Trading Pounds for Dollars

They say the best way to make money online is to use your own assets but Patrick Curl is taking that to another level. You see, Patrick is a bit on the heavy site. OK, he’s a lot of the heavy side – 555 lbs to be exact. Patrick wants to loose weight and figure the best way to do that would be sell it off.

I am doing my own ‘Biggest Loser’ project. I’m am trying to find sponsors to basically pay me “only” if I can lose weight. So far I’ve lost 20 lbs since Jan 20th. My goal is to get at least $100 / pound. Which doesn’t sound like much, but for someone about to lose 300 lbs. That’s a $30,000 proposition.

I’m going to be featured on’s radio station. It’s a real fm Rock station here in Salt Lake City, possibly 100,000+ listeners. Parker – the programming manager / DJ is working on getting a package of sponsors together.

So, I thought I’d introduce myself, and see if you’d like to sponsor me. You could sponsor me w/ a dollar amount per pound of weight that I lose, or you could sponsor me with a certain dollar amount AFTER I reach the 100 lb mark or something similar.

OK Patrick, you got a deal! I’ll give you $1 per pound for the first 100lbs, $2 per pound for the second 100lbs and $3 per pound for the third 100lbs. Payment will be made in 100lb increments. Once you get to 455lbs, I’ll send you the first payment. Good luck!

If you would like to sponsor Patrick’s weight lost quest, visit his blog or email him at [email protected]

54 thoughts on “Trading Pounds for Dollars”

  1. Shaun Carter says:

    If money isn’t a motivator to lose a massive amount of weight I don’t know what is!

    1. Hmmm…how about being healthy and not dying at 50?

      “Help me lose, Sponsor a lb today!” He doesn’t have a chance. If he needs money as a motivation he’s finished before he even starts.

      Granted, I’ve never been as big as he is, but I was 40 pounds overweight two years ago, and I worked hard and lost it in a few months. I also quit smoking after a pack-a-day habit. I can tell you that money would not have motivated me nearly enough to be successful in either.

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        Well you are right that not dying prematurely SHOULD be a better motivator, but most people are more motivated by something they can see now rather than something that is decades down the road. This applies to many things other than health. Retirement savings for example… most people would rather spend today than save for thirty years from now.

      2. He might have all the motivation he needs and this is just a sweet way to earn 30K for something he was going to do anyway?

        1. Possibly – but every little bit more doesn’t hurt – and having a large network of people keeping ‘dibs’ on me doesn’t hurt either. — Also zig ziglar once said the surest way to overcome a bad habit, or build good ones is to throw everything you can at it. This is my attempt at throwing everything and more at this.

    2. says:

      With all that money, he’ll be eating cheeseburgers for weeks! 😉

      1. Ok now that makes sense. Can Patrick promise he won’t be buying burgers with the sponsors money?! Aside the jokes, it is a interesting way of monetizing “yourself” but doubt many will buy the fact that money will be your motivation, from other side, a case like this might turn out popular and get featured on magazines if you succeed.

        1. See, I’m also interested in seeing how the marketing of this goes — I know there was another person who had raised about $5,000 in sponsors – mostly friends and family though – but she was featured on the Rachel Rae show.

          I’m a big fan of marketing / seo, etc.. Whether you think it’s a good idea, or el-stupido – write up a blog post about my plight, and I’ll give you a review on my site as well. Even better if you can link to my site using the text: Fast weight loss, lose weight fast, weight loss, lose weight, or biggest loser.

  2. Michael Kwan says:

    When I saw the title to this post, I thought you were referring to British Pounds (GBP).

    1. Same here! And almost skipped over it.

      1. Blackysky says:

        Same here I was thinking more British pounds ahaha it will be a great idea if the show didn’t exist yet

    2. Yup, was wondering why you’d do that with the exchange rate the way it is lol

  3. This is a good idea to lose some massive poundage… I wish Patrick luck on his journey!

    1. Thanks for the support Andrew – stay tuned and see if I can do it.

  4. Poker Sharks says:

    Think you got that offer a bit wrong John.

