Two 125×125 Button Spots Available for October

I have two 125×125 sponsorship spots available for October. The buttons are shown in the right sidebar under the heading John Chow dot Com Sponsors. If you’re looking to reach a huge readership of bloggers wanting to make money online, then a button ad is a great way to do it.

According to Google Analytics, initial stats show a little under 400 clicks have been sent over since the new design went live, which went live on Aug 22. Stats also show the average referral from John Chow views 2.24 pages and spends an average of 8:58 minutes on the blog.

Zac Johnson from his post on Aug 24.

To take advantage of the opportunity, paypal $500 to [email protected] and email the creative to the same address. Your ad will run for the month of October.

I also have some RSS text ad spots opening up. Pricing for that is $200 a month. However, if you combine it with a button order, you can have it for $100. That $100 offer extends to any current button advertisers.

*Update – The ad spots have been sold.

57 thoughts on “Two 125×125 Button Spots Available for October”

  1. Gdog says:

    Way to add in the deal for the RSS advert too! 😆

    1. John, adjust the PayPal Email.

      1. Damn, I sent payment to the wrong address – do I get the button still? 👿

        1. Sure thing 😛 you can bet on that, after all you did sent payment 🙄

  2. whydowork says:

    What kind of results do your RSS ads bring?

  3. John – when I comment from Firefox I get redirected to:$
    (which is obviously a 404)

    Doesn’t happen in IE7 – any idea what’s up?

  4. selami says:

    Almost $1 per click on side ads? That’s way too expensive.

    1. John Chow says:

      Those were stats for two days, not a full month.

      1. This means is very cheap, and much better than the review. Also Zac has the 1st position, and has a cool ad. If he got 400 clicks in 2 days it means he will get around 6k/month, which is great for $400.

        1. @ BlogsTheme, there is no first position because John rotates the ads on every page load.

        2. Zac Johnson says:

          400 clicks in 2 days was the result of being featured on JohnChows article for

      2. That had me for a second, still too expensive for me at the moment but hopefully in the future I’ll be able to afford it.

      3. Aibek says:

        While 400 vis/ 2 days sounds awesome, I think it’s important to keep in mid that these stats are several times above average. First of all it was due your new theme and secondly due to the fact everyone was wondering who are those guyz that apperaed on you sidebar out of nowehere. :-). Based on experience and your traffic level I would say each box gets at most 20-30 clicks a day.

  5. bob cobb says:

    You’re lucky, you have a lot of website owners that visit your site so you get a ton of potential customers for your ads. I have a bunch of ads for sale on my site, but most of my visitors dont have any interest in website advertising.

    1. Yeah, he is LUCKY:?: Uh huh, he gets traffic by LUCK. Do you figure it is good luck or dumb luck?

      1. bob cobb says:

        Umm, I never said hes lucky to get traffic, I said hes lucky with the QUALITY of traffic that he gets. He gets his traffic because he runs a great site, that has nothing to do with luck.

    2. Hmmm no wonder. Your site is catered to people that want free stuff. Maybe you need to offer some incentive to potentially make the ad free like an iPod touch giveaway to one of the advertisers? There has to be an angle somewhere.

      1. bob cobb says:

        Yeah I know, its a problem. I still have a lot of visitors and pageviews, which should be attractive to someone 😕

  6. Sweet deal, but it is still too expensive for me to afford one ad space on your site.

  7. Zac Johnson says:

    If you have an affiliate or marketing offer to push, I would heavily push for getting this ad spot. CPC targeted ads to affiliates would average in the $1 cpc area. Come up with something fancy and pull a lot of clicks through JC.

    1. Kanute says:

      Do you pay that much a month?

    2. Yeah definitely a good deal for the right kind of site.

  8. TNX says:

    125×125 banner for October + 1 RSS spot – PAID.

  9. Israel says:

    damn i want one but my site isnt ready. arghhhhhhhhh!

    1. John Chow says:

      You’ll get a chance when the 300×250 banner goes on sale next month.

  10. Do you have any $25 ad options? 🙂

  11. Not exactly my target market. But thanks for the offer 😉

  12. CatherineL says:

    Right – so that is 400 in just about 5 weeks. So if I was selling something with a conversion rate of 1%, I would need to sell something where I was getting $140 commission just to break even.

    You would need to be either selling a really expensive affiliate product, or an expensive product of your own to make a profit. Or you would need massive conversion rates.

    1. John Chow says:

      You need to read the full text. That 400 visitor was over TWO DAYS, not 5 weeks.

      1. CatherineL says:

        Hey John – I’ve always found it best to take responsibility if other misunderstand something I’ve written. And if I’m misunderstanding what you’ve written – maybe others will too, and you’ll get less takers. Here’s what it says near the beginning of your post:
        “400 clicks have been sent over since the new design went live, which went live on Aug 22.”

        Given that you wrote this post on 28th September – that would be five weeks.

        So do I win a prize for helping you out?

        1. John Chow says:

          The end of the blockquote said “Zac Johnson from his post on Aug 24.”

  13. Mikeymoo says:

    😯 I wish I could charge this much for a link! (Not knocking you, I really do!)

  14. GPT Sites says:

    You got Zach’s link wrong.
    You put an extra “e” at the end instead of

    1. You got Zac’s name wrong.
      You put an extra “h” at the end instead of Zac.

      👿 😉

  15. Collin says:

    Hey John where do I go to design an add I can have placed here. I would love to place an add here but I am lost with making the add.

    1. Banner designs are cheap. Just do a google search for “banner design” or “professional banner ad design” and you will find what you need.

      Good luck.

    2. John Chow says:

      I’m sure my designer can do something up for you.

  16. CFernandes says:

    I believe Zac averaged about 20 cents per click (cost) from his ad.

  17. Neil says:

    I think people are also forgetting the increase in traffic after the month is over and the ad has finished too … with a good site you should be able to retain a good % of your visitrs from month so the effects of the ad should go well beyond October.

  18. Kanute says:

    That’s really expensive $500 a month. Not for me, for now

  19. Cash Quests says:

    Hey John,

    Looks like AGLOCO has announced member distributions!

    You’re getting around $0.5 per hour….

    Paid over 10 years.

    I know you know a bit about finance so when you whack in inflation there and work out the present value, I hate to say it, but it’s not looking good.

    This has made me move from hating AGLOCO to feeling really sorry for members. Luck you’re selling banner ads!! 😀

    1. What? Paid over ten years? Are you joking? But $0.5 per hours is OK though.

      1. I just checked out their blog wondering WTf they’re doing paying over 10 years and it seems they lost $100,000 last month and their developers are working for free.


        1. I bailed a couple of months ago, I just couldn’t see how they could hope to make any money with a toolbar that simply doesn’t work. It looks like things have got even worse, I feel sorry for those who believed the hype and thought this really was going to be their escape from 9-5 work.

  20. Buy that was quite. Didn’t even take one day! 😈

  21. Calvin says:

    can I get it for $499? 😆 …..
    btw, too expensive for me at this moment! 😥

  22. Sergio says:

    Excuse me John, what script do you use to admin 125×125 buttons advertise? because I need rotate my advice …. Thanks

  23. TBO says:

    when’s john gonna help a brother who’s tarting out by lowering the price…say $50 and only somebody like me can buy it.

    1. I wonder the same :'(

      More ad competitions!!!!

  24. Well since you missed out on John’s I still have a couple left. COme get em before there gone. :mrgreen:

  25. If someone missed this I offer some spots at my site for $499 🙂

    1. Wahlau.NET says:

      why would we pay 499 when jc is 500?

  26. hmm…. i hope to catch the opportunity the next time

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