TwitPub – Would You Pay To Read Premium Tweets?


With the explosive growth of Twitter, it’s only a matter of time before marketers try to make money from the service. I’ve made a post on how I made $306 in 24 hours with Twitter. There are many ways to make money with Twitter. Some are pretty neat and others are just off the deep end. TwitPub may not be off the deep end, but it’s pretty close to the water.

What TwitPub does is offer “Premium Tweets” that people will pay for. Where will these premium tweets come from? This is where you come in. You set up a new Twitter account, or use your current account, and offer your Tweets to followers who will pay you whatever subscription price you ask. I would imagine it would be best to set up a new account in a niche that you’re interested in, say Daily Success Quotes, and keep the tweets to that topic. Then you set the account to private so only people who pay can read the tweets.

TwitPub will manage the subscriptions, list your premium tweet channel in their market place and takes a 20% cut of subscription sales. The other 80% goes to you. You set the subscription price to whatever you want. Right now, it looks like everyone is asking for a dollar a month.

Personally, I think TwitPub is a nonstarter. I can’t see it taking off or even leaving the airfield. It’s hard enough getting people to pay for premium blog content. Getting people to pay for premium tweets (especially if publisher is an unknown quality) is going to be like banging your head on the wall. Still, I give TwitPub some creativity points for coming up a new concept in Twitter monetization.

53 thoughts on “TwitPub – Would You Pay To Read Premium Tweets?”

  1. Tyler says:

    I’d never pay for premium tweets. No one is that important/cool enough to follow! 🙂

    Tyler’s last blog post: Visitor Trending: When To Publish?

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Hi Tyler, this model is really skewed towards the dumpster. However there might be something in it if the funnel would be flipped other way around.

      Either you would get money to receive these premium tweets (companies solve their problems with money) or you could make money by attaching an ad of your choice to your tweet.

      Hmm, one more comes to mind, you tweet and random monetary prize goes to one of your readers. Prize levels would be related to audience mix, general topic and size of readership.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Saving the world

  2. blackysky says:

    why pay them when you can do it alone ??? you can put your profile to private and collect the money alone .. no need to share it…

    but it is a supid idea unless you had something very useful like specific stuff and tips or coupons…..

    blackysky’s last blog post: 100% of Internet Marketers are liars and I will tell you why

  3. I can’t see that many people paying to receive tweets! The information cant be that good…

    Tom –’s last blog post: Are Bloggers Early Adopters?

  4. Carl Nelson says:

    This must be a 2-week-late April Fool’s Day joke. That’s the only possible explanation.

  5. mike says:

    twitter making money hmmm….i need to open up my eyes badly

    mike’s last blog post: Ciara shows off body in Men’s Fitness Magazine Hot!!!

  6. Bradley says:

    Hey John have you tried to offer premium content on on this blog?
    ~I know that shoemoney has got his premium tools~
    Iam pretty sure if you get some tools together you could do something similiar…. adnetworks/adsense/abrite rotator scripts… “tool of the month”, etc..~

    lol that’s my rant for today.

    Bradley’s last blog post: Product Launch Formula 2: Grab it Quick

    1. Jake Stone says:

      I’d rather read premium restaurant reviews than have another toolbox whole seller on the block.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: Saving the world

  7. David Risley says:

    I’m not really seeing it, either. However, I did the math today on my own blog and the money could be interesting if people go for it. I’d only see it working for certain markets. Stock alerts? Don’t really know.

    See my post about it below.

    David Risley’s last blog post: Sell Premium Tweets With TwitPub – Say What?

    1. Bradley says:

      I know of 2 programs that offer a premium stock/forex picks daily/weekly ~ monthly subscription sites doing of 97$ and they are getting HUGE numbers of signups.

  8. Akmal Wardak says:

    This is bullshit!
    I won’t even spend a dime on listening to Obama’s tweets. I don’t even think this service is worth mentioning in JohnChow.