    He is asking at least $100 for each pound lost, not $100 for each 100lbs lost.

    So your offer would need to be $100 per pound for the first 100lbs making $10,000 – then you have upped it to $20,000 for the next 100olbs, then a massive $30,000 for the final 100lbs.

    Totaling a very generous $60,000 for him to lose 300lbs, not the $600 you were expecting.

    Good job your blog isn’t legally binding… it?


    1. Uh, no. It sounds to me like he’s looking to get a total of $100 per pound pledged, and not expecting it all from one person. So now he needs another $99 per pound.

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        Correct, he’s after a combined 100 per pound from all sponsors.

        Johns offer is very generous though, nice work John!

  5. At first I thought this was another boring money conversion post! Glad I read it. Very unique idea, I wish him luck!

  6. Actually – I’d like $100 total, from all sources, doesn’t have to be one source, I’d even accept gifts like xbox, ps3, cars, houses, lol…. I figure 1000 people give just 10 cents and I’ll be out of debt, when I hit my goal weight.

    I just got off work, and almost had to change my pants, when I found out I’d got mentioned on John Chow.

    I’m excited to see how just the exposure will help, am also excited to collect on his deal.

    1. Hey Patrick,
      Hope the mention helps you out! I’ll be watching your blog closely. ;P Good luck!

    2. Good luck mate! I’m participating in something similar with details to be released on Friday. It seems losing weight is a popular topic these days 😉

  7. Mike Panic says:

    I’d say this would be gain a LOT more press if the money he was raising went in part or in full to the American Diabetes Foundation or some other just cause besides his pocket.

    1. Hey Mike, check my blog out within the next couple of days. I can’t spill the beans just yet but it’s along these lines… ❗

  8. j0sh says:

    I Think this is not a good idea in all honesty. THIS GUY COULD ENDANGER HIMSELF BY LOOSING TOO MUCH WEIGHT TOO QUICKLY. Given his current situation “poor health” this is a horrible idea and giving money could be a huge liability if he indeed injures himself from your incentive!

    1. Well, I am performing this under my Dr’s care and supervision. Heck he’s donated $1/lb to the pot.

  9. I appreciate all the comments positive and negative – but truly I first want to lose the weight, I’m going to lose it one way or another. Secondly, I’ve wanted to do gastric bypass which costs about 30,000 – and having the poorest credit imaginable, I think it’s fitting, that I might be able to raise enough – losing weight – to pay off all my debts, which is also enough to buy gastric bypass.

    I have many plans once I get on sure footing – physically / financially, including starting a ‘Green transportation company’ as I’m a big fan of Green businesses. Also I will take Mike Panic up on his suggestion. I will donate 25% of all that I receive to the American Diabetes Association – I have a number of friends with Diabetes, and I’m sure if I don’t change my lifestyle I will end up w/ Diabetes in the next 5 years or so. So Mike thanks for the Suggestion!

    1. That’s even better Patrick! All the best.

  10. Pay an obese man money to lose weight? I’ll pass 😎 I don’t have money to waste as it is, never mind to degrees of this pointlessness. He shouldn’t be obese in the first place, his choice but if he wants to lose weight on his own merit fine. Don’t see why he should be rewarded for it though.

    1. I was born obese. The doctor told my mom to put me on a special formula but she couldn’t afford it. So by year 1 I weighed twice what a 1 year old should weigh.

      My dad ran off before I was born, and I eventually ended up passed from one relative to the other. Food was pretty much my only friend.

      At age 12 – sixth grade I was wearing a size 50 pant. Now I’m at 74.

      Obesity, isn’t a choice for everyone – most obese people just don’t wake up fat. Food can be addicting, especially sugar / carbs – I’ve heard many doctors mention that sugar is more addicting than heroine – and tell me how a person makes it through life with out at least trying sugar.

