Twitter Contest – Win a $497 Blog Mastermind Course

It’s time to hold my first Twitter only contest. That’s right, the only way to enter this contest is by being on Twitter. The contest is going to be really simple to enter and I will have some really nice prizes up for grabs, starting with a $497 membership into the Yaro Stark’s Blog Mastermind program. I’ll add more prizes in the coming days but this will be a good start. If you wish to offer a prize in exchange for some press, send me an email. I’m looking for big prizes that cost hundreds of dollars.

Blog Mastermind is by far the most complete course on blogging that I have ever came across. If you follow the six month course, there should be no reason why you couldn’t make full time income with part time blogging. Yaro has students making up to $30,000 per month with blogs valued at $5 million. I highly recommend anyone who’s thinking about making money by blogging to enroll in this course. Here’s how you can win it.

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. Tweet the following message to your followers

    Just entered the $497 Blog Mastermind contest. You can win by following @JohnChow and retweet. He follows back too!

The script I’m using to track entries is set up to detect so make sure you have that item if you want to create your own tweet. This contest is open to anyone in the Twitter world. The winner will be announce at the end of the month or when I hit 10,000 followers, whichever comes first. Good luck and enter now!

What Is Twitter Anyway?

For the dozen or so people who are still in the dark about what Twitter is and why they should be on it, this video should help explain it in plain English.

180 thoughts on “Twitter Contest – Win a $497 Blog Mastermind Course”

  1. Barock says:

    I had twet it John… thanks. wish me luck

    1. BOOOOOOOO double post!!! πŸ˜›

      1. Barock says:

        Yeah i’m so sorry, it’s really unexpressly…

        1. I have entered too John πŸ™‚

          1. Pallab says:

            I am in too.

  2. Barock says:

    I had twit it John… thanks. wish me luck

  3. Pretty nice offer you have here, John. This course really looks helpful.

  4. Nice contest! Good luck to everyone who participates

  5. I really have to get on this twitter business lol

    1. Richard M says:

      Twitter is addicting once you join you’ll never want to leave. The Power Twitter firefox extension is a must have, unless of course you prefer TweetDeck.

    2. You should create a Twitter account. It’s great.

  6. John says:

    i twittered away…trying to use it more now these day so this is a nice start.

  7. Entered, what a great prize. πŸ™‚

  8. contentpig says:

    Awesome contest I’m in! Also just noticed in the paragraph after the twitter instructions you have a typo for your twitter username should read @johnchowdotcom

  9. i twtd it as well, wish me luck guys

    good luck to all of you as well πŸ™‚


  10. Great contest John, that course by Yaro is incredible. I’m in and I hope you get lots of contestants. Twitter is such a useful tool.

  11. David Hobson says:

    I just posted a tweet about the contest.

  12. jesse says:

    Great stuff John , im glad you jumped on the twitter contest bandwagon , I wish everyone the best πŸ˜›

  13. Mikkel says:

    Have tweeted it! (;

  14. Henrik says:

    I am in! Looks like twitter is working as I found this post through the link on twitter πŸ˜‰
    Is it just me or does it seem like Twitter is just exploding over the last few weeks?

  15. Webatlantis says:

    I am in too.. Just tweeted it..

  16. Just done! πŸ˜‰
    John knows hot to get traffic!! πŸ™‚
    The course is a great gift!!!

  17. Mukhammad says:

    I wish to get money

  18. Check it out following you ramblings and sent message and sent you tweet..OK NOW SEND PRIZE…. Thanks The Duke

  19. Sean says:

    Awesome, I love money, and free stuff! Tweeted, thanks John!

  20. Pheak Tol says:

    everybody is doing twitter contests! tweet, tweet!

  21. Rich says:

    Awesome contest John, you continue to deliver.

  22. I have tweet it. Wish me luck

  23. wow this is the 3rd or 4th Twitter contest I’ve seen over the weekend. I guess this is the “new facebook” that all must get

  24. Done as @sensonize πŸ˜€

  25. More Twitter spam.
    If more than 5 people I followed on twitter sent the same tweet, I’d see it as spam and stop following them straight away.
    The sooner Twitter stop this type of self promotion the better otherwise it will just become another spam service.

  26. Zak Show says:

    Done as @Zakshow

  27. Hmmm.. Sounds a lot like ShoeMoney’s contest. Excellent prize though. Good luck everyone!

  28. Done….I love contests

  29. TStrump says:

    Tweeted and entered your contest.

  30. Nice prize…I’ve been listening to some of Yaro’s students in podcasts that he has up on his blog and there’s some great content there. Definitely an awesome course and well worth the up front cost in value.

    I’ll just mosey on over to Twitter and add ya…with the tweet of course.

  31. GP says:

    I entered for this as well. I twittered this just now. Thanks for another great contest John.

  32. @E_BusinessBlog done to tweeted and entered your contest.

  33. Hi John

    You just got me listening. That prize is amazing….