    Akmal Wardak’s last blog post: See Your Friends on a Map and Get in Touch Using Google Latitude

  9. MLDina says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters. It’s kind of a case of ‘why buy the cow…’ Sure, you can pay for premium content and services, and some people do (SEO tools, blog themes)- which is worth it in a lot of instances. But premium tweets? You’d better be offering the sun, moon and stars- and a lot of guaranteed money- to have a chance at that kind of service taking off. Then again, some things that became popular have ended up surprising me, so who knows?

  10. I think TwitPub will be useful where updates are required realtime say for instance tips for Stocks …or any other related application….could be chance for Stock brokers to pile up some money 🙂

  11. Agree with others that this does not look viable. I would not pay for any tweets nor would be sitting on twitter tweeting away expecting others to pay.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Free 60 Day BJ Wholesale Membership!!

  12. Melody says:

    Heck no!…Twitter has only be out for like two seconds and it’s already saturated with spam and poor marketing tactics..

    nope nope nope..wouldn’t do it..

    Melody’s last blog post: My Progression as an Artist. From 5 Years Old to 20.

  13. This idea only makes sense for a very limited subset of twitter users. I wouldn’t go as far as “no potential”, but they’re going to have to hustle for it. Hard.’s last blog post: Traffic: Search Engine Optimization – SEO

  14. Money Blog says:

    I really think one of the biggest pros of twitter, it’s to be completly free.Yes we have to give credit with creativity.

  15. I give them credit for at least trying something new. And really who knows until you try.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: How To Get People To Keep Reading Your Blog

  16. Tran Harry says:

    Sounds more like paying for Twitter spam if you ask me, maybe they’ll be at the bottom feeding end, charging 0.01 cent per user per tweet they receive.

    Tran Harry’s last blog post: A Different Perspective to “This Crisis”

  17. Nishadha says:

    I can see this service useful only for specific niches , where a good tip might be worth paying for ( eg – stocks , Forex trading ) , speaking for myself I wouldn’t mind paying to follow a successful Forex trader 😉

    Nishadha’s last blog post: TwitPub – get paid for your tweets

  18. Ant says:

    Cool! You should take a look at this bost about how companies could integrate Twitter. Some fantastic ideas!

    Ant’s last blog post: Why I Love Tumblr

  19. What your blog says is tru enough. There is a 50/50 chance that the new monetization thing of Twitter could earn a lot, but who knows? We people have the will to transform anything for the better, or yet, for the worst. But I also think that Twitter is really creative with the monetization ideas. They are great ways to earn money if you know how to use them to your advantage.

    Tyrone – Internet Business Path’s last blog post: Moving Your Business Online

  20. What your blog says is true enough. There is a 50/50 chance that the new monetization thing of Twitter could earn a lot, but who knows? We people have the will to transform anything for the better, or yet, for the worst. But I also think that Twitter is really creative with the monetization ideas. They are great ways to earn money if you know how to use them to your advantage.

    Tyrone – Internet Business Path’s last blog post: Moving Your Business Online

  21. i don’t think anyone would be willing to pay $.99 to follow what went through my normal life. but what i really think ppl would be willing to pay is for niche information. well some really good information on options call, forex, investment tips that i could really use and make bigger money from it.

    or more on sports betting where someone with a good track record of predicting winning teams offer a premium twitter account where i could follow n ride on his right predictions

  22. Zombie_Plan says:

    I couldn’t see this working. I mean, to be honest, if I was confronted with a choice between paying for one person’s informative tweets, or reading another’s for free, I’ll go with the latter. I like Twitter for the social aspect as well as the sharing of news, so the idea of paying is rather repulsive to me. I love Twitter and can’t see it being as good if it cost to read and meet people.

    Zombie_Plan’s last blog post: The High End Of Low – Marilyn Manson

  23. Silvia says:

    I also think it is something like a joke.

    Silvia’s last blog post: Прохождение гры Godfather 2 – Крестный отец 2

  24. I’d never pay for something like this

  25. I suppose time dependent information such as stock quotes could get subscribers to pay money. But the business model described here is a bit of a non-starter.

