Trying Out The New Rob Feenie Menu At Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, we had a chance to head down to the Yaletown Cactus Club Cafe and sample the new Rob Feenie menu items plus enjoyed some of his old favorites. Chef Feenie is the Food Concept Architect at the Cactus Club Cafe, a chain of 20 restaurants with locations in British Columbia and Alberta. Chef Feenie is Canada’s Iron Chef, a title he earned when he defeated Masaharu Morimoto in Iron Chef America, Battle Crab. To this date, Chef Feenie has been the only Canadian chef to ever win against an Iron Chef.

The new Cactus Club menu contains three new signature dishes by Chef Feenie. Well, it’s actually two new dishes and one tweaked dish. In addition to the new items, the menu at Cactus Club Yaletown offered all the old RF signature dishes except for the BBQ Duck Clubhouse, which happens to be one of my favorite items (the Cactus Club in West Van has it).

Rob’s Hunter Chicken

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

The first new RF dish is simply call Rob’s Hunter Chicken and features a fresh full breast of chicken that has been brined to a juicy perfection for twenty four hours in a mixture of sugar, salt and spices. The chicken is then bedded on crispy oven roasted fingerling potatoes tossed in lemon thyme vinaigrette, crunchy buttered green beans and a rich four mushroom veal demi glace sauce. Damn! It was good!

Sake-soy Marinated Sablefish

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

The second new RF dish was the Sake-soy Marinated Sablefish. This Japanese inspired sablefish dish is a light and healthy choice (which really appealed to Sarah). The sablefish is baked and served with buttery fingerling potatoes, shiitake mushrooms and steamed asparagus in a pure dashi broth. One of the best sabelfish dishes I’ve ever tried.

Ravioli & Prawn Trio

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

This is the tweaked dish. It started life as the Butternut Squash Ravioli but Rob turned it into a signature appetizer by topping it each ravioli with a pan seared jumbo prawn and a crispy sage leaf. If you like the Butternut Squash Ravioli, you’ll love the Ravioli & Prawn Trio.

Beef Carpaccio

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

One of my all time favorite appetizer. Peppercorn-crusted tenderloin with grainy dijon aioli, pickled shallots, fried capers, parmesan and five-herb crostini. It just melts in your mouth.

Short Rib Sandwich

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

The short rib sandwich with caramelized onions, beef jus and emmental cheese on toasted sourdough. It’s real cool twist on the classic beef dip. It’s normally served with sea-salted fries but we subbed in the salad because if Sally Chow sees fries anywhere, she won’t eat anything else!

Prawn & Scallop Spaghetti

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

Prawn & Scallop Spaghetti, made with pan seared prawns and scallops, roasted tomato sauce, garlic and Parmesan crostini. This is one of the best pasta dish in Vancouver.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar

Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown

Rob showed off this dessert at Taste of Yaletown and it has become a best seller at Cactus Club. One bite and you’ll understand why. To this day Ed Lau still raves about it. The bar is made from smooth peanut butter and dark chocolate mousse top a crunchy chocolate base. Finished with caramel sauce, crunchy chocolate pearls and tahitian vanilla bean ice cream.

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36 thoughts on “Trying Out The New Rob Feenie Menu At Cactus Club Cafe Yaletown”

  1. The short rib sandwich looks great! But incredibly fatty! Nice looking food John!

    1. I am hungry now and my first choice is Prawn & Scallop Spaghetti

  2. Diabetis says:

    Those foods are simply moth watering.

    I wonder when could I taste that kind of food.

    1. John Chow says:

      Cactus Club is not that expensive. As a matter of fact, their prices are very reasonable for the quality of food.

      1. Diabetis says:

        My only problem now is that I am too far away from there.

      2. Good food but portions are somewhat small.

  3. Michael Kwan says:

    Beef carpaccio. Drool.

  4. Ed Lau says:

    House of…Yes?

    1. Ed Lau says:

      And yes, I love that peanut butter crunch bar. I don’t even like sweet stuff but I will demolish a plate of that stuff.

      1. Count me in on that! It looks taste-bud meltingly delicious. I’ll have seconds of that stuff any day!

        1. We would prefer a video of these as well.

          Looking really delicious.

    2. John Chow says:

      The Cactus Cafe has always been the House Of Yes! That neon is on every Cactus location.

    3. Michael Kwan says:

      Almost sounds like a Chingrish HK cafe name, doesn’t it?

      1. John Chow says:

        Like the House of Yan? LOL Cactus Club does have a lot of Vancouver culture influences.

  5. Sake-soy Marinated Sablefish, Wow!

    1. Definitely the tasty healthy alternative. It makes me want to go on diet……but then, looking at that dessert, hmmmmmmmmm, diet no way!

      1. Yes Diet can wait till we finish this meal … lolzz

  6. I was checking those photos out on Flickr.That food at that restaurant looks great! Did you need a “doggie bag”?I would not have….

    1. John Chow says:

      No doggie bag required. We managed to eat everything!

  7. Did you really need to post all these pictures? The fate wanted me to take a look at this post just when I was hungry…


  8. x10android says:

    looks like some good grub there!

  9. fas says:

    Even though I am full, looking at those pics, I become hungry all over again.

  10. My taste buds have started watering….Its time to eat something now…

  11. picxx says:

    Sorry mate, but it just seems like a tom yam without taste, some som tam (in the first pic) with no lemon at all, and that pasta looks like somthing taken stright out from the freezer! No kidding!

    1. Ed Lau says:

      What on earth is a Tom Yam?

      1. John Chow says:

        Your guess is as good as mine!

  12. veedid says:

    It looks great! I hope I can have a chance to taste it.

  13. The picture really make me hunger.

    1. Maximum photos of food at John Chow made us hungry again.

  14. S Ahsan says:

    John i love food as you do but i also cook :p.. I am planning to create a new section on my blog where i will post my personal cooking recipes once a while.. what do you think ? 🙂

  15. sandwich box says:

    That crunch bar looks massive! I might have to order that as my entree.

  16. Cash Genie says:

    Wow amazing dishes. I am so hungry right now that I was unable to go through whole of the post.

  17. seslisohbet says:

    Taste buds have started watering….Its time to eat something now maybe later

  18. I am hungry now and I think Prawn & Scallop Spaghetti is really inviting to me.

  19. Free Picks says:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar makes me hungry

  20. Hammad says:

    the cake looks delicious….:)

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