    Just twittered about it, of course. πŸ™‚

  34. Achute says:

    Just twitted this contest . Thank you for hosting such a contest

  35. Chef Patrick says:

    Awesome prize, pick me pick me πŸ™‚

  36. John U always do innovative things i wish all the best and eagerly waiting for the results …


  37. Pretty nice offer you have here, John. I had twit it John… thanks. wish me luck

  38. Reyn Aria says:

    I love that course and of course I’m in!

  39. jessylingmy says:

    hmm…very clear explanation of twitter. I think many still don’t understand twitter.

  40. I’ve definitely wanted to be a part of that course ever since I’ve heard about it. Thanks.

  41. game-girl says:

    It is really a good definition of Twitter , I think many people will be attracted to the course.

  42. Hi John,

    Its done. This is a must have course for any blogger, I hope I win.

  43. led says:

    Nice twitter video.

    John, I think you’re underestimating the # of people out that who have no clue about twitter!

  44. Joy says:

    That’s an awesome video. I’ll send that to the non-tweeps still in the dark.

  45. Latina says:

    I’ll retweet this. Its worth a try.

  46. WOW ! Another contest. I love contests.

    I hope I win.

    Thanks Johno !

  47. wisdom says:

    Nice contest, too bad I dont’ have a twitter account.

  48. jlchannel says:

    I hope I can win and I hope you get 10,000 followers tomorrow…

  49. jlchannel says:

    I hope I can win and you should hit 10,000 followers by tomorrow.

  50. I have entered this contest as well, that blogging program sounds really nice, I would love to win that. Good luck to everyone! πŸ™‚

  51. Mike says:

    I definitely need some coffee, it took me two read throughs on how enter the contest.

  52. SEO Tips says:

    That sounds excellent! Going to enter this contest noowwwww!

  53. Love your energy behind this and I think its a great idea! Using the power of Twitter Marketing to build and grow your brand! that’s a true testament to the constant evolution of web 2.0

  54. I’ve just twittered this, really good idea on how to boost your followers

  55. Johnny says:

    tweeted , wish good luck! thanks John

  56. Lets see if I can win this one!!

  57. Lisanthemum says:

    Would LOVE to win the Blog Mastermind Course – I already entered and have everything crossed. Thanks!

  58. Jennifer says:

    Thanks … just followed and re-tweeted. Cheers!!!

  59. me too tweeting done

  60. Personally I enjoy following you and think everyone on Twitter should as well so I was happy to Tweet about this.

  61. Miguel says:


    Done! Excellent contest and the best of luck to all. πŸ™‚


  62. AJ Kumar says:

    I’m in it to win it!

  63. ArahMan7 says:

    Hola John,

    Have Twitter you all the way from Malaysia.

    And I also brought along; Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

  64. Jen Duguay says:

    Twitted as well. Thanks John!!

  65. Oh, man, you do know how to push the right buttons. Just tweeted it at @slov πŸ™‚

  66. I’m in. Thanks John!

  67. Anna says:

    Hi John, done!

  68. Nice contest John…

    I just entered the contest..

    Hope you comeup with such contests frequently, so that I can win in anyone! πŸ™‚

  69. wangmichael says:

    I already follow you. but john, can you tell me what this mean? and how to do for it?


    Tweet the following message to your followers

    Just entered the $497 Blog Mastermind contest. You can win by following @JohnChowDotCom and retweet.

  70. Sherry says:

    I am taking part πŸ™‚ , I tweet follow you as sherrygo

  71. Sherry says:

    pls void that tweet , this is the one and follow you as sherrygo

  72. Ambo says:

    I’m done John! – pinoyambisyoso on Twitter

  73. Dev says:

    John i am already following you.. But I am ready for this contest..

  74. Ok I followed your on Twitter and retweeted. It sounds like a really cool course. I also sent you an email offering to be a sponsor for the contest. Will look forward to your response. Thanks

  75. janelle says:

    followed you on twitter and retweet it πŸ™‚
    nice contest you have πŸ˜‰

  76. Having met Yaro at dotcompho, I know his course will be good. And I have tweeted.

  77. J.D. Meier says:

    It’s like Sneeches with starts and Sneeches without.

    More incentives for twitter πŸ˜‰

  78. KodrutZ says:

    I just entered, great contest! On topic – I’ve been using Twitter for a while now, but it didn’t quite manage to get a hold on me…

  79. Alice says:

    I’m in πŸ™‚

  80. Shelly says:

    I could really benefit from that course. I retweeted and will again…and again.


  81. says:

    entered and I am going to win.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  82. Sonia says:

    I entered John, thanks for providing such a great contest…fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  83. Coolbuster says:

    joining the bandwagon. just tweeted it. wish me luck too.

  84. iskandarX says:

    Am I passed a good one contest?? Man my internet was down for a two days. But I’m still entering the contest. Wish me luckY.

  85. Wakish says:

    Entered, goodluck everyone!
    Btw, John when is the deadline of this contest? (Could not find it anywhere)

    – Wakish –

  86. joshpoter says:


    John can you check I have done it? My twitter is:



  87. Ivan says:

    I’m in and following you John. I’m trying to spread the word between my blog friends.

    Regards from Spain πŸ˜‰

  88. suwari says:

    Already follow you on Twitter.