    Garry – thisimprovedlife’s last blog post: Those Scales Must Be Broken

  26. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I don’t think this can be working well. It makes sense if we pay for a blog content, but not a tweet which just a short message with few words.


  27. i dont think it would be worth paying for twitts,
    i would better pay for some e-books from Probloggers,

    Career Gears-Education Guide’s last blog post: CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

  28. Paul U says:

    There is no way that I would pay for it.

  29. Eden says:

    Never! We already have Twitter groups, such as Stock Twits (for investors), that provide huge value for free.

    Eden’s last blog post: Site Redesign and Comment Improvements

    1. eden is right, Stock Twits is huge and free! Been able to connect with so many people from that site and have paid nothing!

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Modest Gains and Better Earnings.

  30. Some one will pay 🙂

    1. ofcourse that is true in any venture, somebody will pay, but will enough pay to make this a viable revenue generating stream for the creator? that is the real question at hand.

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Modest Gains and Better Earnings.

  31. I don’t really see this taking off either. I think that the only people who will be able to really get away with using this are some of the celebrities on Twitter. There are a lot of fans that’d be willing to pay to see content from one of their favorite celebrities, but other than that, I don’t see it.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  32. fas says:

    Paying to read 140 characters does not sound too lucrative to me.

    fas’s last blog post: How To Use Viral Marketing

  33. I would never pay for tweets. Why would I if the information can be found free. You just have to look a little closer.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Case Study: How Work At Home Homepage Got High Page Rank PR4

  34. BensonHedges says:

    Just checked them out and apparently they are picking up quite a following. If you actually do visit their website, you can check out some ot ther content. I can see that they are trying to create a marketplace for Twitter and maybe some Twitter-ers might even try selling some niche content. I also saw the guy selling StockTips is alraedy getting some subscriptions. So maybe Twitpub is not a bad idea afterall. Who knows really. I have seen some early ideas seen as unaccepted but later became a big thing.

  35. They should have made it a “pay to buy” followers kind of website. But still, there is no guarantee that a person will continue following forever after payment 🙂

  36. Leandro says:

    “I can’t see it taking off or even leaving the airfield” but… On the other hand, it can be a money making machine, I mean, forget about premium content tweets but focus on premium contests or, zoodiac stuff. It all depends on what we can offer.

    It has some limited pontencial. Nice one.

    Thanks John.

  37. TradeProfits says:

    I don’t think I would pay for tweets but who knows! It sure has to be some vaueble words!

    TradeProfits’s last blog post: 100 % Accurate signals – 100% Bullshit

  38. Bati says:

    Twitter could make money?i want to have a try.
    PS: I open John Chow slowly in China,sad.

    Bati’s last blog post: Gmail added recipient proposed function

    1. There’s lots of ways to make money using Twitter.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  39. Glucy says:

    Getting people to pay for content online is getting very difficult.

    Glucy’s last blog post: Down Memory Lane

  40. L.A. says:

    This will not be an easy task, i know i would not pay for tweets. I have found a new way to shop and earn money.
    Download your FREE Shopping Genie and start saving & making money.

  41. The publishers should be paid CPC 🙂


  42. diabetic man says:

    thanks for the links… dream to make a lot of money from twitter

  43. Thank you for sharing these links. Very much appreciate the content.

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  44. Dan says:

    honestly speaking, don’t think I will pay cos theres no much other options available…. 😉

    Dan’s last blog post: Recommended WordPress Plugins

  45. Pay in order to read so-called “Premium Tweet”? OMG they gotta be kidding me! Okay… maybe I’m old.

  46. SEO Guy says:

    I will never pay for content on the Internet. Its bad enough the government is trying to get money out of us by taxing SEMers

    SEO Guy’s last blog post: California Internet Sales Tax Bill Will Cost The State Money

  47. Michael Zhao says:

    It depends on what it is…but then again, there is always something out there that’s free!

    Michael Zhao’s last blog post: End of Second Week.

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