Turn Your Apple iPad Into a Teleprompter with The Pad Prompter

I’ve been looking for a teleprompter for a while now. My search led me to OneTakeOnly.com and their Pad Prompter. As the name suggest, the Pad Prompter is a teleprompter designed to work with the Apple iPad.

A teleprompter is a device used in television and moviemaking to project a speaker’s script right in front of the camera lens. With a Teleprompter, you do not need to look down to consult written notes. You appear to have memorized the speech or be speaking spontaneously, looking directly into the camera lens. It’s great for news reporting or sales presentations.

Teleprompters are normally used in professional studios, and are quite expensive. However, thanks to advancing technology and the Apple iPad, you can now set up a teleprompter rig for less than $1,000. That’s still not cheap, but it’s within reach of many hobbyist videographers.


The Pad Prompter is specifically designed to work with an Apple iPad. The device takes up about the same amount of space as 13″ notebook and is a lot more portable than the typical teleprompter. The Pad Prompter is fairly easy to set up, and come with all the mounting hardware to attach it to a 15mm rail system.

The iPad sits at the base of the Pad Prompter, and the script is reflected onto the Pad Prompter’s 70/30 Beam Splitter glass. The app used to deliver the script is call Teleprompt+. The system works really well. The script was very easy to read in front of the lens, and completely invisible from the camera side. Here’s a short video of the entire setup in action.

The Pad Prompter is available direct from OneTakeOnly.com for $399 ($279 without mounting hardware). You won’t find a better iPad teleprompter at that price.

4 thoughts on “Turn Your Apple iPad Into a Teleprompter with The Pad Prompter”

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    Don’t need one but I’m sure those who does will acquire after they read this review.

  2. It is new thing for me. Before reading this post I used to thought that people reading news on tv news channels have lot of learning skills. But now I know the truth. Great Share John

  3. Very cool! I use a prompted that is on a website when I shoot my videos. The trick with all of these is to set the correct speed so it all appears natural.

  4. faisal says:

    Very few need this.

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