    Also post about the contest:

    Hopefully, you can teach me how to be success in blogging just like you.

  89. Thank you! I’ve joined in your contest, I’m excited to see what comes! I bet you’ll get more and more followers in no time!

  90. I tweeted the phrase … I hope it spreads. πŸ˜‰

  91. Natalie says:

    I was already a follower and I just did my tweet.

    Good Luck everyone!

  92. Dhadha says:

    hi john! i am already a follower.. twitted it here:

  93. Awesome content John!
    I’ve tweeted it too =D

  94. ferumx says:

    hi john, now i’m following you in twitter

    my tweet

  95. Femin says:

    Hmmm .Great Prize !!!

  96. Stanzer_V says:

    Just tweet it!! Entered your contest and hopefully I win the Course!!

  97. Benny says:

    this would be a heck of a prize to win. I just entered.

  98. Entered yesterday, hope I win =)

  99. Sally Neill says:

    Now following and tweeted the message, Sally πŸ™‚

  100. B. Durant says:

    Done. Hope you get the 10k followers you are looking for.

  101. jason says:

    should we retweet this every now and then, or are we just supposed to tweet it once?

  102. Muy interesante esta forma de Retiwtear…

  103. Carol Parker says:

    Just entered the $497 Blog Mastermind contest. You can win by following @JohnChow and retweet.

  104. Reyn Aria says:

    Are you going to display the list of those who have entered this contest? (like for the OnlineProfits contest)

  105. Albert says:

    Hi John,

    It is a great idea to have a competition for people to follow you on tweet!

    Wishing you all the best to reach your 10,000 followers soon!


    Btw, I have tweeted your message! πŸ˜€

  106. Kim Rowley says:

    Thanks for the chance – just followed and tweeted for the win!

  107. Chris Miller says:

    I want to try this one, but I think your script is broke and not processing entries correctly. I tweeted to 1200+ for the other contest and got no entry.

  108. Agung says:

    Just entered… hope i can win this to share the course amongst indonesian… πŸ™‚

  109. justin burns says:

    hope i can win yaya

  110. I just entered to contest – i hope i win. I am always eger to learn.

  111. Hi John!

    Tolemac here from TTZ. I’ve been following you on Twitter for a bit now and finally got the contest Tweet posted. πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to more great contests.


    Ross – Tolemac

  112. Nicole says:

    I just entered !!!

  113. Penelope says:

    Just entered. Link to my tweet;

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  114. Sadie says:

    Great contest. πŸ™‚ Good luck to everyone!

  115. John,

    I tweeted this earlier today.


    Nicholas Chase

  116. Ginger says:

    Ive entered the contest! I want to make big changes this year with my blog and brand!

  117. Roberta says:

    Entered. Thanks for the contest πŸ™‚

  118. Necoda says:

    I’m in too. Hope to win the money :))

  119. Great contest! Thank John Chow

  120. slavezero says:

    this is a great contest. I need to win this one πŸ˜€

  121. Man .. I hope I win this for REAL! Need to monetize my blog and greenback. Yaro is a boss and so is John for putting on this contest.

    The Baddest Breed ..

    Carpe diem

  122. Yaro is indeed a boss… someone worth listening to.

  123. Agent 001 says:

    In for the contest. Following you and also tweeted.

  124. Ah why the heck not? I’m already following you.

  125. Noobpreneur says:

    I’m already following you πŸ˜€ – so messaging another one to buzz your contest won’t hurt, I guess…

  126. Dustin says:

    Creative contest, hope all goes well πŸ™‚

  127. I Just Entered This Contest May This Time My Luck Will Give me A Gift

  128. Louis Liem says:

    tweeeeteeddd!! πŸ™‚

  129. JAGAN says:

    thanks for inviting me to the contest

  130. Cah Kontes says:

    here’s mine:

  131. I tweeted a little while back but didn’t comment.

  132. i have joined your contest.. thanks for inviting.
    here’s mine :

  133. SEO Dubai says:

    Done I followed you!!

  134. Awesome idea for increasing followers! I love finding new ways of using Twitter.


  135. Judy says:

    Just tweeted your blog post, neat idea John! πŸ™‚

  136. John,

    Great contest! I am enjoying the Online Profits course I recently won.

    I’m trying something here:

    Let me know if you think it has worth? I trust your knowledge and experience in these matters!


    Nicholas Chase

  137. 100WordRants says:

    I am becoming a big fan of Twitter and love the contest! Hope I can come out of this with a membership.

  138. Dean Saliba says:

    I’ve entered.

    I’ve just discovered Twitter and am looking forward to using it. πŸ™‚

  139. Moulinneuf says:


  140. Twittle me this, twitter me that – who’s blog is going to make them rich and fat???

    Michael-John Wolfe

  141. Mayank says:

    I just tweeted it. Hope i win something!

  142. dannyintampa says:

    I can’t wait to be the winner πŸ™‚

  143. zelot66 says:

    A good tutorial on twitter. Thanks John.

  144. Linn says:

    ok, tweet u tweet ya. LOL

    very good techniques by the way, you are building fantastic networking

    well done

  145. wow. lots of twitter contests going on!

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