and I ran a successful SEO empire and used Raven (along with almost every other tracking tool). Raven tools is good, its just that in an attempt to do everything, it was our opinion that they didn’t do any one thing great. We just really needed a reliable and fast SERP tracker… SEscout was born from a real need for a serious SERP tracker.

          Thanks for your feedback and we hope to have you on board in the future!

          1. Tom Weyers says:

            I have been playing around with it today and discovered a couple of bugs.

            First, I cannot add the same keywords for different countries. I want to track my keyword in and, but it says I have duplicate keywords and cannot track both. (I readin your site that it is possible, but cannot get it to work)

            The second us probably just a typo, on the front page it says the light option has Got the white labelling feature, but in the upgrade page in the user dashboard it says it does not have it. – I’m confused…

            Apart from that, I’m loving it so far. I would upgrade to the light option if it has the white labelling feature.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for sharing that… SeScout is really a nice tool…..

  9. $50 a month is a bit high just to know where you stand on your seo efforts, Google Analytics is free.

    1. iheater says:


      You’re spot on. Get GA. It’s free and a great tool in my opinion.

      Great post though.

    2. SEscout says:

      We have multiple plans available for every budget starting at just FREE :).

      Google analytics is only helpful if you get traffic from a keyword. Since most traffic goes to the top 10 results( and of those, most to the top 3), you’re pretty much flying blind unless you’re at the top. We track to the 500th position which means that you can monitor your seo efforts on keywords that don’t even show up in analytics yet.

    3. I was also calculating the same, and why invest this much if other tools are available some of them are free also.

  10. Looks like a really powerful tool but tracking your analytics numbers and monitoring your affiliate commissions tracking does the same job does it not?

    I guess the ease of use is a big benefit to some.


    1. SEscout says:

      See comment above. Analytics is traffic based. Sescout is ranking based.

  11. ikki says:

    nice way to improve our blog in SEO

  12. WTF News says:

    Thanks for the post, will give it a try out.

  13. Devon Brown says:

    I enjoy posts like this that doesn’t require me to go poking around on their site to get the info I’m interested in. Thanks John! Awesome as always!

  14. I have subscription now with the free option, and no doubt they gives out the real values any blogger needs to make the desired position in the bloggers community around the internet and gain extra according to the planing work.

  15. fas says:

    SEO is so important that so many services are coming now.

  16. DUBturbo says:

    This product seems like a solid choice for people who want to track their SEO techniques. I find it difficult to use different free services to compile the same information that this service provides. Being able to log in any day and see a snapshot of your site’s placement in the serps is a much needed service.

    – Andrew

  17. This tool seems interesting

    I think i am going to test it soon enough


  18. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like a great tool. It’s definitely important to track your SEO progress over time. I’m a bit disorganized in my personal tracking and could probably benefit from something like this!

  19. James says:

    Thanks for the article on his. It sounds great. Also thanks for all the other feedback guys, its nice to hear other people backing it too. Must check it out.

  20. Like it! Anything about SEO rocks. I’m not too crazy about metrics, but it’s definitely good to know and to use proportionately!

    Nice Post John, as usual.


  21. I just started using this program and it works great.

  22. GTA 5 says:

    This SEO tool looks excellent!! I would like to try it to see how it is, thanks a lot John for this new discovery 😀

    1. John makes always some excellent discoveries for us and that’s why we are making some profit by blogging and making a way to live on blogging.

    2. I really do not think , John has discovered this tool.

  23. nintendo 3ds says:

    Will someone please tell me what are ‘push notifications’ and ‘white-label reports’ cause I guess that’s the only major difference between the basic and the essential program given that I am not much interested in their affiliate program.

  24. Seems to be a good service to maintain the SEO tactics, track the rankings and stuff. Let me try out the free version first before I plan to choose to go for a paid one.

  25. Neon SRT4 says:

    This is the Software which i am looking to track my keywords ranking. I signed up for free, and i will test it.

  26. I think the free version would serve my present needs, thanks for the good information.

  27. This is Useful Tool. Normally, i would check my efforts with Google Webmaster Tools. But they are always slow.

  28. anitha says:

    i use to check with Google webmaster and Google analytic’s

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