TTZ Media Opens Online Catalog for Affiliates

We’ve been working on this catalog for a while and it’s finally ready to go. If you go to the front page of you’ll noticed that it features a ton of products. There’s also a list of the most popular products and the most recent price drops. TTZ Media affiliates can send traffic to this catalog using their affiliate ID and make money from any resulting clicks to vendors.

The catalog features thousands of products with prices and links to the online stores selling them. When a reader clicks on a price link and visits the online store, you make money for sending the click. Right now, most of the products are technology related but we will be adding more categories later.


How To Link To The Catalog

There are two ways to link to the catalog. The first is a simple URL link which looks like this: The xxxx is your affiliate ID. You can find your ID in your affiliate control panel. You can cloak the id behind a redirect if you like. Many affiliates will link to the catalog in their blog navigation menu using a description like “Shop” or “Find Low Price.”

The second way to link to the catalog is to show the “Power by TTZ Media” link in your TTZ Media ads.

TTZ Media gives affiliates the option to display “Power By TTZ Media” or not display it. If you display the notice, it will be automatically link to the catalog with your affiliate ID. Any resulting vendor clicks from readers visiting the catalog will be credited to you. Enjoy the new catalog. Let me know what you think. Look for more features to be added soon.

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47 thoughts on “TTZ Media Opens Online Catalog for Affiliates”

  1. I’m gonna go give it a try for my blog. Nice to see it finally available!

    1. Gary Jones says:

      Will there be a future option to park a domain to it with my own ‘name’ or ‘logo’ on the site?

      1. John Chow says:

        Co-branded versions of the catalog is in the works.

        1. Kiltak says:

          Awesome John, I really hope you guys come out with this before Christmas.. this could be worth a small gold mine.

        2. What is the % of revenue per referral ?

  2. Wow, great service. I might be trying it out for my blog, but I don’t know if I should currently…I don’t really have that many ads on my blog at all and I like to keep it that way. Oh well, but awesome service though John. Also can ya check my email, I just sent you one.

  3. Israel says:

    i dont quite get it but i will check it out.

    1. Kiltak says:

      Uh Dude…. How can you *NOT* get it?

      1- You tell people to shop on TTZ media
      2- People click on your affiliate link
      3- People click on various products
      4- You make money


      1. Jeff Kee says:

        I second that. “Affiliate Marketing” is the definition! 🙂

  4. Aaron Cook says:

    Congratulations on getting it launched. Hard work always pays off! 🙂

    Shine on,

  5. Ah, very nice. I’ll be sure to check it out. 🙂

  6. JCYL says:

    Gee, you guys are fast! 😀

    I’d love to join this network but unfortunately the products sold do not match the content of my blog.

    1. John Chow says:

      Start a new blog. 😈

      1. JCYL says:

        Haha! I wish, but I don’t know enough about electronics to write anything useful.

        Hey John, I was so inspired by your story in mingpao several weeks ago; that was what got me started on my blog which I had abandoned for years! Hopefully I can keep on writing and make some money to pay for my uni tuition; a debt of well over $250K! 😡 😡

      2. Sensible I suppose, I was thinking of a way of getting on the TTZ bandwagon

  7. Good stuff John! I’m loving TTZ… especially the idea of a co-branded catalog option. Like someone else said, hopefully you roll this out before Christmas.

  8. Jo says:

    John, are you up for an investment in a new business idea?

  9. drt says:

    Well, I have to wait for another entry before I can add this catalog. The reason is, every time I edit my blog to correct some typo for example, I have to recopy the whole codes of TTZ ads, (or Auction Ads, or even Google video codes) since for whatever reason, when I edited it using the “code” editor, it wraped all the codes together. Someone said the reason of that was due to the fact that wordpress doesn’t like Javescript. Hm, I don’t think we can ask John to change his code. But where is the sample code you want to send me John? 😆

    1. John Chow says:

      I have no problems with the codes when using WordPress with the HTML editor. The only time you will run into problem is with the visual editor.

      1. drt says:

        That’s strange. In order to paste those codes, I have to switch to HTML editor. But once I published and wanted to re-edit it, the code just wrapped together so when I saved it again, for example, the TTZ ad without using the adsense plugin would disappear from the page. Somehow something is wrong with my wordpress then. For example, I had to edit my last post few times. The first time I reedit it the Google video disappeared. so did the Auction Ads. To do the trick, the second time I edit it, I just simply recopied the codes and paste them on top of the old codes. That’s how I did it, and it worked. But I still could not put your 250 x 250 ad as a floating ad. Haven’t had time to experiment with it further. Any one have a pointer on how to solve it? Thanks.

        1. Kiltak says:

          When posting ads containing Embed or Script code.. just disable the visual editor.. or just use the “code” tab, never use the wysiwyg tab..

          1. Aris says:

            Thanks, Kitak. Will try it when I add a new post. Basically I will just disable the wyswyg editor then use the code tab.

  10. I’m still actively brainstorming of niche sites I can promote TTZ media ads on. Seems like a great program.

  11. An affiliate program! 😀

  12. David Savage says:

    So far I’m pretty satisfied with TTZ. I’m only showing one ad on the homepage and it has made about $2 compared to adsense only making $1.75 and adsense is actually sitewide. I’ve just put the TTZ ads by the google ads, lets see how they perform against each other 👿

    Also, I love the click analyzer, now i can see what my visitors are most likely to click on and I can show more of those types of ads.

    Great system John, can’t wait for the first payout!

    1. drt says:

      Wait a moment, please. What is the click analyzer? Where to find it? Thanks.

  13. KingJacob says:

    Have yall set up an affiliate program for ttz media the ad network?

    1. John Chow says:

      That is coming. We are working on that right now.

      1. KingJacob says:

        good to hear that.

      2. That answers my previous question. I bet you’ll let us know when it is ready right? 😛

  14. Dandruff says:

    Great Job John ! I am going to try this for sure.

  15. Yeah John… I wouldn’t mind promoting your TTZ Media through an affiliate program.

    Can you let us know when you have via your newsletter or here.

  16. John Hood says:


    As always, terrific brand integration. I’ve now added the code to my site and will monitor its progress during the upcoming holiday season!

    Best Regards,


  17. this is super cool, i’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

  18. Neil Duckett says:

    Off Topic – Nice work Smashing through 10K subscribers J.C!

    1. Off topic again, but you appear to be sneaking back up Google’s rankings, I’ve got you on page 4 for “make money online”

  19. Michael says:

    I have bookmarked it. Will check it out when I have more time.

  20. Thank you for this very valuable information.

  21. bookmarked it… will try it when i have some more traffic

  22. KingJacob says:

    Who owns shopping ads?

  23. I applied a while ago, received an email saying I would hear back in a couple of days, but still no word. Are we supposed to receive and official rejection or acceptance email?

  24. Tony says:

    I applied and got accepted, but I decided to use widgetbucks instead. I am not here to spread propaganda or anything, but widgetbucks is paying $0.60/click. I am unsure on whether widgetbucks will pay or not but that is the risk I have to take.

  25. Bujes says:

    Now you have enough feautures and I’ll sing up to see if I can earn anything from this program.

  26. Marcus says:

    Sorry to post this here John.

    I changed my password in my TTZ Media affiliates, and now I can’t log in, as the login panel won’t accept a password over a set amount of characters.

    I have tried getting the password through the “Forgotten Password” form, but the e-mail never arrives (not in junk or any other filters).

    Could you please help?

    Also, just so that you know. Under IE6 some of the content appears halfway down the page, rather than at the top…

  27. Marcus says:

    P.S. Reason I post here is because I can’t find a contact e-mail address on the TTZ site…

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