Two 125×125 Button Ads Available for November

I have two 125×125 button ads available for November. The button appear on every page, under the heading “John Chow dot Com Sponsors.” Button locations are randomized with each page load to give advertisers even exposure. Pricing is $500 per month per button. All button advertisers can leverage their ad buy with a text ad in the 13,000+ RSS feed for only $100 more.

These ad spots don’t come up for sale often so if you’re interest in it, then PayPal $500 (or $600 if you want to RSS ad as well) to [email protected] and email your 125×125 ad creative to the same address. Your button will be up and running at the start of the month. I expect to have the buttons sold within the hour so if you really want it, order it now.

35 thoughts on “Two 125×125 Button Ads Available for November”

  1. Carl says:

    John, help a brother blogger out…how do you do the sponsors thing? Is it a plug-in/widget, part of WP theme or is it custom?

    1. DeboHobo says:

      That flashing Beach Bum ad is annoying that’s for sure. I hope the person that buys these ads don’t send you something tacking like that one again.

      I’m jut sayin’

    2. John Chow says:

      It was custom but got turned into a WordPress plugin. You can grab it here:

  2. And another great opportunity to grabbed a great deal. But I can’t afford $500 just for a ad spot. Sorry. But I am sorry that others will.

    1. Err…what am I saying!…I left a whole heap of typos in the last comment above. Sorry. I mean that others will buy the ad.

  3. ASCIICoder says:

    damn 500$? heh .. if you take in consideration the pageviews and visitors you have thats not THAT much … but still cant afford it heh .. thats twice the money i make on a 8 h job 🙁

  4. Awesome! I just sent you $600 for 125×125 ad + rss John.
    I will send you an ad by tomorrow. :mrgreen:

    1. Well done, i think the ads are worth only for those that can offer service or sell products to recover those money. For us bloggers…it is a costly way to drive traffic

    2. Good on ya man, hope it goes well!

      1. Yeah, we practically threw all the money we just made through Johh’s ReviewMe onto his 125×125 ad so…let’s see how it goes. 😎

        1. Nick says:

          Probably not a bad way to reinvest the money.

          1. Yeah, so far it’s working out… we are getting about 3 to 5 orders per day steady through JohnChow’s ads.

    3. I could see it turning out to be a good investment.

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  5. Mike says:

    Yeah I hate that beach bum ad.. and Im sure its a total scam… I can’t believe anyone would buy in to it… it’s almost demeaning to John Chow’s site cause Im sure it’s not legitimate and represents everything that’s bad about blogging…

    1. Is it a scam? I am so tempted to buy it sometimes… Has anyone tried it? I am even thinking about a new website that reviews scam type websites… 💡

    2. Nick says:

      I don’t know about it being a scam (although it sure smells like one) or just not as simple as advertised, but I do think the ad is annoying with the flashiness and quite distracting. It kinda takes away from the look and feel of the site.

      1. I kinda have a feeling it’s a program where you pay $50 to join and then you make a website to promote it. Then you’d get 50% from re-selling the program itself and 50% from people who buy your program and re-sell it for you… Hasn’t ANYONE try it before???

    3. I am very skeptical when it comes to dishing out cash for something like that.

  6. squaretan says:

    Cant afford for now. Hope i can afford it in the future! I am sure i will! 😈

  7. $500 thats too much for me, but I’m sure someone will see the value in them and snap them up!

  8. great008 says:

    I may be able to afford it later down the line. right now im just celebrating the new pr updates :mrgreen:

  9. vutha says:

    That is cool you make money from your blog. how can i make it like you? maybe not, because i am not professional blogger like you.

    1. Yeah, that is cool. Well he talks about it too so that’s awesome. 😎

  10. Neil Duckett says:

    Sick of the Beach Bum too …. not a fan of the ad or where it goes.

  11. Raymond says:

    Thanks for the plugin, John 🙂

  12. Domtan says:

    $500, might seem too much, and it is too much, but the traffic it brings will most likely compensate for this.

  13. Carl says:

    Thanks a bunch, my man!

  14. Good luck to whom ever decides to take advantage of the ad spots. $500 is definitely worth it. :mrgreen:

  15. Joe says:

    Wish i could afford this! One day I will try to surpass you, John Chow. That’s my goal. 😈

  16. Nick says:

    Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford this ad, but my site needs to be quite a bit more profitable before it can afford to spend that much on a single ad. I am somewhat curious how much traffic those ads really get though and how much of that traffic actually converts to regular readers.

  17. danielctw says:

    a $500 ad spot is might kill me though. I ain’t earning that much online yet.

  18. Wish i had the money for one of them, although i dont think it would do to well for any of my sites.

  19. Thanks again Mr. Chow! Your site is the reason I started FiveDollarWiki and OneBuckWiki. Thanks! 😈 😈 😈

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