TTZ Media WordPress Plugin

Karol Krizka has created the first WordPress plugin for TTZ Media Ads. The new plugin, call TTZ Media Product Showcase, allows you to insert a targeted TTZ ads into a post with your own custom keywords. This will be very helpful for publishers who review or write about a lot of different products.

The TTZ Media Product Showcase plugin lets you specify what products to advertise on post by post basis by letting you choose your keywords when adding the ad block. The “adding” works similarly to the AdSense Deluxe plugin, meaning that you use the following HTML code to add advertisements to a post: <!–ttz#product,keywords–>.

Quick Installation Instructions

  1. Sign up for TTZ Media
  2. Place the plugin file into wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Enable through the admin panel
  4. Go to Options->TTZ Media Configuration page of your admin panel to configure the plugin
  5. Change the User ID to your affiliate membership code that you can find on top of your TTZ Media dashboard
  6. Create a new template
  7. Insert ads into your posts by adding the following HTML code: <!–ttz#productname–>

You can also include TTZ ads in your WordPress template by using the following line of code: <?php ttz_ad(’template’,’list,of,keywords’) ?>. The template name and the keywords are optional. If you don’t enter any keywords, the plugin will used the default TTZ keywords. If there is enough interest, Karol will work on a TTZ sidebar widget.

Download TTZ Media Product Showcase 0.1

57 thoughts on “TTZ Media WordPress Plugin”

  1. Stephen says:

    Neato burrito. I’ll give that a try a little later.

    1. Israel says:

      you can do this with wp ads plugin. serves the same purpose.

      1. I was thinking that just now. I’m already using the wp-ads plugin to serve TTZ ads.

        1. Israel says:

          doesnt it work great? i love it. its how i serve ads and some non ads on my blogs.

  2. Gary Lee says:

    looks like something i need to try for . . . .

    1. Mike says:

      yeah possibly!

  3. Gdog says:

    Sweet…first things first, gotta sign up…;)

    1. Israel says:

      wow, you are late. why didnt you sign up when it was first launched?

  4. Shawn Knight says:

    looks nice, ill have to give it a try 🙂

  5. Joe says:

    Not bad.. was looking for something like this. Might try it out.

  6. bloggernoob says:

    john did you pay him to make it for you? or did he agree to do it for free for a plug?

    1. John Chow says:

      He just made it. I never asked or anything.

      1. drt says:

        He is smart. The exposure by John Chow pays him more than what you can pay or you’re willing to pay him. 😈

      2. Israel says:

        one of the many perks of being you. lol.

  7. Kabatology says:

    The END OF BLOGRUSH. I scraped off Blogrush from my blog and coincidentally my page views practically rose by 10. (x10). I’m very certain that is the end of it for me.

    1. Israel says:

      haha, me too. done with. i am trying entre card, but only for a little bit. the good thing about that one is that people may actually visit your site to drop their card, so atleast you get a unique visitor from that.

      1. Kabatology says:

        That’s good news, never heard of it before. THX.
        Ha it seems someone mentioned it at ShoeMoney.

  8. says:

    Who has used TTZ and likes it? I’m curious.

    1. Domtan says:

      We are not TTZ users, yet. But thus far, those who’ve used it seem to be satisfied with it.

    2. Kabatology says:

      Still trying it out, has better filters than Adsense, so you can choose just what you want for your blog.

    3. Karol Krizka says:

      I use TTZ because I find it much better than WidgetBucks. It’s true that TTZ’s admin interface does need an improvement, however the actual ad blocks (which is what matters!) are much better than those slow loading WidgetBuck flash banners. I have not used any other shopping comparator type advertisements.

  9. Domtan says:


    How do you, yourself, rate the TTZ as a publisher program, from scale of 1 to 10? In all honesty.

    1. dfw says:

      TTZ is owned by john chow so he is going to be a bit biased. 😆

      1. Domtan says:

        Ofcourse. That is why the question was put to John particularly. To see how he rates his own program, “in all honesty.”

    2. John Chow says:

      It’s a 10 for sure! :mrgreen:

  10. Mike Huang says:

    Hopefully I’ll qualify for TTZ Media the next time I sign-up 🙂


  11. Neato, wish I had time to work on the “tech” review site a little more, i really want to see how will TTZ media work as it integrates very well with the content.

  12. Dave says:

    I have TTZ Media incorporated into my sites and blogs. They works very well for content of my computer related sites and Baby Boomers FAQ. The best thing is they make money every day. Much better than Adsense.

    1. Israel says:

      i have it up on a game site and i think it works great, gets good clicks, i may even replace the other ads with it.

  13. Dj Flush says:

    I so want to use TTZMedia on my Blog JohnChow

    But I can’t register because they don’t offer payouts to people living in Pakistan

    That is one very very big disappointment for me

    1. John Chow says:

      We offer payment by check but the min payout is $100.

      1. Israel says:

        $100 , darn it. i got a long ways to go john. you are evil mister.

        1. probably john knows that people using it will reach it quite quickly 😛

        2. Kabatology says:

          Minimum payout threshold is currently $25.00. with paypal.

  14. dave says:

    I have TTZ Media incorporated into my blog Baby Boomers FAQ The ads match the content well. The best part is they make money every day. What is the average CTR? Any body can tell me?

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      Is it kinda like a secret and CTR should not be mention? Don’t it show on your daily report?

      1. dave says:

        Thanks. what I am referring to is the average CTR for TTZ Media Network. Then, I would know if my CTR is good enough as compared to average TTZ Media Network.

        David Au – Baby Boomers FAQ author

  15. charles says:

    What does “Reward Author:___% of impressions go to the author.” mean in the Options->TTZ Media Configuration page of your admin panel? Will I just leave it alone? 🙂

    1. drt says:

      I thought the default is 50/50. 😀

  16. Neil Duckett says:

    Looks like a few issues accessing the download from my end … anyone else get the same?

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      I’m getting an error too, but I have no idea what the issue is. I have contacted the support staff to see what is up.

    2. Karol Krizka says:

      It’s back up now. 🙂

  17. johnCard says:

    i’ve always wanted to try ttz ads, but won’t want to piss off google.

    1. John Chow says:

      TTZ ads does not violate the Google AdSense TOS in any way.

  18. TTZ has been kicking ass for me lately

    1. Israel says:

      whats the joke? fill me in.

      1. Yes i am all at sea too. What’s so funny?

  19. TTZ, mm, not so much for me… perhaps I have the wrong blog type.


  20. akshay says:

    ttz is nt a gud program to get high paid……..moreover site layout luks odd

  21. akshay says:

    where is my comment gonee here 😕

  22. Dandruff says:

    Great info !! Thanks for sharing John.

  23. Rich Sage says:

    HI John,
    Any income calculation info for TTZ Media that I can look at?

  24. Looks pretty cool, very innovative idea.

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