Trying To Look Rich Versus Being Rich

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle vlog, I got a viewer asking me how come I don’t wear a fancy Rolex or designer cloths to show people how rich I am? In other words, how come I don’t look rich? This is my answer. Also in the vlog, I show you some of the hardware I use to create my daily vlog post. Enjoy!

[youtube id=”ucz5deq9zrk” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

5 thoughts on “Trying To Look Rich Versus Being Rich”

  1. When you have freedom, you need not flaunt freedom JC. I dress like a bum LOL. But I am writing these words from Thailand. I’ll be here for 7 weeks. Then off to a month in New Zealand. Simple selfies and nature shots to inspire my readers are what I am about. As for bragging or flashiness, I let the folks who feel less than do that stuff.


  2. Tendai M. says:

    Hi John,
    How do you recommend investing the extra money for the best returns at low risk? I know in another video you say you closed down your offline print shop because you were able to make more online. But where would you reinvest the cash flow you save from keeping expenses low. Would you, I guess, open a restaurant, go to the stock market or start another website?

  3. John,

    Happy to learn and tap into your expertise of how to make money online.

    I am more than thrilled that I am slowly but surely going to earn money while I sleep too.

    I am learning from the best in the industry. No doubt about it.

    Thanks indeed for inspiration.

  4. ENRIQUE says:

    Your start of the day looks better than a lot of other people’s end of the weeks. I hope the end of my days start looking like the start of your days soon.

  5. Jon says:

    Hi John,

    Your advice about choosing to be genuinely rich rather than just looking rich goes over the heads of so many young people today who are addicted to the stars of social media.

    One of the reasons that most Western countries have enormous numbers of people in debt is that the habit of saving has become outmoded. Nobody wants to save or curb their spending.

    Some of the same people will moan about spending fairly small amounts of money to start an online business but think nothing of blowing their monthly salary on expensive outings within a few days of getting paid. Without financial discipline it is impossible to make any progress on the path to real wealth.

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