  11. Ah – I think it is a great idea – cheeseburger powers ACTIVATE!

    It is about time some fat guys made money on weight loss! 🙂

    1. Amen brother – My next idea – is to do a multi-person blog, find some other chubbo’s like myself, (After I’m slim and trim of course)… Have weekly video challenges and competitions – be like the biggest loser only bigger.. and you don’t get eliminated till you reach your goal – but only be open to the truly obese like 50 bmi or greater.

  12. Mike says:

    Eat less, exercise more. Why make it complicated.

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      After a certain point, things do tend to get a lot more complicated as far as losing weight is concerned, but Patrick seems determined and I am sure that he will be able to reach his goal.

      Alan Johnson

  13. John Chow, I am sure you mean well, but I will have to scold you this time around. Why give your money to some fat fuck who wants to lose weight because he has had way too much to eat. Why dont you donate it to something really worthy, like victims of Canada’s Native Residential Schools. I am sure a lot of them never had enough money to put enough food in their mouths, in order to get fat in the first place, while fighting off the demons of being molested and raped while they were children, by white people and cops.

  14. Dom says:

    This is such a stupid idea, I don’t know where to begin?
    Why would you give money to someone who values wealth greater than he does his own life?

    You do realise that your money is just going to get spent on food, right?

  15. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he lost the 300lbs and gained it all back, and started this same $ for lb project once again in a couple of years? Hell, he could live the rest of his life just doing that. Try it in different parts of the world with GBP for kg or 1000 Yen for lb etc.

  16. Mike Huang says:

    WOW…talk about “money motivation”, but if he won’t shed pounds off for his HEALTH…it’s pretty much stupid.


    1. I’m doing this mostly for my wife – — but everyone and their neighbor is blogging about making money online – heck I was blogging about making money online, and then I read a post – about how the surest way to NOT make money online, was to BLOG about making money online, then I decided I was gonna find something else to blog about, so that I could make money online. LOL

      This is that idea — and I’m getting a ton of positive comments- – negative as well –and I’m not doing it JUST for money and gifts — I’m doing it because just the comments and emails I’ve been getting have been very motivational. Do you think the people on the biggest loser would be able to get where they are if they didn’t have a large support network? This is also my goal – to build a large network of people who are like ‘ GO PATRICK’ you can do it!

      If you can’t sponsor me w/ money, just writing a post or linking to my blog is all I want or need. I am morbidly obese, I’m huge, I’ve finally come to terms with how big I’ve gotten. I’ve also come to terms with a lot of the psychological crap that has blocked me from being successful – I am sooo ready for this.

      I’d love to have everyone’s support behind me, and just to have you subscribe to my feed, and drop me a line from time to time.

  17. $600 for 300 pounds, I hope he can do it.

  18. David Chew says:

    Earning money from that does bring it to a new level of the whole meaning of earning money. :mrgreen:

  19. Chip says:

    It is money by blogging, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter for what reason you earn that money. Patrick earns money by blogging. By blogging about he’s overweight.

    Note to myself: I really gotta stop going to McDonalds. I wish we had Burger King here in Romania.

    1. Hahaha, Burger King is worse for you then McD

  20. @Patrick – Let me know how it goes with your other ventures. I am negotiating a weight loss project now as well, so I will be watching! *grins*

  21. KNau says:

    It’s no more a waste of money than those stupid paid wikis you guys seem to love so much. It’s called “good will”, you could even post on your blog that you’re sponsoring the guy.

    1. That’s a big thing – think of it like this – you can sponsor me for as little as 10 cents per pound. Hold your payment till I lose 100 lbs, then pay me $10 at each 100 lb increment – and you will get a FREE link in my ‘sponsors’ section – even better if you’re a blogger you could put up a ‘Proud Sponsor of Patrick Curl’s Weight LOss Experiment” Link. Either way – try getting advertising on most other blogs for just $10-30 one time.

  22. Eva White says:

    An innovative way to loose weight and earn money at the same time. Wish you all the luck……

  23. Katie says:

    I hope he can lose all the weight he wants to lose. It’s nice you want to help him out. 😛

    ~Katie 😉

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