Twitter Follower Is Back, Please Re-register

Last week, I experienced a massive failure in the server that housed We tried to fix the server but in the end, my admin concluded, “She’s dead.” RIP in piece Server 003.

We have moved Twitter Follower to one of the other servers. However, we were unable to recover the database. This is unfortunate but these things happen sometimes. If you wish to use Twitter Follower, you will need to register to the site again. This is a pretty simple process requiring only a name, email and password.

For those who don’t know, Twitter Follower is a service that helps you avoid negative social proof by helping you build up a Twitter follow list really quickly. All the users on the site will follow you if you follow them. There is also a mass unfollow button which you can push to unfollow everyone who is not following you. Give it a try.

Twitter Follower

28 thoughts on “Twitter Follower Is Back, Please Re-register”

  1. Cam Birch says:

    Already registered. Great timing to return this valuable service, I was just setting up my Twitter.

    Cam Birch’s last blog post: Bankruptcy Explained

    1. Re-registered and have already received 120 new followers today!

      Chris Jacobson’s last blog post: Summer PPC Marketing Update

      1. fas says:

        Wooooow it works does not it. I re-joined asap too.

        fas’s last blog post: Some Ideas for Choosing your PC’s Motherboard

      2. Ben Pei says:

        That’s fast! Congrats..

        Ben Pei’s last blog post: Ben Pei Visits Japan

  2. Registered… great tools to follow people on twitter, the last time that I register, got in more then 200 plus followers in just 2 days… thanks !

    The Bad Blogger’s last blog post: How To Optimize Your Blog Posts For Search Engines !

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Yeah kinda cool with what this little button can do huh…

      Ben Pei’s last blog post: Ben Pei Visits Japan

  3. Twitter Tips says:

    Bad to hear that you lost the database. However, people who are interested won’t hesitate to re-register again!

  4. Ether64 says:

    Hey John,

    Just wondered. Would you inform people resigning up for this, to make sure they have a bio on their twitter. I think most people want to know a little something about what others are representing, and don’t wish to just randomly add people they have absolutely zero info about. I don’t tend to add if the person has no bio at all. It would be helpful if everyone in your system put a bio on their twitter, because then, there would be no issue with adding. Thanks so much. Btw…I will be tagging you in upcoming posts and tweets, because I’m reading your ebook, and am going to attempt to follow your methodology.

  5. Complete server failure, that sounds like a bummer.

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  6. A failure is just another success in a way 🙂


    1. Curtis says:

      If the server hadn’t exploded, this post wouldn’t have been made and I wouldn’t have heard about Twitter Follower!

  7. Greg Ellison says:

    That sucks, but like you said it happens. I just signed up. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any more followers. Thanks Greg Ellison

  8. Ray Ebersole says:

    The question is why weren’t Server backups to another source drive done? That is the first rule of good server administration. Backup, backup and backup some more.

    Ray Ebersole’s last blog post: Tweets for 2009-06-03

  9. Just signed up again, John.

    Thanks a bunch

    Link Building’s last blog post: Link Building Services

  10. John Chow, your ebook was helpfull and all but I dont really know what twitter is!!!!

    All I heard about twitter is you can follow someone and someone can follow you… that’s about all I know.. a post explaining what twitter is would be nice, thx.

    The eBusiness Experiment’s last blog post: First Income Report

  11. game-girl says:

    No doubt I’ll do it if necessary.

  12. Linda says:

    Glad to hear that you have got it back online. It’s a great “free” product.

  13. Mr. i says:

    I did not know about it but it seems promising. I am going to try it. Thanks for creating such a good tool!

  14. I already sign up this day. And just want to see how it working, I hope it will be great 🙂

  15. Registered. Good luck with it!

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  16. Dino says:

    Registering back for sure!

    Dino’s last blog post: There Is Water On Mars!

  17. Caden Grant says:

    That sucks. I liked this service I’ll be re-registering for sure 😉

    Caden Grant’s last blog post: New Blog Design

  18. Dean Saliba says:

    I did not sign up to the last one, I might sign up to the new one though.

    Dean Saliba’s last blog post: May 2009 Blog Income Report

  19. work at home says:

    TwitterFollower is one of those services that is very valuable. I will sign back up for it.

    work at home’s last blog post: Work At Home – Use Do-Follow Blogs For SEO

  20. a great service is back! I was wondering what happened and its unfortunate to hear about the misfortune the first time around…glad its all resolved.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Simplified Sunday #21 – Learning to Let Go and Cutting Losses

  21. Ben Pei says:

    Aww I have re-registered..Not too difficult!

    Ben Pei’s last blog post: Video Interview With KidBlogger Carl Ocab

  22. Miss Nguyen says:

    This sounds pretty cool to me, I’ve register last week, but I will give it a try again 🙂
    Thanks for the tools

    Miss Nguyen’s last blog post: Kan Shao Green Beans

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